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post #13951 of 29437 Old 11-21-2013, 11:41 PM
Green Broke
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Originally Posted by NickerMaker71 View Post
Stan, wondering...if it's not a combination of spring in the air, and being the inky horse at your place.(if I'm thinking correctly). Now that Stella is gone. Maybe he actually needs you to worked until he's exhausted! Does he longe? Can you take him to the surgical and spear him out there? Just from last experience with my horses....spring gets them spunky and they try lots of things. I would wear them out! Make him work for his living arrangements!

Speaking of....was that pic of bugs and the lady, was that SBGMABO?
Yea that's swmbo we are not comminicating much at the moment having a domestic that I intend to win. I normal cave in after a few days but this started about 4 weeks ago. She has asked me to go to the movies and dinner on Saturday night. By email I wonder who is paying. Its not a soffening. Its my 65th and I think she may be having second thought of letting that milestone go with out some acknowledgment. I was planning to go down to Auckland to the western springs speedway. This time of the year the americian drivers bring there midgets over and do our summer racing season. Its always good racing The kiwis always have some thing to prove and the yanks want revenge for when the kiwi drivers were in the states over our winter period.

Not sure what has got into Bugs but he is spooky. Last year he was O/K but we did not have rye grass. Spring will have something to do with it as well with the spring growth and sugar. I get the impression he relaxes for a few minutes and my horse is back, then, over re-acts to nothing but does not calm down.

It is a common thing in NZ with the horses reacting to Rye grass it also effects the cattle and speaking of cattle I am going to put the neighbours cattle in to take the grass down. After that I can let him roam a little more as the feed will have been knocked down for a couple of days.

I need a kid to get on him and take the sting out. I don't bounce.

He has lost that soft easy going look he had. Its a stressed look now.

Anyone seen my horse.

Cheers all it friday evening 5.45 and time to check out the fences and feed the horse magnesium
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post #13952 of 29437 Old 11-22-2013, 12:02 AM
Green Broke
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Originally Posted by Cacowgirl View Post
Stan-Bugs is young and younger horses act much different when they feel free-my youngest can run, buck, turn, jump, rear,& her actions would strike fear in many-but under saddle-she is all business. Luckily, I've watched many 'loose" horses of all ages & know how different they can act when "free". So many on this forum say lunging only makes a horse more fit, & doesn't get the "bucks" out, but I & many others swear by it. Not all horses & in my experience geldings & stallions more so than mares are calmer after lunging. I also like to lunge to get the horses' attention on me and check how they are moving-no pain or lameness issues. Is Bugs trained to lunge?

No we don't normaly lunge our horses, its catch them and ride them regardless of how long since the last ride. Or catch and into the float.

He is green but in the past I have not had problems with him even after a couple of months without riding.

I do take on board the need to get him back under control and taking some of the sting out of him by exercise but lunging is not how I will go about it as I don't want him to develop the habit of lunging before riding.

My understanding of lunging is on a rope in a circle doing left then right circles. What I do do at times, it just walk him until he is following and responding to my body language then I'll ride him . That normally takes only a couple of minutes.

A couple of my friends have also been having problems even with some older horses.

I also think some of the responses from every one are also on the money. I have a horse that is green, fat, its spring, (its not effecting me) not having enough work, and eating the wrong food. He will come back. I need to push the sugar out more and deal with the mico toxins that rye grass has.

Saturday morning I'll give him some ground work for an hour just doing as I ask. Let him know who is the boss.
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post #13953 of 29437 Old 11-22-2013, 06:29 AM
Green Broke
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Koolio, thanks for the response. Yes, we have pretty wet winters here. A lot of humidity in the air.....bone chillin' kind of temps. It may only be in the thirties, but is a chilled 30. Does that make sense? My uncle who now resides in MT absolutely hates coming back here bc of the humidity levels. He says it gets into his bones and allergies! I actually prefers when it snows, it's not as 'cold'.

It's been raining here for two days now and my pasture is about shot. Bad drainage leads to soupy, mucky areas.. Not good for a horse with feet issues.

Talked to mom to see of she noticed where they were in the morning when she went out to feed...meaning stalls or pasture. Trying to figure out if they would loose a lot of 'outside' time. I like them moving around, but I also need healthy feet. She says often they are in their stalls waiting or even laying down. So we will see. If I notice them stocking up, then I'll change what I am doing.

I think I've only blanketed for cold once, and it was when I saw my TB literally shivering. So I think I will play it out like that again. Both of mine have grown nice and wholly.....a sign of coldness to come!

Koolio, the only time I can ride at night is if I leave work @3:15. It's getting dark here around 5:00 :(. I guess it's better than nothing.... when does it dark in your neck of the woods?

TGIF all! Thanksgiving break is almost here!!!!. I will survive. Actually I'm pumped. We are reading the story Stone Soup. With thanksgiving soon, we are going to all bring in an ingredient and make stone soup!!. Kids are excited, and I needed something fun too! Too much stress about the dang test!

Have a good day!
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I remember Stone Soup. Great story of bringing a community together one ingredient at a time.

My wife is campaigning hard to do the move this weekend and be fully in the house by Thanksgiving day. That will be extremely hard on me as it would be a round the clock move for a day and a half. Then the horses will be left up there until I can get the fencing done to bring them. I don't see it as possible and can't get her to see it.

