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Horse talk for mature people over 40

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        06-13-2013, 04:26 PM
    Green Broke
    Thank you! Yes it was a lot of fun!!!
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        06-13-2013, 04:58 PM
    Hey all! Very quick check in to ask a question....I MAY finally be looking at a couple horses tomorrow....waiting to hear.....but his for question was if I was interested in a gelding or mare. I have been thinking of going for a gelding purely bc they seem to tend to be a bit quieter.....I've really only owned one gelding in my life, we've always had mares.

    I'm wondering....I'm I pigeon holing myself too much by sticking with a certain sex? I feel like I may be missing out on a great horse if I only look at geldings. I have a mare now....the sassy pants I recently got rid of was a mare....which makes me Leary...but of course, she was a bit off anyways....not just cause she was a girl....I've also known geldings who were nuts....

    Thoughts? Am I pigeon holing myself???. Or should I be open to what they can do and temperment?

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        06-13-2013, 05:17 PM
    Green Broke
    IMO, yes you are. I swore off mares a couple years ago and boy am I glad I changed my mind. When I saw my mare it was love at first sight and well, I could not think of life without her right now. Also, at least for me, seems geldings get more clingy and buddy sour and mares not as much. But am not totally sure about that just has been my experience. Good luck and tell us more about what your going to see?????
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        06-13-2013, 05:36 PM
    Green Broke
    3 of my four geldings are just as happy alone as they are with the other horses when it comes to riding. In the pasture it is merely herd dynamics for them wanting to be with the rest of the group. I separated the sexes for a couple of weeks and it has helped a lot, albeit Sugar is coming into heat and you can through out all of the dynamics now. Lol

    I would much prefer a gelding just so I don't have to worry about marish issues. Although you can get medicine to curb it and keep an enjoyable horse enjoyable. Don't miss out on a great horse due to sex. You know what I
        06-13-2013, 07:56 PM
    Going to SkyView Monday 8-830 am-ish to shovel poo,then free lesson 11am-ish (hope no thunderstorms). Just posting to complain: hate my job hate my job (glad to have it,have to have one). Need a joke from Stan, for dealing w/difficult people; not criminals (yet),but enough to call police on 'em. Geez. Am too old for this..doodoo, & have nowhere else to go. Had 3 days where I didn't hate the job, then crashed today (too tired,too much silly-people-stuff..wanted to just pepper spray them, like "grow up, you freakin' babyboomers, remember I'm armed!"..Just had to deal, & write the reports). Whine whine. Need a joke. Need my Monday (as in "have had all the years of poo, where's the pony? Oh, there's Addie!) LOL, keep on truckin, right? Need my pony..
        06-13-2013, 08:17 PM
    Ok guys, he still has chic description, what I need...hoping to see her tomorrow....need opinions!!!!!!

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        06-13-2013, 11:03 PM
    Nicker, just a quick pop in to say that I was looking for a steady Eddy gelding when I ended up with my mare. She is not marish; I cannot tell when she is in heat by her behavior. Ever, and going on 3 years now. Just ask them if they know anything about her behavior when she's in heat. Also, I don't know that buddy sour is better or worse with geldings vs. mares. Right now, I have 2 of 3 geldings that are buddy/barn sour if you let them, and 1 of 2 mares that is very buddy sour. The others basically are happy to be with me wherever we are, and don't act up to be back at the barn or with their buddies. So, I don't think either of these are gender issues; they're horse personality issues and/or training issues. Some horses are more confident and less socially dependent than others and I think there are some that are just always going to be more reluctant to leave the herd, no matter now much they respect you.
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        06-13-2013, 11:09 PM
    Missed everything but no time to catch up. My Mum is coming out here on Tues. So I will be missing in action for a few weeks, it's been three years since I saw her last, as all my family is in England.

    However my Mum and Step Dad are OCD about cleanliness. Mike, fully washes and vacuums his car every single day. Mum's not that bad, but she's pretty bad.

    I have dogs, so Mike won't sit on my furniture, unless it's a wooden dining room chair, as he might get hair on him. It's awkward, and if he didn't treat my Mum like a Queen, I might kill him.

    So between now and Tues, I will be mostly cleaning. And then from Tues on, I'll probably be mostly gone for two weeks.

    If I do check in, I won't be catching up on posts, as that will take some time. So just letting you know, I will be alive and well. :)
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        06-13-2013, 11:15 PM
    Alex, good to know that we shouldn't worry. Remembering Sereno's absence, it's very thoughtful of you to give us a heads up!

    Do enjoy yourself with your Mum -- I can't imagine not seeing each other for that long. And, LOL, I really think I'd invest in a kit of cleaning supplies and mops and put a bow on it and give it to Mike, just for his very own special self to use while he has free time!
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        06-14-2013, 12:49 AM
    Most of my state (NM) is in extreme drought conditions and we have nasty fires going on. Nothing new except the have closed down all national and state parks and some BLM to public access for now. I am lucky, I live on the CO border and still have places to ride. My friends in the central part of the state are almost out of options for riding without hours of driving.
    My friends do a cowgirl campout in the mountians every fall and I was going this year, finally. That area is one of the fire locations. I am a little sad. Not just for the landscape but because I ride the desert all the time. I really wanted ride in the mountians under golden aspens.
    TJ, I am originally from CO. Fort Collins area, Red Feather Lakes actually. Good luck on your first lesson. Have Fun!
    Alex, I understand how you feel. I had a friend whom hated coming to my house because of the dog hair. I always felt bad for her while she was here, but was also a little offended for myself and my pets.
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