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Horse talk for mature people over 40

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        08-15-2013, 09:07 PM
    Get well soon, Stan.
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        08-15-2013, 09:13 PM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by Celeste    
    Get well soon, Stan.
    I'm working hard on it the weekends coming, and it would be just a tad annoying if I did not recover until monday and then back to work. What use is a sick day if one can not enjoy it.
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        08-15-2013, 09:19 PM
    Evening all!

    Eole, thank you! I like me room, try to make it homey. I actually did see a former student that day....she loved hanging with the dag. . Also met the new superintendent tha day too!! oops! Lol. She didn't seem to mind. Maggie's well behaved.

    Eole, beautiful horse!!

    TJ, great photos. Thanks for sharing!! Now it's easier to picture. So glad you had a productive day!! Hey I found a pad for the saddle that helps with sciatica, hips and pelvis...thought of you as well as myself! Also, I think riding bareback is SO key to being a good rider. As a kid, I rarely had the saddle on. I think it makes a person a very centered rider. Keep up the good work.

    Wild thing, I'm loving the kindle on the iPad!! I'm always on this thing's like another appendage, so it makes reading easier. I love the fact I can highlight, and in various colors!! Now I don't have to carry a pen. Hahaha. I just book #2.

    As far as the Tao of Equus, I'm really into it. There was a chapter I could have done without, it was back history and such. So much of what she talks about corresponds with the brain research I've done on teaching. She goes into the psychology and brain science. I have always believed horses and children are very similar in regards to teaching and learning...and therefore I am making a TON of connections. This book is actually inspiring me for the new school year. I could go on and on. . I actually have a horse/teacher friend ordering it so we can discuss the book!

    This morning I noticed a zzzziiiitttt sound while doing chores. I noticed it was the transformer. Noticed a spark or two too....DH said call the power company. So glad it did...when I returned this evening (as I am the BM this week) the power company was there replacing the entire transformer. Said if it wasn't called in it would have totally caught the pole,on fire and zapped all the electrical things in the house!! it melted the phone box, so I'll have to call that in tomorrow. Seriously glad I heard the noise.

    I think that's it...time to watch 'my show'. Have a great night!
        08-16-2013, 12:38 AM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by Eole    
    Nvr: how old is the step daugther? It's nice when they show interest, that maybe will grow into a real passion.
    She is 9, I didn't start riding until like, 12 so it is looking good, lol. Things are just so different now adays. Everything is handed to these kids, never having to want for anything. Told where to go and when, what line to get in. I wanted to ride horses so bad I could taste it. Times have changed.
        08-16-2013, 12:42 AM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by Critter sitter    

    Kittens are all recovered and ready to go home. They do still need shots. They were too young. Melinda I have not gave up on the ride. The rescue and I are still looking ...
    I have not given up either. I expect they will be her with us soon.
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        08-16-2013, 02:39 AM
    Green Broke
    I have annoyed Roslyn enough for the evening Started to tell her how to cook spagetti. Did not go down at all well, so I thought I'd broaden my horizons. Hi to all. Its 6-20pm friday evening and i'm a little on the feeling sorry for myself and spotted in Nickers post something worth commenting on.

    Kindle now its a programme on a computer or a device to read books.

    When I was young and chasing girls one of the frazes used was, we were trying to kindle a relationship, tickle it along a little, get the girl interested. No wonder the youngsters miss out, they have lost the art of the persuit and what used to be a young mans center of attention to kindle a relationship, is now, a new way to read a book.

    And in keeping with the direction of the thread. I have not sold Stella yet so I've dropped the price. Lets see if that gets some interest over the weekend.
        08-16-2013, 09:30 AM
    Originally Posted by Stan    
    That depends on the state of your stomach and what you had to eat. The horse is generally seen disapearing into the distance at a rate of knots. Head held high with a slight tilt to the side and a wide grin on its lips. You can hear it laughing, got ya, got ya.

    As for western trained horses. Best trained trail horse there is. No gimicks or devices to keep them in check. Bridal and a bit that's all we use.