NM17, I hope something will take hold of neganilly and she will become a positive influence on those around her. You keep doing what you have to to stay positive for those around you though.

Koolio, please keep the powder up there. Thanks in advance.

Stan, I hope you are able to get Bugs worked out quickly and back to riding consistently again.

Terry, hope you are able to get plenty of practice in soon for your soft hands.
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post #13955 of 29437 Old 11-22-2013, 11:16 AM
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Rick-can understand your wife wanting to get into the house quick-you guys will OWN this one! After "losing" 2 places, she is wanting that security-I'll bet. Also, she wants to celebrate all the coming Holidays in her "own nest". Hope you can do the move as I'm sure it will mean a lot to her. The horses can come later-you do have 30 days right? But didn't you say you had an alternate plan also, if need be?

Koolio-so sorry to hear you are back to foot doctoring-I have mats in all the corrals under the shelter areas-that does help their feet a lot. We are getting rain now, & I was just out there cleaning all the corrals & getting it into the dumpster. Now the outer layer is near the stove to get dry-love my rubber boots!

Stan-Happy Birthday to you & hope your night out brings back some communication. Sounds like you have a good plan to do some work w/Bugs.

Enjoy your horse time & Happy Trails to our riders! I have to go to town & get more feed!
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post #13956 of 29437 Old 11-22-2013, 01:25 PM
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Well, the wife has won the battle. I am taking tomorrow off and will be picking the 26' UHaul truck up after work. Got it for 2 days and will likely have everything moved tomorrow night. A couple of guys from work have offered to help so that will get one load done tonight and should consist of most everything inside the house.

We did this when we moved to the house we are leaving and unloaded the last piece at 1am. Of course that was after the 3rd trip using a truck and flat bed trailer and her mom's truck. She already has the classroom, kitchen and spare room packed up and ready to load.

I convinced her to put the spare queen bed in our room and sell the Ashley king since it will be way too big for our room and the guy that is coming to help wants it. I made a deal with him for $250 for frame, box springs and mattress and he could make $50 a week payments for 5 weeks to pay it off. I'm just glad not having to move that heavy solid wood frame anymore so it was a good deal for me. I told Michelle she can use that $50 a week to buy paint and supplies to do the rooms. Win win for all.
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post #13957 of 29437 Old 11-22-2013, 01:38 PM
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Yay for the bed deal, Rick, & eat yr Wheaties for tomorrow! Hope it all goes smoothly. And, soon, yes, I'll be able to practice soft hands. As soon as I have the components to put together for practice, will share w/all. (Have been watching the mailbox for a delivery, which I will crow about as soon as it arrives...& reveal the magic source...)

Oh, I do understand about humid cold winters vs dry. I grew up in Iowa. As much as I sometimes miss home, I don't miss the bone-chilling wet cold seeping into the body..& your nose freezes shut w/the moisture.

Later everyone, have to get ready for work. Fridays are my 2p-1000p days, & have never gotten used to the switch (since my 1st 3 workdays are 6a-2p). It's all backwards, I don't wake up, & when 9p hits I'm so ready to go home & go to bed!

Hope all have a good weekend. Good luck, Rick!!
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post #13958 of 29437 Old 11-22-2013, 01:43 PM
Green Broke
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Good luck with the move Rick. It does soung like a new beginning on a grander scale.

Cacowgirl mentioned your wife wants a nest of her own.

Now that's a red flag to a bull in my neck of the woods. When the women is refered to as nesting or wanting a nest of her own it is the beginning of sleepless nights, bottle feeding, I'm not talking about cute little puppys, kittens or a long legged foal that keeps following you around I'm talking about the kind that grow into human teenagers and ask Y to every no given them.
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post #13959 of 29437 Old 11-22-2013, 05:23 PM
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Wow that was fast Rick, good luck with the move. Can't wait to see more picts when you are all set up.

Has been a tad chilly here but sunny so got out to ride yesterday and today. Going tomorrow and Sunday too. Mayor Scotty overload. Did I mention I LOVE this guy! He rocks.

Here we are today.
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post #13960 of 29437 Old 11-22-2013, 05:45 PM
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Looking good Hunter! Scotty is a handsome boy.

Rick, good luck with the move tomorrow. I know moving can be a real hassle but it is also exciting!

I had a very interesting day. One of my responsibilities with my job is to act as the Social Studies Curriculum Specialist. The 7th grade at one of our middle schools took their students to the Marine Corp Museum at Quantico today and I went as an extra chaperone. I was given a group of three boys, all very well behaved and fun to be around.

The museum is amazing. Very informative and interactive. The actual flag flown at Iwo Jima is there. While we were looking at it, a volunteer came up and starting talking about when he fought at Iwo Jima. He is a 88 year old former marine named Frank Matthews. He landed at Iwo Jima on the first wave. He was 18 years old. The boys listened to him talk about his experiences so respectfully. And when he was finished, they all shook his hand. I did too. There are not many WWII veterans left alive and it was a gift to be able to hear him give a first hand account. I am truly honored to have had that chance. It was worth the 1.5 hour ride on a school bus!!
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