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Helmet Or No Helmet?

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        04-08-2013, 07:08 PM
    Green Broke
    Welcome to the forum, Faye83! I definately wear a helmet, and at all times :)
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        12-10-2013, 09:35 PM
    Although I can't imagine not wearing one, it's the choice of the rider. Purely a personal matter. Every rider knows the risks involved. I may not agree, but that is solely my own opinion and I shouldn't find fault with their decision unless it affects me as well.
        12-10-2013, 09:50 PM
    I always where a helmet. No one can get on my horse until they have a helmet on. It has just become a habit. I don't care if my horse is acting up or not, you are literally giving it your life while riding it. Another thing is Its an animal. They could be the sweetest, most behaved horse ever, but it is still an animal and should not be fully trusted. They have a mind and body of their own and they are much stronger than you and can hurt you in a moment if they wanted :) I don't mean to harsh (and sorry if I come across that way) But I have seen too many people hurt over not wearing one and I don't want one of the stories to be about me. But of course, over all, it is the riders decision whether they want one on or not. This is just my opinion :)
        12-10-2013, 09:55 PM
    Green Broke
    Another helmet thread. Who would've thought?
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        12-10-2013, 09:59 PM
    I always wear one, because my mother hovers over me and makes me, and because I have had at least four falls, where with out one, I probably would have died.
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        12-10-2013, 10:22 PM
    I always wear a helmet. Seems silly to me not to wear one.
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        12-10-2013, 10:41 PM
    Originally Posted by gunslinger    
    Another helmet thread. Who would've thought?
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    You sir are rude. Geez, just stop. You don't have to look at the thread, it's your choice. Personally I am enjoying reading it, as are others, so why must you put a damper on things?

    I always, always wear a helmet, regardless. I only have not worn a helmet on a few occasions. Horses are unpredictable no matter how bombproof they are. Heck, my horses out of the blue decided to bolt last week! I frequently jump, and have landed on my head before, so my helmet is there just in case. Plus I've seen some cross country riders take a nose dive straight into a fixed jump.. Imagine that without a helmet!

    I might as well share a quick story that I was going to make a separate thread for.. Last night I decided to go out at 10:30 in the dark, and just ride my horse around the pasture before I went to bed. The pasture is lighted by one light on the barn, so it wasn't terribly dark. Now since my parents weren't awake, and I didn't want my ears to get cold, I didn't put my helmet on. My horse and I had a great ride, and we were almost done, so I just let him on a loose rein and let him canter at whatever speed he pleased around the pasture. We have snow on the ground, and little did I know there was ice under it, he slipped and we almost went down. It was VERY close. The first thing I thought when I turned around and looked at where my horse slipped and struggled to remain on his feet is "what if we had went down and I hit my head without my helmet on?" I could only imagine what could of been.

    Anything can happen when around/on horses, so why not just invest in a $100 helmet that can save your life? Just my thoughts.

    What's even funnier is that I'm so used to wearing my helmet, when I'm driving my car I have this feeling of "Wait, where's my helmet?!?" Until I realize I am indeed driving a car.
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        12-10-2013, 11:28 PM
    I don't wear a helmet on certain horses. If I know the horse like the back of my hand I don't wear one. If I think the horse is going to be a problem (or if I'm riding bareback at high speeds) then I wear one. As a kid I always wore one and I always insist that any kiddo riding my horse wear one, but I'm an adult now and my view on it is that it's my decision. I've seen people injured just as easily with helmets on than without. Heck, my worst fall ever to date messed my spine up pretty bad, my head was completely 100% fine. I think that it's just one of those personal choices that you know comes with risks. :)
        12-10-2013, 11:42 PM
    Originally Posted by Mochachino    
    I usually didn't with my older QH, but always riding other horses. And I am **** lucky I was wearing one a little over a week ago when riding a school horse as it spooked and lost it and I fell hard. I do not remember what happened before, during or after the fall. I was conscious and I got up and everything and wanted to get back on, but I don't remember any of it, only what my instructor told me that I did and said. I didn't remember my name or where I lived. I started coming back when I arrived at the hospital. I ended up with a concussion and wonder what would have happened if I wasn't wearing my helmet. I would never have expected this horse to do what it did, but goes to show that you never know and when it happens in an instant you will have wished you had one on. I'm now wearing it all the time I ride. Riding without one is just not worth the risk.
    Great example of why helmets are so important!!!
    Glad your ok!!!

    Obviously I'm all for helmet wearing.
    I ride dirt bikes also and I've had this conversation in regards to that as well my theory on the matter is the same....
    I figure why not!!! YOu can mend a broken leg or arm you can't however mend permanent brain damage!!!! That's my 2 cents anyway ����
    Better safe then sorry ������

    Ps interesting thread enjoying reading everyone's views on helmets ��
        12-11-2013, 08:14 AM
    Originally Posted by gunslinger    
    Another helmet thread. Who would've thought?
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    The funniest thing about this is that this is an old thread and you already complained about it on the first page.

    As far as wearing a helmet, I don't. I don't know why. I wear one when I ride my bicycle. I don't when I ride my street motorcycle. I do when I ride my off road motorcycle and ATV.


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