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so I did my first show.

Oh well.

Didn't get to ride Brave - they assigned him to a beginner, which I suppose was a compliment. Or not. I'd prefer to be positive and assume they figured I could handle Mr. Crazy Legs Teddy and they gave slow and easy Brave to someone else.

So Teddy and I started out with a good couple of days - rode Tues and Thurs...his walk and trot were far more relaxed, extended, we could keep to a rhythm.

I have to say up front he does not have a good western jog - slow and easy but more an english trot - flashy with a touch of manic. He was hopping much less I'm happy to say!! Teddy has a history of abuse but for the last three years he's been a school horse rides English and some Western and some trail and he's a little crazy so he just gets out there and does what he can.

But on Friday he's not riding so well. The Friday class is much larger plus other riders who were riding in the show joined in, so we had a very full arena of teams going at various speeds and directions. The other horses were okay. But not my Teddy.

On Friday, I couldn't consistently guide him to track left. Right is easy peasy, but left is a mess. He's noodling and twisting himself. I try giving him inside leg but it seems to make it worse. So I'm trying everything.

Then I try nothing. But nothing I try works. His left side is not good on Friday. Okay.

I figure he's overworked and maybe a little overwrought - so I think we'll do a minimum warm up the next day...not too much. I set up everything so it's a no brainer - I've washed and conditioned everything, his booties are set aside so they're dry and there's no shortage, his blankets are dried and dusted and shook out.

I figure I'll get there - a little bit of warm up and go. I felt by Friday, maybe we had overworked his head a little. And maybe I was getting nervous and didn't know it.

So I show up at the barn, gather up the tack, go to the stall, get the shiney stuff for his coat and begin grooming and talking and getting him ready. I'm right on time! Barely. But I put on my nice shirt and walk him over. Only he's walking slow beans this morning and I'm thinking - WOW! He's a morning horse. Maybe we'll have a good one today.

I get there, my instructor looks at my horse and says "you have the wrong horse!". Then she says "And she's not the one you want to ride this morning (SHE!). She can be 'bucky'". So I run us back to the barn and next door is my boy. So one of the kids helps out as we transfer the tack to my guy.

Now I'm a wreck - my plans are shot to hell. I'm sweating buckets, I haven't spent any time with him before hand. No special treatments and my heart hurts for that lack of attention. Because I think he needs that...I think it's helpful to us as a team. He's probably no better than I am yesterday morning as he's a spooky horse and I'm not being the relaxed person I usually am. I'm intense and feeling like an idiot. We run back to the arena. I KNOW I have my horse because he's mr. Reluctant goer.

Well, Friday was a good day compared to Saturday. I watched the videos and there it all was - the whole story was right there.

He was a lost horse. He didn't trust me to guide him to a safe place. He's watching everything. To the left, he won't go into corners and FORGET about the artificial barracades they put up to create a holding area. He kept trying to follow certain other horses closely, he wouldn't walk straight to the left, kept circling, working himself laterally. It was sad. He would accept no direction. It didn't matter what I did, where I looked, how I positiioned anything - leg, seat, reins. He was lost. Poor guy. I was no help. He never relaxed.

I didn't lose patience - his nervousness and discomfort made me lose my nervousness and concentrate on trying to get us straight. But I think it was too late.

So now I know what my mission is which is to get him to focus on me. He's a love this horse, but he does not trust me. He doesn't know me very well. I should have set aside more time before the show and next time I will. Even if it's to sit with him or any horse I'm riding in a show for a couple of hours and relax.

I'm glad to write this, this morning, to think it through. I felt terrible yesterday - very down. I felt I let him down, let us down. Mistakes happen. I snapped back and he could have too. But that's not HIS way and riding is the two of us, not just me and what I do. It's what he does as well.

Teddy and I need work. Destiny has brought us together. Perhaps I can help him work some of his issues through. And he can help me be a better horsewoman. He's sure fun to ride...even yesterday. The one thing, you can't miss is his soul.

So we kind of flubbed it but did our best. That's all you can do.

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Originally Posted by nvr2many View Post
NM, sorry JJ is giving you the bad guy attitude. Funny how all we are doing is helping them and they seem to hate any part of us for it!

As far as the Kitty's, I am taking them all! Well 2 or 3 if she can get them here. Sounds promising! I am excited. Lori texted me pics last night. Oh so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Should be fun!

DH worked a double yesterday and I miss him! He was home at 11:30 pm and left again at 6 am. Boo! Thinking I may get a ride in today if I can get some motivation going! I am out of coffee, .

Guess I am off to the store!
DH is working contract in Mass, we live in he's commuting 2 plus or more hrs a day on top of his 8 hr day. Now he's doing a couple of extra hrs a day OT. So he's out of here by 6am and home at 7 or so. It's tough and he's rightly tired and out of sorts. Now he seems sad - tomorrow is his birthday and he's so not into any celebration.

