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Green Broke
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Originally Posted by Roadyy View Post
Don't want that stuff down here.

Terry, I agree with Stan about anyway that didn't hurt you or him was the right way to dismount. For soft hands I would suggest a practice that I read or heard some where a few years ago and have used it to teach my wife and kids. Fill two coffee cups to the rim with the hot coffee and walk around the house, yard and up and down stairs. This will give you the practice to keep the reins quite to the horse's mouth.

Cogi, he reminds me of some of the pics I saw of me when I woke up from the heart cathe procedure.

Stan, how long will it be before a farrier can come out to do his shoes? I'm not sure I ever heard you say the availability of farriers in NZ or atleast to your area.

I got the money box installed finally. Once I got it there the other day we decided it needed to go up against the bottom of the cabinet rather than on the counter top taking up space. I had to cut another slot in the front of the top as the original was in the top of the top. It turned out pretty good and everyone seems to be very happy.

Good morning everyone and hope you have a great day.

Farrier, I have one coming today so that will sort one problem next is I will have to ride in the evenings to remind him what he has to do to earn his keep. I put another fence post in last night and the horse was head down giving advice. He is a very mouthy horse and I expect him to give a nip soon. That's just a feeling I get from his over all body language. Not aggreation more trying it on in fun.

As for the money box I have a couple of good citizens that would love to test the security for you. I locked one up last thursday, he thought he could intimidate one of my female colleagues by threatening her safety and the safety of her family. He picked a bad day I was prosicuting that day.

One of the things that may also help TJ, along with the coffee cups is with Bugs inorder to get him to turn and keeping my directions soft I hold my hands out wide so when I want a left turn that arm is extended so he can see it as well as feel. It also makes for a light touch. That's just in the training stage, but it works, takes away any confusion. Not much of a help when reining him but it did sort the confusion between a left turn and asking for his head at my boot when teaching a one rein stop.

And its Wednesday so as thay say in the States its hump day and I beat you all to it.

Spelling mistakes belong to me so don't copy
Cheers all.
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My blog you may enjoy the read. Its different.
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Green Broke
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Good Heavens, Nicker, YOU'RE a superstar! It would take me 4 days to do what you accomplish in one. So happy the co-authorship is on a roll, much kudos.

Rick: attach a note: "This money box protected by Angels". Might work. Maybe.

Stan: I've got the coffee cup idea of Rick's in my head, cannot buy myself my own reins @ this point, & really like the idea of bringing my hands out on whichever side I'm going for, so that Tommy can see. I will try that next lesson, for sure, & will run it by Janice. BTW...I love your Bugs, way long-distance; what a personable fella he is.

I did the job today, plus #1 Health1 CE fixings. Chief said it was appreciated. I noticed in breaking down the set-up, that the chips & dips had been well munched on. Cool. Same thing tomorrow. Next week's thing for the PI (Health1 bigwigs) will be fancier. Hopefully, MileHi Ambulance will have settled into their new digs by January, & won't have to do the CEs (none in Dec, & maybe no PI either). Chief concerned for his mtg-food-etc $ budget, & 3 back-to-back this month has been a $ crunch for him (& kinda a PIA for me,really...I like the PI stuff...but the CEs are a little weird).

That's my chatter for the day. I didn't want to wash my hands yesterday, because of horse smell (had to eventually, of course, lol..). My cats are funny; have never seen a horse in their lives, but have to roll joyously on my boots & jeans when I come home on Mondays. Think they have the right notion. It's a danged good smell.

Hope all are having a good week!
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Onward & Upward, I'm Not Done Yet...
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Green Broke
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Another BTW Stan, re dismounting:

I may slide
I may slither
But will never dismember

Parts of my body that shouldn't go under.
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Onward & Upward, I'm Not Done Yet...
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I don't know about a super star TJ....but I'm sure beat!

One word for you all........FREEZING!!!! My car read 27*!!!! My hands were so cold while cleaning stalls, my fingers HURT, bad! I even had good gloves on. I think I have that disease where cold bothers your extremities. My sis does.

Had a good day today. Kids make me giggle. Gotta cause all the work is frustrating me....I'm writing lesson plans as I do them! oops! makes it easier, hahah especially if they go well, hahaha. I just chasing my tail, and I refuse to stay at work til 5:00 and do more when I get home. I'm getting too old! AND, you never hear anyone on their death bed say they wished they worked more! Enough of that junk....

Here's a pic of mom and I riding on Sunday. She looks happy, huh? I think I had just told her RA said we could celebrate her 70th bday at his home in the Virgin Islands!! Her DH will never take her, so I offered since she has done so much for me barn wise.

Oh, my DHs blessing on a trailer! Mom and I will go soon and haggle on that one we fell in love with at congress!! Woohoo, Now we just need a truck!

Oh yea, I remember what else I that I see the photo....traffic safe vest that says caution horse and rider. It getting dark early here, thought it was a good idea.

