Horse in MY space...what should I do?

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Horse in MY space...what should I do?

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    05-04-2008, 11:45 AM
Horse in MY space...what should I do?

I have a horse that I got from a equine rescue. He is super sweet, but he is in MY space. He follows me everywhere and just stands right next to me or in front of me. If I move he moves. He stands in each stall that I am mucking. Everyone else is happy to be truned out and enjoying the grass but he just hangs out. He joins the other horses when I am out of sight but not a minute sooner. He does not seem to be agressive but if I am loving on one of the others he will squeeze right in between us. I mentioned he was from a rescue becasue I don't know if he is hanging out looking for more feed since he was at one time under fed or if he just wants attention. He is now at a healthy weight and by no means hungry. I have tried walking him out of the barn but he just comes back and I have tried raising my arms as for him to back up but that just scares him to death and he still comes right back. Does anyone have any suggestions how to get him to move along??
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    05-04-2008, 03:53 PM
Sounds like he just likes lots of attention. We have a just 4 Paint filly that had been handled a lot since she was foaled and if you go out with a brush, she will do the same thing. She will follow you and stand next to you waiting to be brushed. She doesn't ignore her herd, however..if they run off, she will, too. I don't think it hurts anything. When it's time for attention, we give it; when it's time for chores, we just let her follow around if she wants.
P.s. She never really gets in our space, though...just will patiently wait for attention a few feet away.
    05-04-2008, 03:59 PM
He sounds very comfortable with you. That is a good thing. But can be a bad thing too. Push him away if he gets too close. Expand your arms; that's your personaly bubble and he should not invade that unless you invite him.
    05-04-2008, 05:27 PM
Yeah, push him away. ;) Let him know who's boss! But it is a good thing that he likes you so much.
    05-05-2008, 09:43 AM
I failed to mention that I most always have my young boys with me in the barn ages 2 and 6. And with him on top of me/us I am just afraid that someone will get hurt. And I am happy that he is comfortable with me, but between him and the two boys I don't get much done making sure no one is stepped on. So I've got to find a way to get him to join the other horses. I can't physically "Push" him away because as soon as I touch him he thinks it is time to be scratched!! Yesterday I ended up tying him up during chores which is half of his grazing time that he just had to stand around.....don't know what else to do.
    05-05-2008, 10:28 AM
Carry a carrot stick type thing and when he gets too close to you, tap him on the shoulder/neck area until he moves away.
    05-05-2008, 05:04 PM
I went to see clinton anderson. If you haven't heard of him he is a well known natural horsemanship clinician. He absolutely does not let a horse in his bubble unless invited. He would lead them and if they started walking into him and stuff he would kick at them like another horse would. Don't be afraid of hurting them becuase a horse kick is much harder than a human kick. I am not saying beat the horse but act like another horse would. Be the dominant horse. Take a lead rope (longer one like 10 ft) and wiggle it till it works a wave down the rope till it bumps the horses nose. Eventually they should back up and keep backing as you walk toward them. When you stop they stop. If you take a step toward them they should take a step back. A round pen is a great tool if you have one. Work with the horse on the ground a lot and gain his respect. This is all just advice of course, it has worked for me with my 17 hand puppy dog.
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