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Horse personalities- funny antics/ tricks

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        07-01-2014, 11:51 AM
    Horse personalities- funny antics/ tricks

    What are some things that your horses do that make you laugh? Or make you shake your head?

    I have a mare who LOVES red Gatorade. If she sees what looks like a Gatorade bottle in your hand she starts licking her lips and sticking her tongue out towards the bottle.

    I also have a mare who is very tender footed. She can be walking in nice, comfortable grass but will start limping if the gravel drive way comes into view.
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        07-01-2014, 12:12 PM
    Both of my boys play with the water hose while I am *trying* to fill their trough. Just yesterday my paint discovered if he moved his lips just right he could spray the appy in the face. I REALLY wish I had a video camera.

    Cruiser (the paint) also gets terribly itchy, especially on his hocks. My manure cart is the right height for him to itch his hocks, so whenever I am mucking the dylot he follws me everywhere backwards, backing into the cart to rub his hocks. He also b-lines it to every sagebush while trail riding so he can itch his legs or belly on it.

    Then Chief (the appy) has this bizzare habit of flapping his bottom lip and making a popping sound while you are talking to him, or talking on the phone or to someone else near him. It's like he is trying to talk, too...or mocking the humans, who knows!
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        07-01-2014, 12:41 PM
    Green Broke
    Haha, those are cute xD

    Honestly, my gelding doesn't have much of a personality. I wish he did silly things like that.
        07-01-2014, 12:45 PM
    Oh gosh, some of the training horses that we used to have would shake their heads up and down to flap their lips if they wanted attention!

    Sock is just always "hanging out" at the hitch... Even droops his lower lip most of the time and looks like an old man! When we were at our last barn where he was in a large, hilly grass pasture, I would let him out at the top, he'd walk a few steps away after politely letting me unhalter him, stick his head straight up and call. No response? Call again. No response? He would tear over to the hill on the left, stop, call again. No response? Tear on over to the hill on the right. He would go back and forth for nearly 5 minutes sometimes before his lazy butt just went down the hill to find the herd! The pasture was large, but not THAT big, and there wasn't much there but in a single direction anyway. What a butt lol.
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        07-01-2014, 12:47 PM
    If you tickle my geldings lips and say "gimme it" he'll stick his tongue out and just leave it there.
    When we first got him , my BO was walking down the barn and Simon was pawing so she yelled at him to stop and when she walked by he stuck his tongue out at her! I'm glad a bunch of us were watching or no one would've believed me when I told them.
    He has such a personality!
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        07-01-2014, 01:15 PM
    Super Moderator
    Oh my, where do I start!!!

    Snickers is a goof. The goof of all goofs. He thinks of something new every time I see him, as it seems! So, here it goes.

    * If you give a whip to him, he will probably take it between his teeth and chase you with it, waving it around like a maniac. He has been observed chasing and hitting other horses with a twig or a branch in the pastures.

    * He knows how to let himself out of his stable, but it doesn't end with that. He is likely to let his buddies out (but only his buddies, never a horse with whom he's not in a close relationship!)

    * If he happens to find a light switch, he will turn it on. And off. And on. He also knows how to turn on the radio.

    * Raiding the trashcan? Oh boy, that's the most amazing thing to do!

    * Water. He loves water. From grabbing the hose from your hands and aiming it right at you, splashing the water over everything in nearest vicinity, to submerging his head under the water in a pond, so that it almost reaches his eyes, and then blowing bubbles intensely, he LOVES it!

    * Toppling objects over is a fun thing to do as well! You've got to be careful and never leave such things as saddles, bridles, helmets and such within his reach. The big ones will be thrown to the ground and pawed at, the small ones will be shaken and tossed, and generally will become wonderful toys. If left in the arena, he will take the poles carefully from the jumps and slowly disintegrate all the jumps he sees.

    * Speaking about jumps, he may also decide just to jump them on his own.

