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Help with boarding situation....

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        07-01-2012, 08:43 PM
    I would not choose the first place. The lack of shelter from the elements would be enough to put me off. As for the second and's really up to your own preferance. Have you visited both barns?
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        07-01-2012, 09:09 PM
    There's really no talking to her about it. Bc I know she would not even think she did anything wrong. She's just the type that says things and you deal with them or leave. Things were great until maybe 3 months ago and we became more buddy buddy and then it was like she said anything she wanted to me.
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        07-01-2012, 10:54 PM
    From paper? #2. There will be times that you need a stall.. stall rest for vet visits or the horse isn't feeling well. Self care is easy peasy.

    The only thing is having 2 boarders there (yourself included) because it's a hit or miss if you get along or not but I like the sound of that one.
        07-02-2012, 10:57 AM
    #2 sounds the best as far as amenities if you feel like you have to leave, but personally I'd probably pick #3 if the shelter was adequate. I like having other people around when I ride. I like to be able to socialize and it's kind of a safety thing for me, too.
        07-02-2012, 11:04 AM
    Originally Posted by aimcat    
    Suggesting I buy a certain horse (same breed she rides), suggesting I not ride in a brand new cordura saddle I bought because she said it was not safe like leather ones, telling me to start wearing a helmet (which I should anyway), being really bossy.
    IMHO - this sounds like a person who is worried about liability issues.

    She wants you to use the "safer" saddle and wear a helmet.

    You are currently leasing (is it a horse she owns?) but she is encouraging you to buy a horse of your own.

    Are there other things she is being "bossy" about? Or mostly safety stuff?
        07-02-2012, 12:30 PM
    Well it was that stuff - but basically I think what it was - was that she did not like the saddle I had and wanted me in a saddle like hers so that was her way of making me get rid of it.
    The helmet thing is understandable though, however she does not wear a helmet.

    Other things are just practices I question - like feeding the horses all sweet feed 2 times a day, giving them access to huge bales of hay24/7 when they are already on lush pasture grass.

    In a riding area she had this shelly type rock stuff put down and I just don't think that's an appropriate riding area surface.

    She had me ride one of her horses in a tie down and I was on him - he tripped and fell on the shell surface with me on him, he came down on top of me and knocked me out for a bit. She insisted that I rode him in a tie down which he had on and the people that were there and saw this said he should have had no business with the tie down on anyway and that helped aide the fall and not being able to recover.

    She just got into horses 3 years ago. She now is a know-all of everything horses, so she thinks! I have spent my life on and off around horses as well attending school for horse related things. So I think I know a little bit, but if I balk at anything that she says or does she gets a little mad with me.
    She basically ran off 2 other people already, including a girl that was helping train one of her young horses.

    She also became somewhat of a horse collector as I like to call it - now she is trying to develop some type of breeding farm for gaited horses. She just recently got a stallion and brought him there also - she has NO business owning a stallion!!! He is just in regular fencing and to get to the tack area to tack your horse up, groom etc, you have to walk right by the stallion and he charges the fence. What happens when I have my new horse there and he tries to come over the fence. Id die to find out my horse had been bred or hurt by him!

    Last but not least the incredible amount of bulls&%t that she talks - like that a friend of hers offered her 25,000 for her gelding and she turned it down because he is a special horse and she would only sell him for 95,000. He is just a gaited trail horse. That's it. LOL.

    I was leasing a mare and I had hoped to buy the mare from her - she is just a QH mare with basic training but sweet, but a little stubborn. Not really well bred at all, I think was just a backyard bred horse. I thought I could buy her for 1200. Well I asked her if she would sell for that and she said no way the only thing she would sell her for is 2800 and that if I bought her I had to also agree to let a kid down the road ride her when she wanted to and that I could never take her off the farm. LOL....

    Its just crazy crap like that. I thought I was over reacting but the more I think about it and typed this the more I think she's a little insane. Haha.
        07-02-2012, 01:20 PM
    Personally, the stallion situation would have me outta there asap. Only the very smart and qualified should should work with stallions, otherwise disaster will soon follow. I hope you find a better barn home.
        07-02-2012, 01:59 PM
    I hope I do too!!! The place I named that was 200 I called today and the man that owns the place was extremely dictative - he listed about 30 different things and said if I broke the rules I was out of there. His whole demeanor was worse than the current situation I am in. I brought up that I had a husband that did not really care about horses and he said "people like that are a pain in my back so I don't want them here, so if your husband has an attitude he better not come here."

    WOW whats with people!!!
        07-02-2012, 02:19 PM
    Originally Posted by aimcat    

    Its just crazy crap like that. I thought I was over reacting but the more I think about it and typed this the more I think she's a little insane. Haha.

    Yes - now that you have expanded a bit does sound a bit crazy!

    I hope you find a better situation soon!
        07-02-2012, 10:28 PM
    Better they're upfront with you than become insane later!

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