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  • I am looking fora song with the lyric half devil half horse the say

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    07-15-2013, 09:13 PM
Horse Songs!

Post some of your favorite Horse song's here!

Ill start with two Chris LaDoux Songs

Buckskin lady

Now, I've got a pony, the fastest thing around,

And of all the girls I've known she's the truest one I've found.

Well, she'll cut 'em and she'll head 'em just the way you want 'em

And if you drop your loop around 'em, she can make a grass rope hum,

And any time you got a rodeo, and I've got the entry fee,

You can bet your boots my gal and I will come.


Whoopee-ti-d-idi-ido on the plains of colorado

That young pony was born to work the trail.

Some old idaho rawhider was the first one tried to ride her,

Bronco buster, wild horse rustler, well she flipped him off like a
Turkey feather duster.

Now, some folks like a cadillac with power brakes and air,
Just give me a hamlee saddle and my little buckskin mare.

Well, I rode her up a mountain when we made that summer drive,
And I [g]took her to wyomin? For a rodeo or two,
At old cheyenne and saratoga, we roped them little dogies,
She the best ole gal this cowboy ever knew.

When she gets to old to rodeo too old to ride the range,
I'll take the buckskin lady out across the open plains.

Cause she's just an ole cow pony and I know she'd go plum crazy
If she had to stand unsaddled around the barn the whole day through
I'll just turn her loose to ramble underneath them rocky mountains
And tell 'em that her workin? Days are through.


Whoopee-ti-d-idi-ido on the plains of colorado,
That's my pony sir and I say she ain't for sale.

Caballo Diablo

Wild as a coastal Barronca
Swift as the wind blowing free
With two eyes like fire brands that glow in the night
Somewhere up there he's waiting for me

And he knows that I'm coming' for him
And I just can't rest till I find
That raven black Stallion who wears no man's brand
With a wild restless spirit like mine

They call him Caballo Diablo
Half-horse, half-devil they say
Caballo Diablo the outlaw
Up a top the Sierra Madre

Two men before tried to take him
They had their chance one by one
But each met his fate when those flashing' black hooves
Brought death 'neath the Mexican sun

Still I can't leave I must find him
You fool of a horse, can't you see?
Well I may be half man but the other half's devil
And you're just exactly like me

They call him Caballo Diablo
Half-horse and half-devil they say
Caballo Diablo the outlaw
Up a top the Sierra Madre

Even the breezes stopped moving
Hush now, be still
Don't make a sound and stay close to the ground
'Cause he's waitin' just over that hill

Downwind behind him move quickly
Do it fast now he's starting to stir
Grab a handful of mane and up on to his back
And start raking him down with your spurs

But try as he will, he can't shake me
As over the precipice we go
To spell the life blood of a horse and a man
On the rocky Sierra below

They call him Caballo Diablo
Half-horse, half-devil they say
Caballo Diablo the outlaw
Up a top the Sierra Madre
Lyrics from <a href=""></a>
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    07-15-2013, 11:26 PM
It's my 2 year old granddaughter's favorite song, I loaded it on the ipod, she sings to it and makes me do the is a catchy tune!

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