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Green Broke
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Hi all! Thanks for letting me vent....and if I may, I am going to add one more tidbit....when I found out that my friend had a funeral to attend, I suggested everyone come over my way since I am the only one without a trailer. I have miles and miles of back nobody would have to pick me up, and she wouldn't have to worry about organizing anything beyond taking care of herself. She said no, to that idea and said we would ride near her. That's why I was waiting to I knew she had over booked herself, and things would eventfully fall through...ugh....oh well onward and upward"......

On the way tot the barn this morning it was beautiful. Here is a pic.

I'm about done with end of the term I can go 'play' and ride!!!! YEEHAA!

Welcome jklitze!!

Have fun Koolio!! I hope to get to CA someday!!!

CCG, post some pics!! How many head are you up to know? Lol. I can't keep up with your purchases!!! Hahahaha. Have fun girl!!
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The beat of my heart will always resemble the cadence of my horse.
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Green Broke
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Another incentive to lose the 20 lbs that have somehow attached themselves to me-Oh, MY!-it happened so fast! Maybe if I work really hard, I can get back to my "normal" weight this year?!?

Pilates, or how ever it is spelt, and yes I have been shown. I'll see you there. Though I don't go for the weight loss.

And no I have not been riding arguing with SWMBO has been top of the list at the moment Now we don't talk, its been two weeks of bliss week number three just starting.

Cheers all

My blog you may enjoy the read. Its different.
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Hello all you mature people over 40!

Sorry I've been gone but everyone else, I've been busy. I confess I will stay away because when I do come to the HF, I'm going to spend a couple of days reading and replying and reading and posting and I just lose track of all things and sit on my fat keister and have fun.

My husband has been working extra hours on top of his commute and I'm selling stuff on ebay so it's up at 4:30 for both of us and to bed at 9:30 - no later than 10:30. There's not a lot of free time.

Ebay takes TOO MUCH for the return, but at this point in our lives ANY return is better than none. So I do it for the pittance, and I'm glad to get it, too.

Had some interesting rides on Teddy - I'll write about them soon (if I can). I did do a post here about his very forward gait and crazylegs trot if you're interested (in the horse riding area). We had to put on a new garage roof and had a visit with the granddaughter, we had a healthcare shockerooney (like a million others, husband lost the so called junk plan and now will have to pay for the nice ACA expensive plan - we're not eligible for any credits or help, which is a good thing, but not.).

Teddy and I did a "fun" show and he didn't run down the straightaway sideways like the last time. I'm learning to longe or lunge whatever the spelling is, and now I get to help exercise my beloved Lilly Clabber, pissy mare quarterhorse and finest western horse in the world. Might not hurt to longe that knucklehead Teddy before our lessons because his trot is jarring.

As it is, I'm enjoying catching up a little bit with yous. I can't read ALL the way back but I can read some of the ways.

Nicker, you have some idiot friends. I'm sure they're good people but picking up a phone doesn't take a whole lot of effort. Then again, friends are friends, warts and all and it's good to have them. You can vent here and no harm done, no defensive stances or finger pointing and no one knows you'd like to kick someone in their pants.

HAPPY BDAY KOOLIO - congrats on the trotting. God save us all from mad crazy trot in cold or hot weather. My boy trots like he's earnestly trying to help you dislodge any loose teeth you might have.

Cacowgirl, from what I'm learning, that's how it's properly done - get the girl properly schooled so she's relaxed when it's time to integrate and school her offspring. Good luck with your 20 lbs. If you find a magic bullet, do let me in on it because I've got at least that to try to dislodge myself.

Critter - I'm sorry you're hurt. With stitches, take some care...but you're a smart girl know you have to be cautious with a hand and let it properly heal.....

Okeee...gotta try to catch up. Great pictures - especially Rick with your family. Really lovely. Love all the horse pictures, upright, drugged...its all good. (I have a revenge shot of my boy sleeping - a clear shot of his huge gut in that thread I mentioned but I think I'll put it up here too!)

Thanks for sharing.

Alex, ususually when a kid starts acting out it's because he's secure enough to express all the negativitiy he's stored up. It's no consolation that he's being a turd head but it's real. He can't deal with what he won't show. It's a royal pain it's being expressed to you. I wish you good luck and a world of patience and quick rewards. I hope he comes to his senses soon.

I hope all is well with all of you - and your kids.. ALex's boy and Ricks baby. I have fingers and toes crossed for you and the kids.

You're a great bunch of people. good to have a place here to fool around, now and again. I wish it could be more...........


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Portraits of Theodore

SLEEPING BEAUTY ARISING FROM HIS NAP. He will eat now, thank you very much. (I put this one in for horse picture of the month.)


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I think you can spell it either longe or lunge. I have read books that use either spelling. It may depend on where you are from. I was taught to spell it longe, and then I was told the other way was correct as well.

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NM: that's sure isn't very respectful to let you waiting like that, I would have been frustrated too. You're right about being obsessively connected but unable to communicate. That picture is gorgeous, I like the colors and the light.

Welcome JKlitze! You have a nice variety of horses. Hope you can share some pictures. I have a soft spot for arabians and Trakhener (which are just bigger arabians! ) Horses do keep us young, don't they?

WOT: your Teddy is lovable, he seem to enjoy quite a pampered life.

Stan, you went to Pilates classes? I sure would love to bribe someone into taking a picture...