    * You are repairing something around the barn or the surroundings? Snickers to the rescue! He will be the first to hang around, but be careful - he's actually planning to steal your hammer. Or a bucket of nails. Or some electric tape. Anything at all!

    * If left undisturbed, he will just play with the objects he finds. But, if somebody notices it and gets all fussy about the, let's say, jacket or a dressage letter that is getting chewed on? Snicks will surely grab what he can (in case of those dressage letters that meant being torn off the fence) and prance away, shaking the stolen goods playfully and not letting you get them.

    * He has a strange affection towards cars. He mustn't be let too close to them as he likes chewing on any car he can get his teeth on. As a yearling, he once dismantled a tractor, screwing and twisting off everything that he could, that was left in the pastures while the driver repaired a fence.

    * He doesn't mind cats. In fact, he doesn't mind any animals at all - he will always go and make friends with cows, sheep, dogs, goats, wild deer... I've seen him walking around the paddock with a barn cat sleeping on his back.

    I got tired of writing now, but rest assured, there is more!
        07-01-2014, 01:41 PM
    Green Broke
    Cute.. Tomis would hold water in her mouth and spit on you, preferred target heads.
    Buddy could turn on water hoses, opendoors, get into the house, open fridge ,get into tack rooms, take off bridles, halters etc, let other horses loose.
    Ace sticks his tongue out a lot. So will Rocky . They all do some wierd sort of feed me now
    Sider is old and grumpy and he will nip towards you, head behind the fence, if he thinks you walked past him and forgot his feed. He used to pin his ears if I pointed at him (which is really just a bad habit but he's so old he is knockin on deaths door I let him be a brat)
        07-01-2014, 02:09 PM
    Green Broke
    Saranda, you stole the words right out of my mouth: Where do I start?

    I've got two horses. They both have MORE than enough personality to go around.

    Red is 8. He likes to try to get away with things. Why, I'm not sure, because I never let him get away with it. If someone new rides him, he acts like he doesn't know how to do anything ... to get out of work. When he darn well knows how to do it!

    He LOVES his lips scratched after we get done riding.

    He does not like to be brushed before a ride, but loves being brushed after.

    He loves his usual grain, but if I add anything extra to it, he won't eat it.

    When he wants something, he nickers to me.

    He loves to run. He's like a little kid in a candy shop when I let him.

    He hates when other horses/riders lope by him. Hates it.

    He's always licking his lips while riding. It's his thing. His facial expressions are so animated!

    Shotgun is 3 years old. You cannot leave anything lying within his reach. He will chew it, pick it up with his mouth, throw it, kick it, paw it; and everything in-between.

    He feels the need to be RIGHT next to you and see what you are doing. We are working on learning what a personal bubble means.

    He always comes running up to me, looking for a treat.

    He loves attention. He sometimes won't stand still if I am not focusing on him, but once I come over, he's loving it.
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        07-01-2014, 03:46 PM
    How do I put this? Sonny and Nick don't really have quirks...they have personalities, yes, but nothing funny.

    Sonny gives me hugs, but he doesn't do anything really silly. He's an escape artist with his halter...not that that means he actually goes anywhere. He will get out of it while tied to the trailer and then just stay there, but without the halter.

    He also sticks his nose in the pockets of everyone who comes in the barn like, "Yes hello, give me cookies?"
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        07-01-2014, 04:00 PM
    My oldest mare knows the difference between a kid/someone who's a newbie on her back and when I get on XD the other day I let the barn owner's grandkids (I bought Rosie and practically all of my horses from the barn owner so her grandkids had ridden her before) and she was perfect, never took a step out of line or spooked. Well I get on and she decides to hop around the arena instead of lope :P
    She also has this quirk where she does not like having her face held onto, mostly her nose. She also will hold a leg up when she's impatient.

    Apollo likes to try and undo things, especially his lead rope when I have him tied to the hitch post. It got to the point that I made a special knot just for him so he couldn't untie himself and walk around XD. It's still a safe knot, just a little more complicated for him to figure out :P

    I haven't had Azula long enough, but she has learned how to give hugs :P

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