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Originally Posted by roseann View Post
Are any of you on the facebook group Horse Trails & Camping Across America? There are some awesome photos of some amazing(some pretty scary) trails out there. The is another group Through The Horses Ears that is worldwide. It helps me get my riding in the mountians fix when I am stuck down here in the desert. I really want to ride some of those trails, and not all of them are in the mountians.
Anyhow...back on track there was a posting of a dead horse at the bottom of a mountian trail not to far from me. They don't know whom the owner is yet or what happened. The saddle was cut off and the saddlebags cleaned out so they assume the rider is fine. This is my worst nightmare and the reason I am so stressed on trails with much heights or dropoffs. I am NEVER getting over this fear now. I guess I will be riding on the flatest trails I possibly can now. My friend is going to really hate riding with me now.
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Hey Rosann
You have to ride the hills and at times some of the steeper ones. That's how the horse learns to get around. If he has been ridden only on flat ground he will not have a clue how to go down hill or along hill trails and that makes him dangerous. As for drop offs, well that scars the stuff out of me as well and I avoid them. I get drawn to the edge in high places.

But you have to trust the horse and give it its head, he does not want to die either. However I do understand how you feel. If you can find a friend that has hill country and in a paddock turn the horse out for a few days he will teach himself how to go up and down so when you get on again the horse has some experience.

My first horse Savannah spent the first two years of her life on very steep mountain country. In fact the first few hours of her life she was stuck in a swamp and draged out by a quad bike, given back to her dame and she was one very confident horse. When going down hill it was legs forward by her ears give her her head and hang on. Savannah did not bother in following the trail around she just went down the hill wether I wanted her to or not.
Savannah at three



My blog you may enjoy the read. Its different.
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Originally Posted by Stan View Post
Nothing to do with age. We just manage our time better so as to keep ourselves informed. Its a skill you will develop as you gain experience Alex. So don't fret, or feel you are missing out. I make allowances for the young ones in knowing the frustration they feel and at times exibit trying to keep up with the more experienced.
I enjoyed that.

Nah, you are just half way senile, and you forget. My Mum asks why cleaning my house is always the last thing on the list. Well that's because vacuuming is the ONLY thing she needs to do that day.
For me to sweep and vac, I need the kids to get their stuff out of the way, ask the kids three more times to do that, while I pick stuff up. Get out the broom, oh what, it's time to take them to football practice already. Leave, am out of the house for 3 hours, eat, showers bed, then I can't vac as everyone is sleeping. Rinse, lather, repeat.

She also asks why my car is so filthy, seriously my car? My car is a tool that gets me where I need to go, I so don't care if it's dirty. When they were here, I bought beach towels and sat them over the seats for them. There you are, solution.

I read the first and last page, as you all yack so much, and I just can't read 8 pages right now. Hope you are all well.

Roseann, sorry about the loss of the horse, how awful. But don't let it ruin your ride. We could die crossing the road, I think when it's meant to be, it will be. I smoke, drink, used to ride a motorcycle, and have always ridden horses, and I am still kicking, I cough in the mornings, but that's more to annoy everyone :)
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Up early trying to wake up...

Read latest posts. You teachers/professors have me stunned. Young people of any & all ages, anatomy-physiology-microbiology, nuclear engineering ?? I thought I was impressed before I realized all this...

Talk about perspective..think I'll stop whining about getting back on the uniform & strapping myself up w/the "armed EMT" gear, & go back tomorrow to deal w/the foilbles,fusses & myriad issues of people aged 55-100...many of whom seem never to have learned a thing.

No one makes enough money, it seems, but I'm further convinced that teachers are horribly underpaid.

Onward & Upward, I'm Not Done Yet...
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Good morning all.

Stan, Bugs looks improved and happy. Thanks for the note my my handling the BB. I have worked very hard on containing my short temper over the last few years. There was a time not long ago that I would have ended up in jail over that incident.

Nicker, the pics are great and know that for all the troubles you and the other teachers encounter with a couple of students and other teachers that there are 10 fold of them that you all have positively changed their lives. Those of you who do it for the right reason are the ones who create legacies through the students who change our world forever.

Terry, glad you were able to get so much done during your vacation and glad we were able to make you feel as welcome as you really are. I look forward to reading your progression in the lessons so don't think it's something you shouldn't post.

Lori, post those

I know there were more great stories like the insect Kamikaze, which I hope were eradicated and should have been video'd of the blaze for our viewing pleasure.

I will update my own story as I can't remember if I mentioned it Saturday. Jessa and her older sister were dropped off at the father of the older sister sometime Friday night or early Saturday morning. He then brought Jessa out to my house as he knew she would be better off and very well cared for. Jessica finally texted Michelle and told her she was coming back into town and working with the BB to turn herself in today. My wife and I have decided it best for Jessa to stay with us until her mother gets her life safe for her. Jazmin's dad has decided the same in his case and is going to file for full physical custody of Jaz. We called the DCS hotline last night to find out what were our options and they said they would send out an investigator within 24 hours. With heavy hearts we decided Michelle should go into the DCS this morning and see if we couldn't rush the issue. The father is willing to sign off on it because he is in no better way than Jessica.

I want to also add that we have no intentions of keeping Jessa away from either of her parents as they are just that, her parents. When they want to see her then we are more than happy to set up a safe situation for them to spend time together. When either of them have proven to be able to provide a safe and stable life for her and the DCS agrees then we will gladly let her go back to her blood family.

