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        12-07-2013, 12:30 PM
    Green Broke
    We did get the stove fixed-got everything all apart, & cleaned out, things went back together, but w/some modifications so it fit better & hopefully won't bind again. The motor was loose, was the main problem. We did have enough propane to get us through, & went to town & filled both bottles again, & I got a couple more bales of hay, while there. Now DH knows where that feed store is & the 2 different ways to get there.

    The outside decorations are ready to go up, just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit. This would be a good time to do some baking-LOL.

    Rick-thanks for the tips about the clothing-another one is silk long johns-thin but quite warming-I've heard. I wore snow gloves this morning & that worked quite well.

    Koolio-I can't imagine being in temps like that. I much prefer 90 degrees over 50 any day! I can't drink as much coffee as I used to, so switch off w/hot chocolate, warm cider, etc.

    Sending "warm" thoughts to all!
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        12-07-2013, 12:36 PM
    CS: sending wellness thoughts towards your daugther; hope she feels better soon.
    Roadyy: your wife and daughter sure caught the Christmas spirit. Like NM, I put my fully decorated tree in the wardrobe every year. It's a cute 3 feet high thing with white lights and apples. I add an angel on the top, straighten the branches and plug it in: tadam! (yes, I'm lazy too)

    NM: I'm lucky having easykeepers, so no grain. Just vitamins/mineral supplements to compensate poor hay. Just my Eole needs extra sometimes to keep weight. I use Carb-guard from BlueSeal. Before, it was a similar product from Purina: calories come from fat and fibers rather than sugar. Safer I believe. Senior food usually is extruded grain, easier to digest.
    I missed the goats' death post, that's so sad. Did they have horse feed? Because I think the selenium in it is toxic to sheeps; might be toxic for the goats too?

    Koolio: I so much understand you. Have had tinnitus-ringing in the right ear for over 3 years, non-stop. I thought I'd go crazy the first couple months. Loss of hearing on that side: earing aids are also in my near future. Bailey's in the breakfast coffee??? Isn't it early in the season to hit under -30C?
    TJ: Monday coming!! Love to read your stories, keep them coming. How many horses left at Janice's?

    We had a too warm day with ice-rain and now it's very cold and everything turned to ice. The paddock is an icy mess. I'll put boots on my sensitive canadian mare before turning her out; she did an abcess in this weather last year.
    We are gradually renovating the stable, changing broken-eaten planks in the stalls, insulating doors to keep some heat in. I bought some nasty tasting stuff to spray on the new boards: hope it slows downs our beaver-horses. Then, I just got some slow-feeder nets: anyone have experience with those? I'm worried they might get their feet stuck in them, as you have to hang them low.
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        12-07-2013, 12:47 PM
    Green Broke
    I forgot about the ear ringing post. I too have ringing in both ears, but it is still a low tone at this time. I have worked in so many loud places where ear plugs and the such weren't a huge priority thus damaging mine. I can't remember a time without the ringing and have gotten so accustomed to it that I forget it isn't normal and most times ignore it.

    As for the hey nets, I have gotten on chairs, step stools or ladders to reach the rafters and tie the hay net opening as close to that as possible to reduce the chance of them getting their legs tangled.
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        12-07-2013, 01:34 PM
    Eole - our pony got her foot caught in the hay net. Luckily it was in the stall and she just waited until we untangled her. Needless to say, we don't use that one anymore. The slow feed nets do have smaller openings, but I'm still a skeptic. Once a strand or two breaks, the openings are much larger. I have also heard of horses getting their teeth caught in the nets. I prefer to feed on the ground or in a tub as even with the nets a lot of hay drops to the ground. If you search the forum or the internet, there are some interesting alternatives to the nets that slow feeding, reduce waste and keep the feed contained.

    Yes, it is early for such low temps, and early for Bailey's in the coffee, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! LOL! (Good thing it's Saturday and not a work day).

    We got the tree decorated this morning. I'll take pics once it is dark to show the full effect.
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        12-07-2013, 03:52 PM
    Green Broke
    A good number of post this morning and all in the christmas spirit great to read.
    CS Teenagers we have all had them and what I have found when they go astray as they all do. If the grounding in fair play and a conscience is there they come back. The conscience is what keeps them safe. Then there is the changes taking place with there bodies and minds My daughter did some weird things as did my son and now I remind them so when their children get to that age they are better informed and know to keep their head down. Some even increase the size of the family but that akso has to be taken in stride. Im sure she will come through what is driving her along the route she is on So CS take strength, those of us that have had children know how you feel. Is that why we are patient enough to take on young horse. Remind us of how the kids used to be.