    Attachment 244705

    Attachment 244713

    Any excuse to post a photo of Stella. Had another bite on her last night, every response of interest I get, I get closer to a sale. I thought the next lady that rings about her I will invite up for the weekend and take her riding for a couple of days. That will give them a good over all picture of how Stella acts.

    Stan, I hope you and Stella find her forever person. It's rough when it's time to part ways with an animal, so hard on the heart. She's a pretty thing'll happen.
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        08-16-2013, 09:45 AM
    Originally Posted by AlexS    
    Oh Celeste, that's awful. Hoping you are icing them, that helps.

    Rick, what do you do with the nest, when you need the equipment to work?

    Stan, sorry about Bugs.

    Nicker that sounds like a rough night.

    Today my neighbor cursed at my kids for playing basketball in the alley. Our back yard ends on the alley, and the net is on our grass, but the kids and other neighborhood kids come to play, and obviously they are bouncing the ball in the alley.

    The neighbor said to one of my kids: "this isn't an f-ing playground, play in your own f-ing yard"

    The kids all ran in, and I took about 20 mins so I wouldn't go over there and just hit someone.

    I did go over to their house, and told them that I didn't appreciate them cursing at my kids, and I don't expect this to happen again. They said that the kids were bouncing the ball off their house all day. I was shocked at this, as I watch the kids out the window. I don't see everything, but I am seeing most of it. When the convo ended I looked at their house, there are 2 ball marks on their house, the net has been there for 3 years. I don't know how old they might be. I'd think at least one was done today, as they said so, but it certainly wasn't a bouncing ball off their house all day.

    I was rather firm, but polite and told them as the adults, they should come to me with a problem, and I will address it. My kids will wipe off the two marks on their house. And as adults, if they come to me, then the issue will not happen again, as I will deal with it.

    Under no circumstances are they to ever curse at my kids, ever. And my kids will continue to play in the alley. If they don't like living in a town, they can buy a house in the country. In a town, kids play, that's life.

    The wife 'yes. Yes'ed me' and then slammed the door in my face. Before she did that the husbands face (it was him who said that to the kids) appeared over her shoulder. He was about to say something when she slammed the door.

    I put it on FB, all the neighbors are coming over on Sunday to play a full out game of basketball in the alley. The Mom's will all be cheering.

    You want to make war with my kids, I will make your life worse than you could ever have imagined. Do not curse at my kids, do not talk to my kids in a threatening manner. School is 3 weeks off restarting, so there will be a full basketball game in the alley every single day before school starts.

    Come at my kids, and I will rip your head off, and poop down your neck.

    Idiot was about to say something when wife slammed the door, he could have come over, he didn't. I would have made him feel 2' tall, and in a wind tunnel.

    Alex, it's funny you should write this story...we live in a small city in CT but it's really a suburban city, house after house after house. And I notice kids don't play outside anymore. My DILs tell me it's all about play dates now and controlled play where an adult is watching. Too many degenerates I guess.

    So no kids outside.

    But on Sunday, as I was enjoying my marathon couch potato fest, the husband and I notice we can hear kids playing on the street and I'm thinking - nice. They went at it from early in the morning until dusk - relentless. But such a good sound - it's kind of what summer should sound like - kids having fun. (And lawn mowers.)

    I guess it could be annoying if you're not used to it or if you're old and you don't feel well or if you're a miserable SOB and the sound of happy kids drives you up a wall.

    You did right straightening them out. But people like that are a little nuts. I'd tell the kids to be careful of them. I don't ever trust people who are so angry, they'll curse at kids cause where there's a kid, there's usually a couple of youngish people who are raising them. So these nutty people are kind of willing to risk a confrontation. ANd to me that makes them a little unstable.

    I'm a New York City woman, born and raised in NYC and Brooklyn, so the sound of kids is comforting to me. Those sounds brought back growing up and raising my own kids. I do miss my home.
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        08-16-2013, 09:52 AM
    Originally Posted by Stan    
    Alex what can I say but, Go get em. Don't take prisoners, and leave no one standing.

    As for Bugs I have another delema with my friend and her treatment of the horses.