I do with these people would make up their minds - if they offer him a staff job we could move there and eliminate the commute.
He's not a kid. THis is so harsh on him.
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Originally Posted by nvr2many View Post
Today I took out my gelding. I love him because he is such a sweetheart but really do not enjoy riding him as much as my mare. Here are a couple of pics. Notice the captain america concho's I had made for my husband, lol.

Rufus found some shade.....

Rufus is a smart pup. Those conchos are sweet! Great pictures!
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Originally Posted by Critter sitter View Post
here is Charlie . Named after that cute you tube skit where the little boy said "ouch Charlie Bit me"

Ooo just caught this again - GORGEOUS green eyes.
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Originally Posted by Roadyy View Post
Yes, it has blue wings with an orange body. It's actual common name is Spider Wasp or pompilid, but it's scientific name is Pompilidae. I've seen a few around the barn and glad they are there. They actual do like ground bees and have their nest underground. I've seen one dragging a Banana Spider. That was a site.
I'm not afraid of Spiders but can not stand Banana spiders!
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Cynthia, don't worry about not placing in a show. It is still a good experience for both you and the horse. Maybe he will do better next time. I'm sure that after several shows, he will at least stop being as nervous about it.
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Marc and I went to the musical ride last night
It was one of the best date nights ever

Ride was about an hour

Here are some of the pictures
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Here is another picture
Attached Images
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Country Woman

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Hope everyones weekend has been good. I finally have some time to post my camping experiences with you.
We were set to leave mid-day on Wednesday. My friend was driving up from Santa Fe(3hrs away) and picking up my horse. When she was about 1 1/2hrs away we noticed my Mothers sixteen year old Pom had died in her sleep under the table at my Moms feet. I biried her out with my other pets in the back yard. It was something we were expecting but the timing really sucked. We were just glad it did not happen while we were gone since my mother was camping with us and leaving the dog with my little sister.
I was worried about my mare loading...especially since my friends trailer is a slant load with a ramp. She just bounded up in there. That was the only the second time I have ever loaded her. I was very happy about that.
It took use two more hours to get up to the place we were camping and we found it pretty easy despite never being ther before and the downloaded directions being off a bit. We were a bit disappointed by the site. It was amazingly lovely but all the online info was wrong/off. There were corrals but not near the trailer campsites by at least 1000+ ft and out of sight as well. My friend had brought her portable corrals so it did.not matter. The only water on site was a creek we had to haul from, but my friend had a 55g barrel we filled once and it had a hose spigot at the bottom. Worked great. There were only two camp sites with tables and firepits and one group had taken them both. So we could not have a fire the entire time either. Also the trailer camping area was across the creek from the toilet(no bridge). We worked it out though and had a great campsite not to close to anyone.
The two horses were just thrown in together and both were dominant horses but they got along fine...mostly because my mare promptly came into heat and flirted with my friends gelding shamelessly the entire time. I think in the end she became the more dominant horse and he was getting sick of her attitude though.
The first night my mare had some mild colic issues but walking her and giving her some really wet beet pulp resolved it pretty quickly. The next day we went on an awesome ride. My mare would not lead though and insisted on being right up on the geldings back end. We did some pretty serious obstacles I would not have tried on my own but my mare never hesitated and made it that much easier for me. I still had issues with the heights and the sheer drop offs but not to the extent I thought I would. Though the trails that day were not bad at all. It rained most of that night. The next day we had some really serious clouds so we decided to wait a bit before riding. It was a good choice as we decided to go for a quick drive up the mountian. It was amazing. We spent most of the day driving up the old logging and mining roads. There were a couple of drenching rain and hail storms but the roads were mostly good and we got to see a lot of amazing scenery. The wildflowers were in bloom everywhere. Despite the rain it was never cold or miserable. The following days there were only a few short rain showers that really did not hamper us in anyway. That evening was the only time we rode and it was bareback around camp and we let the horses graze as we rode. It was the first time I had ridden my mare bareback.
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Green Broke
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Catching up..amazing,wonderful things all are doing. Love the pictures! (& my "like" disappeared after pg 1187,go like-like anyway).

Got caught up w/home stuff today (cleaning,big time). Kitties & fish content. Have to study more for training new guy,but upcoming change,he won't be w/me this coming Tues,which is a relief. Sister & mother wanted my pics of Tommy,so sent them.

Looking forward to seeing Tommy, hope I get a lesson. Want to be there early (by 7 am),as poo-duty bound to be heavy w/recent rains. Going to be dressed in my breeches (& new bike shorts underneath!) in case I can get on.

Lovely,soft,coolish day today. Rained all last night. A great relief.

Hope all had a good week-end!!
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