    Not a great amount of christmas spirit at home this year. Work is very stressful. I have just finished a report on a young man and have not supported his bid to get out of prison. He is also a relative of mine and I'm getting a back lash from the grand mothers and aunts which is part of the problem in my view. No decent male role models in his life.

    I do not believe a female can male role model a boy once he gets past the age of around 7. As soon as the boy does not want to walk around the shops and hold mom's hand, it time she steped aside and let dad take over cause that's the message the boy is giving, even though he does not know it.

    Sorry folks I deal with so many men that have never had a decent male role model and I hear the same story over and over. Our town which has recently been refered to in the news paper as the wild west, a cowboy town, and that is not ment as a complement, the word cowboy has an undertone to it in NZ when applied to criminal activity.

    We had an orginsation trying and adervitising for men to act as male role models to some of the disadvantaged young boys. I put my hand up but found two issues and they are the reason I did not go ahead. One was the boys may get attached to the man taking the place of a father and the second was the instruction of what I was allowed to get the boy involved in.

    The women running the show did not approve of boy things and we were expected to only get involved in activities the women had approved of or recommended. Not a lot of point being a male role model is it, as feminine activities is all that was allowed. Boys need to get dirty, they have a need to feel pain, they don't think they just do, they break bones, ride bikes with no hands, show off, then come a gutser. Its how they learn and now we wrap them in cotton wool, have sanitisers in case their hands get dirty, can't touch a horse because it may stand on their foot but can have their faces licked by a dog who has just finished its ablutions and we all know what dogs lick. So I don't offer my services as a role model.

    No ladies I am not having a go at you, just some of the stupid ones I have to deal with, the ones that wont let go and let a boy be a boy.

    So christmas is just a couple of weeks away and i'm on holiday from the 20th for three weeks. Nothing planned. No get together of my kids and grand children they all live to far away and or are working through the break. I am planning a deer stalking trip in the new year with my son and a second to the South Island for a hunt with my son inlaw. All before winter. It snows in the South Island of NZ and I live in the winterless north where we can go riding on horse back all year round. Speaking of horses Bugs is still running around like a mad thing and I am a little busy at this time to spend the days with him so I have decided to get a kid to ride him for a week or two leading up to my holiday, then, Ill take over again. Kids bounce, don't they.

    Cheers all
    And stay warm.
        12-07-2013, 08:20 PM
    Oh Christmas Tree!

    Here is mine all decked out. The lights change from white to coloured, but I prefer the white, so I'm not showing pics of the colors.

    Had to add a picture of my Boston chillaxing in front of the fire. Note the Christmas decorations on the hearth. DH is having a snooze in the LazyBoy chair. I think I got his foot in the pic too.

    I did get out to the stable today to ride. Koolio was plenty warm and sassy! I also rode Himmy (aka Cheeky Pony), who my daughter has been training. She has grown up so much and is turning into a great little pony.
    Sally and Sam will be outside tonight as it is starting to warm some. Sally's back pasterns are quite stocked up from standing in the stall, so I am hesitant to keep her in again. We did add an extra fleece layer to her blanket which seems to be keeping her from shivering.
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        12-07-2013, 08:47 PM
    Green Broke
    Wow nice tree. We opted for a little live one this year as it's only the two of us. Got out for a ride today. Pretty chilly out but the sun was shining. Found out Scotty CAN buck. Just little ones though he was feeling frisky today.
    It sure is nice to know that Scotty can go 14 weeks between shoeing and trims. My regular farrier is away and her friend came out to do them instead but she said he's hot at least another 2 weeks. Yay
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        12-07-2013, 10:05 PM
    Hi all,

    Nice looking tree Koolio!

    I forced myself,out shopping today...and after the first gift was bought I was having fun, and did a smoking job on the gift buying.

    An issue I do we have an angel tree at our school for those in need. It nice bc you know you are helping someone in our district. BUT when parents put an xbox 360 down on the list.....that's a bit much don't you think? Just for giggles I looked up,the price....they are $150!! I don't think so! I got my person some clothes, a fishing pole and a CD. Stuff on the list... We are just to 'help out'...but I feel as the years have gone by, parents are expect A LOT from us and ask for really expensive items!