TJ, glad your day went well, good luck with the next one. I like the idea....guarded by angels.
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Nicker: your Mom looks way happy; hope she gets that trip! BRRRR on your cold weather; it'll get where I'm at soon, but not lookin' forward to it.

All: luv yr horses. Nite'nite from me for now.
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Onward & Upward, I'm Not Done Yet...
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We're going into town tomorrow-do some banking, look at UTV's, pick up some more pellets, cubes, etc. & then go to the horse meeting. DH will go w/me & I'm looking forward to meeting some new horse folks. We have to figure out what we need to build a roof for Cha Cha & hopefully get that done this week. Rain will be coming soon. And we want to build a solid three-sided shelter for the donkey in addition to her roof shelter. Always something!

Hope to get a good buy on a driveway alert system soon-our neighbors have one & it does let you know that someone is coming in your gate-even if they are walking-or it's just dogs.

We lost one of our bachelor neighbors this W/E-he was quite frail & I tried to visit him at least every couple of weeks-I saw him Friday-his landlord found him Sunday-so sad.

NM-glad you are getting a bit caught up. Your Mom looks so happy! The safety vests are a good idea-isn't it fun to go shopping at tack stores?

Enjoy all your story's-whether horse or life. Hope to have something interesting to post tomorrow! Didn't do much today-except for all the laundry!
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Nicker that's a great photo. And I can't wait to hear about the new trailer.

TJT, sounds like a good plan to throw hay for a horse that bites while you clean out the stall. Much easier than really getting into it, and that shouldn't be your job to do that anyway. Just make sure you watch for the hind end and keep a safe distance.

Cacowgirl, sorry that you lost your neighbor. I hope he went peacefully.

Stan glad you locked that bad boy up! What a prat.

Everything is fine here, am just busy. It's annoying as heck to not be able to hop in a car and go do the things I usually would, and with all the kids, it takes some planning. The nights I fail to do that, thankfully Domino's delivers.

So the two finished football, and are now weight training ready for basketball. Kid 4 is trying out for wrestling, and kid 3 is doing a student government club. So all 4 kids doing activities. Yikes.

Kid 3 is now having home passes, where he spends all day Sat with his family, and will be home before Christmas. Kid 1 should be going home in Jan/Feb. I am not a tremendous fan of the families, typically. So we arrived at the meeting point for kid 3 on Sat, and mom showed up 20 mins late. Arrived back there to pick him up later, and she was 35 mins late. If she had not been late to pick him up, I might well have called the police as I wasn't sure if she was bringing him back or not as I was calling and texting and she wasn't replying.

Anyway, any remember when my Mum was here, and my kids went to other families for 10 days? Remember the <insert curse word here> who would not take kid 1 to his baseball games, and I had to come back 3 times to take him to his games..... well she had 2 kids runaway from her house two weeks ago, 1 is still missing, the other was picked up by the police today. So now he has moved in with me. Welcome aboard kid 5.

I've heard stories about this kid for a long time, how terrible he is etc. Well it was only his first evening, and he might well not be an angel, but he's no demon either. I can tell the REALLY bad ones within a few hours.
Anyway, I read his last review, and considering his former foster parents ranks very lowly in my opinion, I can see how this would go down.
He became argumentative when she told him off for having an item of clothing on his bedroom floor. And then again when he took off his shoes inside instead of outside the door. Knowing this woman, she freaked on him, as she is on the kids cases about everything.

I am excited to see how he does, as I don't sweat the small stuff like that. And from how he was tonight, I think he will be fine.
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I am a terrible human being!

It was just 2am and the dogs start going ballistic, so I shut them up, and I am hearing something.

I go upstairs, and it's someone knocking on the bedroom door.

'Miss Alex' (I open the door)
'It's just Alex'
'Can I please use the bathroom'
'Yes, you don't need to ask, or knock, you can just use the bathroom when you need to'
'I am sorry I just really need to go and I don't know where the bathroom is'.

You have to be kidding me, I was so caught up in washing bedding and towels and going through the house rules and 'the talk' ... I didn't even show the kid where the bathroom was!

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Green Broke
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He must be a good kid because I would have found the first house plant and watered it. When asked about it I would have said since you didn't show me a bathroom in the house I assumed it was "find a bush" rules here and there is no restroom.

Terry, hopefully MileHI will have their stuff together so your company can get back to your regularly scheduled programming. Sounds like you made a big hit with the eats. BTW< I'm sending you a pm.

NikerMakcer17, I bought an orange and yellow one from Wally World the other night. Glad everything is going so well with you and your mom looks very happy. I hope things work out so you can take her to the VI for her b'day.

Ccg, glad you are finding hard to find things at your TSC and hope you get the material for the donkey hut up and going before the rain.
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Green Broke
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Sometimes days are like that! He sounds respectful & I hope things get a little calmer for you. Will you be re-evaluated for a license anytime soon?
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