I have so much respect and admiration for what Stan and Alex do as they get these kids after going through what me and my wife are trying to stop. I hope that we can change these lives so that we can keep atleast one child from following that lifestyle. Maybe if enough people could do the same thing long then we could reduce the need for the things Stan and Alex do. I know that is never going to happen in this day and age of people wanting something for nothing and a government telling them they deserve something for nothing, but it's my hope.

Have a great day and glad I got to see you this morning. CW hope everything comes together for you and hubby. Maybe CCW can send you some the luck her and hubby have with their good fortune.
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Dh went out 4 wheeling yesterday w/some neighbors. I stayed home & cooked-a major project-2 pans of meatballs, & a sweet-sour sauce. He came home tired & hungry & was eating in just a few minutes-he loved it, but it sure was a lot of work! Will have enough for a few meals though.

Koolio-I live in the mountains east of Kingman. Lovely little community here w/some great neighbors.

AlexS-I'm glad we no longer have to "put up" w/a water company. We have a water storage tank & have to haul in our water ourselves. There is delivery available also, but it's cheaper to do it ourselves, so we have a water tank, trailer, pumps. Etc. We buy the water about 5 miles away-all on dirt roads, we use about 1,000 gallons every 3-4 weeks. We have our own septic tank, just like we did back in CA. We have recycle bins for glass, cans, & plastic, & take them into town when it's time,& I keep a donation box going also. Fed Ex & UPS deliver right to the door, so that is convenient. To get hay-it's a drive into town-nothing close, & then bring it home yourself & stack it into storage. Some are feeding pellets & cubes out here as that is less wasteful when the wind is blowing, something I will need to think about.

Rick, so sorry your wife went through that bad experience-sounds quite scary. Hope little Jessa is doing better now.

CW-fingers crossed that your DH finds a job soon-can he do handyman stuff?

My sewing room is coming along-I've put up a clock & a calendar in there & just have a few more boxes to clear out, then I can decide how I want to furnish it. Also got a blind up on the window, but it still needs a screen.

We have had rain, thunder & lightening, a few power outages, so a wild ride weather-wise.

I want to try & learn how to use my camera & post pictures also-that's on my list!
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Stan that horse is huge!

Another busy day today, have some running to do then I have to cook a huge amount of pasta. (for the family of a friend that passed away) and hey Lori there's your idea for food, a little late I bet.

Sometime today I need to finish cleaning the barn and get one more coat of paint on the cabinet so I can get the pavilion back in order.

There is no way I'm going to get everything on my list done today unless I somehow clone myself.

I read all the post to stay caught up but forget what I wanted to say by the time I post. Please forgive me. I don't mean to only post about myself and ignore all your goings' on. It's just that what I have to do is all my memory will hold.
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Little Jessa a roughien. She loves it when I pick her up and drop her from about 4' down on the couch or bed. She will giggle so hard while reaching up for you to do it again. Last night I was dropping her on the bed and had her landing in such a way that made her almost come back up into a standing position. It was so funny that all 3 daughters, my wife, our friend and both grandsons were standing around the bed laughing at it. Both grandsons decided they wanted in on the action so they went in rotation being bounced on the back on the bed. We were laughing and having so much fun that none of us thought to film it. Sorry.. btw, my arms fill like jello this morning.
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Originally Posted by nvr2many View Post
Lori tells me my kitties are ready to ship, ...............

And I may have found a ride too!!!!

Don't Flatter yourself Cowboy I was looking at your Horse
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OK OK RICK sorry I have been so busy and I don't see it slowing down.

Here a mix and jumble of pictures I have taken
Here is Chris he is one of my Boarders and a great horsemen.

Bre and Arkay he loves her so much This is the one she is trying to get hubby to let her keep'

Charlie He is ready to go to Melinda

Here are some pictures of Nipper who is a sweet 18 year old QH he got beat up by the 3yo filly that I call StarB"$%H her name is starbuck.
The vet said he would be ok but I am still upset she did this.

Don't Flatter yourself Cowboy I was looking at your Horse

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Rick: before I start blabbing; my heart goes out to you & your family taking care of Jessa while her own family puts things together. How old is she again? &,am sure you thought of this already: get the little lass 'round the horses to give her a good boost on life, & possibilities, and get the idea (which you already have!) Nothing better for growing a woman than exposure to a horse (wish I had had it,all I did was want it...)

Which brings me to today: got up early to get out there early & start mucking before Janice gave me lesson @ 9a (#8) & had to leave. Did a bunch of stalls (her line of horses always seems to get "left" on Sundays, so always double-doody there..pant pant..) Got around the front & the middle, did Tommy in the back, then was time for the lesson.

For some reason my lower back was all stiff (not from tons of home-cleaning I'm sure..sic..) & I had trouble getting into my "seat", but did get Tommy into a fast walk, both directions. Then Janice had us on her "Mountain Walk" set-up: cornering/turning around a triangle of cones, & attempting to come thru a line of poles she had set up, as she shortened the pole distance each time. I had to work on not looking down (BAD habit) but around, using my legs to guide him instead of the reins ('nother greenie bad thing), & push him forward into it. We did it good a few times, not so good a few times more (yes, I "fell off the mountainside")..but thought all the while..when I want to trail ride, want to know these things, & recalled Stan's recent postings on going hillside trekking.

Going to post this one now, as there's a bit more to come, & don't want my comp to bump me...back in a few..

Onward & Upward, I'm Not Done Yet...
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