    My niece is graduating college next weekend. My brother asked me to go and ride along. Assuming we were going the night before, as the university is nearly 4 hours away...I said I would go! Now my sister is going and has an office party the night before, so,he isn't going to leave until the day of.....that means I will have to leave my house, travel 1 1/2 hours to meet them, then travel another 3 hours(At least) to the university for a 10:00 am graduation.....from there I don't know....long sorry short...I don't think's just WAY to much traveling for one day, and I work the next day!!!! I would have to leave my house @ 5:30 am to meet them at a meeting spot, that's just crazy!!! I'm backing out.....

    I didn't get my nutcrackers up today...hoping tomorrow and will,share.

    Hoping too to get a ride in tomorrow,too. It's cold, 20s, but I'll put on the snow pants and was too icy.

    Koolio my horses stocked up too when I kept them in during the first two,days of deer season.

    I have a call in tot the vet to hear her opinion on the senior feed. Talked to a guy at the local agway, and he said the triple crown senior feed is their best seller and named several people who use it. My thoughts are that when my pasture went south (basically non existent) at the end of summer is when Rainn started to loose her top line. I'm thinking she's just not getting what she needs. I really don't think she is sick. She has good teeth for 25, but her system is off as we know she has issues with her utter and skin....hence why I have a call into the vet. But I am thinking it might be a good call to try the senior feed.

    She actually is being used and ridden more now than summer bc we have the bute for her as well as she has her fur!! So much of the summer she was bald and itchy, so I couldn't ride her.

    Speaking weekend will be one year since she came to my house,. I just love that little quirky horse!! She makes me giggle everyday. Just the way she tilts her head and sneaks into the hay mile...she's a bugger.

    CCG, what. Did you say was cold for,you in you neck of the woods? My mom swears by the silk long under ware!! I'm hoping to get a pair for Christmas.

    Yes,the whole goat death is sad and my mom is blaming herself. Dierks best friend is still grieving....patsy is hardly eating, her tail is down, and she just looks so, so sad. it's amazing how these goats relate to each other. They are not stupid or heartless animals. Moms mentor came today to see things. He set her straight and told her what she is doing and feeding is fine!! His death is not her fault!! Amazing the different opinions out there in the goat and horse world....that is why I am going straight tot the many opinions from the internet can be overwhelming and not always right for,your situation or where you live. Ya know?

    Stan, I believe boys need a good role model as well....I also believe children need a strong mother figure!! Boys who do not have a strong mom in their lives, even at an early age....turn. I've seen many in the last three years who do not have a mom in the picture....and we have had nothing but issues with them.. It's sad.

    Ok, I've blabbed long enough. Talk soon!!
        12-07-2013, 11:38 PM

    We had a high of 26F today. It was 20 when I went out to the barn. The good news is my saddle fits perfectly! Bad news? It was cold and Rosie has not been ridden in too long! She was really full of herself. No pics! The rest of the day was spent helping DH split and stack wood. Not my favorite job, but it's so nice when we have all the wood we need to keep warm through the winter.

    On Wednesday I am going to a barn that does Therapeutic Riding. They need volunteers to exercise their therapy horses and help with the lessons. I am hoping to just ride this winter and when I am off during the summer I can help with lessons and do some counseling there. It will be nice to do some counseling that is not in a school setting.

    We don't have our tree up yet. DH put some lights up outside and they look really nice. So far, I have not caught the spirit. It seems to be coming way too fast. I missed out on Noel Night, which for me is always the jump start on the season. Hopefully church in the morning will help me get sorted out.
        12-08-2013, 01:08 AM
    Green Broke
    Rick and he is right about the move.

    I have spent the day driving through the pine forests looking for sign of pigs and goats. It seems the cullers went through just before they did the harvesting and that's because they cut and replant and the goats and pigs eat the top of the new tree killing it. So I need to look else where now but its a very larg area problem is its very steep and hard to walk.

    Spent a couple of minutes with Bugs no pressure on him just me walking around his paddock. At first he was asleep and it took a bit of whistling to get him to look up. He must of had a real late night last night. He walked up and followed me around stopping when I stopped and moving off with me. He seemed a little calmer.

    Any one heard from Alex and CW
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