Koolio, have a GREAT trip down there.

It was a cold sunny day. After all the rains, the arena sand is frozen solid and deer-hunting is open so I'm surrounded by crazy trigger-happy wannabe-hunters. Not a good time to wander in the woods. So I did some ground work with Eole. He was happy as always, craving the attention. Then I went to see my niece's poney lesson. So cute! I hope the parents forgive me for infecting her with the horse-bug.
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Green Broke
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Ok third time to try and write this.....

WOT, you crack me up...yes, you don't know the half of it...I'm surrounded by idiots!

What a sweet looking horse,you have!!

Had a nice ride today. Did me good. Here's a pic of my chubby, fuzzy boy.
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The beat of my heart will always resemble the cadence of my horse.
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Some random pics of my three amigos

I brought them into the barn this afternoon to dry off after our recent snowfall.

Here's handsome Sam taking it all in.

Koolio and Sally like to share. (Plus I haven't added a third stall yet)

The three amigos back outside, hoping for more treats.

Koolio always waits a little longer 'just in case' I find a few extra goodies in my pocket. He's a little dirty, but dry...

Normally, it would be the 4 amigos, but Himmy (aka cheeky pony) is at the stable learning how to be a lady and a saddle horse.
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Green Broke
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NM17, sorry your group ride didn't go through and your friend waited til the last minute to fill you in. You were still able to get a good ride in and a good start on house work for upcoming company so it was a blessing in disguise. Great pics.

Ccg, glad to hear things are going forward so well for you and can't wait to see pics of all the critters.

Stan, don't feel bad I'm not getting any riding in right now either. You can have the pilots as I'll stick to the stewardesses.

Koolio, BEAUTIFUL pics!! Keep the powder up there though as I only enjoy through pics anymore. Enjoy your trip.

Eole, your niece looks a little nervous yet excited. Nice pic.

WOT, great photos and as soon as you figure out how to use those photos to get them to do what you want please share. Lol

I read some more, but by the time I finished responding to these I forgot what the the others were..Sorry..

MIL will be released this morning sometime. They think it was a case of Bronchitis and not congestive heart failure so that is what they treated her for. The numbers all came down to a safe level, but my wife is not happy as she really wanted her to be seen by the cardiologist before being released as she thinks the initial readings were cause enough to be checked.

In other news, I have people come look at the horses last Tuesday I have listed and they fell in love with them. They called me back last night and said the cousin is hoping to have her money today to match hers so they can come get with me. I made them a deal if they were able to take all three and threw in a saddle for an extra $100. One of the girls that was there has no idea her mother(the cousin) is looking to buy Jems for her. She was hooked on Jems the minute she got in the pasture and Jems seemed to have connected with her as well. I will update as soon as I hear more. Off to do some work now.

Oh, btw, I was off Saturday to work with our church teen group at an Aid Station in the run section of the race for the Ironman Triathlon. Some of us were there from 9am til 11:30pm when we finally got everything packed up and cleaned our area up.
I brought some small 12v LED lights and a car battery. Ran the lights in the 3 porti-johns(portable outhouses) so the runners could see what they were doing. Last year it was so dark in there that I know it could only help. Got several compliments for the thoughtfulness of such a small thing that made a huge difference for them.

I am Second
Born Once, Die Twice. Born Twice, Die Once.
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Green Broke
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NM-glad you got some horseback time. Any chance of a trailer in your future? Or would that entail a truck to pull it also? I learned that the truck I bought for the flatlands of So. Cal just won't cut it here in hilly AZ. I had to use lower gears both up & down hills, use my flashers, & after the Trans Temp light came on-no more A/C! But the worst was over by then anyway.

So- I now have 2 exquisite mares & 1 little jenny donkey. My horse family is complete-no more looking! I was lucky we had a gate section & enough panels to make a full corral. DH had to do some welding to make the gate section work (a Quarab broke it a few years ago)-funny-he was a dappled buckskin as is my newest girl. So, anyway I found the place w/out too many panic attacks & she was everything the owner said. She saddled her, rode her & then I rode her for a bit. We agreed on a price, wrote out the bill of sale, then came time to load. It took a few minutes-she was a bit stubborn, but w/a handful of hay, once she got 1 foot in, she went right in. She unloaded nicely, & seemed quite content w/her new digs. She nickers at us whenever we step out the door & watches us intently. I will go to town later today, buy more hay, a salt lick for her, but that's about it-I have plenty of saddles, & bridles etc that should fit her. So now we just need to get there & enjoy each other. She's smooth in her gait, & very careful w/foot placement on the trail & has a super sweet personality. I will be in contact w/her previous owner as I am w/Wendy's-we are already emailing.

I will work on the picture thing & the exercise-I have books & videos for Yoga & Pilates-it's just a matter of doing them!

Koolio-it's getting cooler here in AZ, but probably won't get snow for at least a couple more weeks if not longer-we usually get some in December & for the next 3 months also, but not much around my area-seldom even 4" at a time. If you have time to stop for a ride (or even a cup of coffee) (or wine-LOL) I can see the 40 from my property!

I am so thrilled w/my new horse & she will be a good match w/Wendy out on the trail. I am truly blessed to find 2 such nice mares-each beautiful in their own way. They both give me a feel of calmness while I'm in the saddle & I am quickly regaining my confidence.
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