    She thinks its cute when he comes up to her and puts his head on her shoulder his cheek to her cheek and ear. So that's another behavour I have to correct Not with the horse with the friend She does not understand he is not being loveing he is testing how far he can go and he is establishing himself as the herd leader.

    I warned her she needs to stop as one day she will not do as he expects and he will react and bite. It took some time before I got her to understand if he bites he could take of her ear and half her face befor she knew it was missing. Not Bugs she responded. I also pointed out horses are so strong thay can pull a float onto its side, she took notice when I told her that. I gave her the webbing halter to hold and then told her Stella has demolished two in the past couple of weeks getting away from being held.

    I also told her if she allowed Bugs to be loving and he hurt her the Ocupational Health and Safety people will declare him to be un managable and a risk to life and I will have to put him down. Hope she thinks about her relationship with animals a little deeper. The extreme I know, but, this is New Zealand the land where a kid can't climb a tree without a safety net, or if he falls and hurts himself the parents are charged.

    Why is it some folks have a love affare with a horse, not realising, that like us, when threatened, the will to survive takes over and we will kill if need be.

    Attachment 245473

    Attachment 245481
    poor Bugs.

    Speaking of horses and where they put their heads, I guess I should ask - my latest horse (I ride at a college and right now I'm riding a wonderful, very crazy gaited but utterly dear and affectionate Holsteiner) named Teddy.

    After a ride, Teddy loves to rub his face all over you. I don't let him since I've been told he shouldn't do that but yesterday we had such a great ride, and he worked so hard that I grabbed that head of his and rubbed it myself because I know he likes it.

    Is what I did dangerous?
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        08-16-2013, 10:24 AM
    Since I have about a million pages to go to catch up, I wanted to mention I had a great ride yesterday afternoon. God I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

    You know I can't figure if it's the horses or the riding because like yesterday **** it was bumpy and early on my butt gets tossed a bit but he settles in (sort of) and then it's a lot of fun. No loping on Thursdays cause then I ride with a Western beginners class. There's only one intermediate Western class and I figure Mr. HopAlong and I can work on the basics on Thurs.

    I said to one of my instructors "I think he's getting it" and she laughed and said, "I think you're getting it" and that just cracked me up.

    Teddy has a strange strange jog. First off he's kind of forward, even in his walk, so I have to work hard while warming us up, to slow him down and it helps, but once we get into a trot it can be a wild thing. It used to be much worse when I didn't know him.

    It's funny - I ride another horse who's on maternity leave, the all time greatest Western QH horse in the world, Lilly Ann Clabber. In her stall she's a scare if you're not ready for it - you go in there very aware, very respectful and low key because she was horribly abused in her youth, probably in her stall. But when you ride her, she is a princess. She tells you who she is, what she is, which is a truly magnificently intelligent and uncannily intuitive horse. PLUS she's a DUN!! With dorsal stripes and leg stripes and a golden buckskin. (but she does have a head like a mule) (shut up!)

    So Lilly is the exact polar opposite of Teddy, whose all about affection and being relaxed in his stall and all kinds of cutesy mellow but then you get on him to ride and he will attempt a moon launch.

    Yesterday I learned with old Teddy, now that I've relaxed enough on him to neck rein - the slightest deviation of hand from his neck tells him I want to lope! So he'll do that front leg sort of leap as he transfers to the rear and we can go along looking like an infants pull toy on a string bobbing along up and down. In the beginning it scared the crap out of me especially after three evil falls this spring (not on him, but two while riding). But I think my balance is improving riding him because with Teddy, you have to expect the unexpected when he's moving under you. That's the rule. Awareness.

    Today we lope! YAY! Talk about easy - Teddy's lope is smooth even steady and effortless. So as crazy as his jog is, his lope is the exact opposite - perfectly loverly. But I'll still direct rein him on that. No way am I trusting him with a neck rein. His lope is beautiful but it's also extremely fast.

    So now I have two horses plus a mini I dream of having for my very own. It's good to have a dream. :)

    Now back to all your news! Hello!!! Good bye!!!
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