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Hating on appy's?

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        10-11-2013, 07:30 PM
    Some folks don't like Appys for the same reason some people don't like mares...they are the subject of misinformation and myths that are continually passed along.
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        10-11-2013, 08:15 PM
    The only thing that I can see wrong is that they seem to be predominantly bred for color. So you get all types of personalty, and conformation too.
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        10-11-2013, 08:24 PM
    IDK why people hate them, but I have experienced it. While I was looking at 2 barns for winter boarding (I need an indoor), I was turned down twice because he was an Appy.
    We have another boarder at our current barn who calls him a "Crappy Appy". And I always respond, "Hey, those are fighting words!" IDK, what happened in her past to make her hate Appy's, but I LOVE them.
    Our current barn also hates on Morgans, IDK why. In the past, the only horse that ever tried to kill me (Seriously wanted me dead) was a Morgan, and I still don't hate them. The only breed I dislike is TB's, specifically OTTB. But I can handle them just fine, I just don't care for them all that much.
        10-11-2013, 08:38 PM
    Temperament wise I haven't ever come across any that were worse than any other horse. I've interacted with and ridden a few that were lovely horses. However, for the most part I don't find them particularly attractive. I don't mind seeing the whites of their eyes, but I don't like the mottled facial skin and when they have white around the eyes. The sparse mane and tails don't help. It's just a personal opinion- I know plenty of people that find bays boring, and my horse doesn't take offense. There is one at my barn that I really like though- he doesn't have much of a tail, but he's a lovely blanket appy. He has an excellent temperament, and I love the little fellow :)
        10-12-2013, 01:19 AM
    My daughter rides and Appy and he is one of the best horses I have ever been around. He was tough in the beginning but once his training clicked and they clicked and she got his respect...he would walk through water for her. I would trust anybody on him. Around here many ranchers don't like them because they are too flashy they are not as easy to bully as your standard quarter horse. Good thing as that makes them cheap!!!!

        10-12-2013, 02:17 AM
    If you get a nice, well bred, well put together and well trained appy...They're great. Some **** nice horses. Truly incredible.

    However I have also seen some of the meanest, ugliest appys on the face of this god forsaken earth. A lot of backyard breeders have them for their color. There's one girl in particular around here who runs about flashing her ugly app to the world at "Stud". Unregistered, weak body type, no mane or tail, and absolutely psychotic.

    Does this mean all apps are bad? Of course not. Just like not all arabs are sociopaths and not all pit bulls kill small children. It's just a stereotype...But every stereotype, while often without warrant, stems from the truth.
        10-12-2013, 01:53 PM
    An article I just read today: One Hundred And One Is Easy To Spot | The Chronicle of the Horse

    Quote from the article: "Only when prompted does Scott say that he’s seen his horse the victim of predjudice thanks to his loud coloring, but he doesn’t doubt that fact.

    “Definitely. Absolutely. 1000 percent,” he said. “If an Appaloosa makes a little mistake it’s like a bay horse’s big mistake.

    I think it stems from them not being conventionally attractive. It's easy for people to dismiss them "Ugh, they are ugly", and not think of them beyond that. Their eyes can make them look crazy. They can be a challenge, at least mine was. I found a trainer that really helped me understand her, and ever since then we've been on the same wave length. She's the kind of horse that just gives everything her all. I've never owned a horse that's so willing to try anything I ask. I love riding a horse that's as eager to do things as I am.

    People don't have to like them. People just have their preferences. In my area (mainly english) appaloosas are seen as stock horses. So it's surprising to see them in a dressage arena or at a hunter barn. I don't know how many times I've heard "I don't usually like appaloosas except yours is nice". I've had lessons where the entire lesson consisted of the instructor telling me why my appaloosa couldn't do xyz. But I've also taken her places where everyone was impressed with her (and she was the only appaloosa on the property). My main trainer loves my little appaloosa, and tells me she wishes she was younger because she could have gone far in dressage. She also has a fantastic jump and is super brave. I could pull her out of the field right now and go trail riding by myself and she'd be thrilled with the adventure.

    But she's also very opinionated. At an old barn I had an issue where she keep jumping the 3 board fence because she didn't like the field she was turned out in. It's been pouring the last few days and she's grouchy at being in her stall so she tried to murder my pony through the stall window (not sure what she was thinking on that one ). She grinds her teeth on her stall door if she thinks I'm too slow with getting her dinner or turning her out. She kicks the barn if she wants to come into her stall. My husband thinks she's a little witch, but she is smart enough to go right to my husband and love on him as he is the barer of treats.

    Perhaps a bit of a rambling answer, but comes down to people just have preferences/prejudices. No need to argue, just make your appaloosa the best it can be and maybe you'll change a few minds.
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        10-12-2013, 05:03 PM
    When I went to look at my boy 3 years ago now, the owner called his name, he popped his head out of the lean to- crazy eyes.. then popped his head back in. ANd I thought " oh my! That is the ugliest horse I have ever seen!" Yup-n scraggly mane and tail ( tail not tooo bad... ) Varnish roan. Speckled nose. I laughed.
    Have owned the boy for 3 years now, and love him to death. Yup, still the ugliest horse I have ever seen and I totally love him. He is the barn favorite., Not an ounce of meanness to him. Would not trade him for the world. But yup...
        10-12-2013, 05:40 PM
    I only know one appy that's nice.not being mean, but there's a lot of bad ones out there.that being said I'm not mean to people about their appys, I just don't particularly like them.
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        10-12-2013, 05:51 PM
    Mostly I find people find them ugly. I have nothing against the breed and know some nice Appys and have seen some really pretty ones too. But when you get the mottled skin around the eyes, rat tail and the spiky mane I'm not sold. It's a preference, I do like the Appys who have a tail and are leopard apps or have a blanket.
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