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        12-20-2013, 07:17 PM
    DH up and walking!! Incredible after everything!!! I think he looks really good!! :)
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        12-20-2013, 07:22 PM
    Oh Koolio...I hear ya about kids and eating! I often have to talk to them how to EAT like well as limit them on the AMOUNT they eat!! Makes you wonder what happens at home!
        12-20-2013, 07:26 PM
    Nicker, he does look good. I think that I would be laying in bed complaining if I had just had surgery that major. I hope he continues to get better fast.

    Rick, I hope that your MIL is doing better.

    Stan, you hang in there.

    Koolio, the good thing about letting those kids have all those treats is that you got to send them home to their parents for the evening. What's a gallon of pepsi and 5 pounds of chocolate to a kid. (Just so you get to send him home.)

    It is hard to believe that this is the first time I have been out on a trail this month. Between having to work all weekend, rain storms, and daughter having issues, horses have taken a back seat to other things in life. DH and I rode for 2.0 miles. I wish we had started early enough to get in a longer ride, but it was nice to get out for a few minutes. The horses were pretty good. They were a bit jiggy on the way back; most likely it was because they haven’t been ridden and we didn't ride them long enough to even get them warmed up good.

    It was in the middle 60's today. It is hard to beat weather like that for sure.
        12-20-2013, 09:25 PM
    Celeste I'm working at it. Time will tell but it is hard getting back to where it was all working well. Its a battle of wills going on and I don't feel like giving in again. I know I joke about having some quite time but generally I give in after a few days. Not this time its sorted, or its really sorted.

    On a another note. Nickers, I did not have to go through the surgery your husband has but was on my last day according to the specialist so I imagine have gone through some of the thoughts he may be experiencing. I say he and that is not to minimise your feelings because even though you are together the thoughts and worries my be the same but from a different perspective. When I came home from the hospital I had to test out the equipment. Heavens knows why, but I did. we survived, then I started doing things around the place just tiding up (I need to do it again) Throught this time Roslyn and I did not get to share what I was thinking as she also got sick and was almost bedridden. She has some issue with her inner ear and could not move around without getting bad vertigo and the vomiting that goes with it. It also lasted months. She was worse than me.

    We got through that, back to why I have responded is this. Some of he thought I had to deal with and a fear was sleeping. I was scared in case I did not wake up. Its a feeling and thought that your husband may also be thinking about, but he may not tell you. In NZ they offer to heart attack/surgery survivers a psychologist to talk to so one can get the crap out, and avoids making rash decisions. He is going to come back in his fitness and mental attitude, and will be better for it. No decisions for at least three months. I did not want to burden Roslyn so kept a lot of thoughts and feelings to myself. But I did share with Stella.

    Now if you want to come down to the bottom of the world for a holiday we will make room for you. Ill put the cats out, get the possom out of the roof space in the sleep out, throw some clean sheets on the bed and there you have it. There is a 60 mile long beach just down the road, Its a west coast beach so its rough, or a swim in the Kai Iwi lakes. A forest to walk through, and no preditors to worry about. Quite living Only one horse Bugs but I'm sure if we put the word out we would find some. I can think of three that are not getting any exercise at present.

    Google earth 928 Omamari Road, Dargaville, nz and ill run out side and wave. And for those with a little intent in their minds I have a sign on the gate. Trespassers will be shot, survivers will be shot again.
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        12-20-2013, 09:35 PM
    Ok Stan. There is a problem. I can't find your house.

    928 Omamari Road, Dargaville, nz

    I found your town. Is the address wrong?
        12-20-2013, 09:44 PM
    It rained all day today. On the bright side, I got all my Christmas Shopping done. I still not really in the spirit. Today was my first day of vacation. I still have not decorated. I have a naked tree in my living room. Not sure what's up with that.

    Tomorrow is horse therapy day! I'll get to help the riders out and probably get some time in the saddle with my favorite Fjord and a big ole quarter horse. Sounds like heaven right now.

    I also agreed to feed my friends horses this weekend. Not happy about that, it's going to be rainy and sloppy and her horses can sometimes be pushy. It's only 2 days though, so I think I can handle it LOL. Hmm let's see what else I can cram into my weekend
        12-20-2013, 11:00 PM
    Originally Posted by Celeste    
    Ok Stan. There is a problem. I can't find your house.

    928 Omamari Road, Dargaville, nz

    I found your town. Is the address wrong?

    Try 928 0mamary Road, Omamari 0373

    I just googled it and if you zoom in the two dark shades in the front paddock by the road is the horses. The smaller one is me sitting in a chair having a beer and if you are wondering how I managed to get into the padock and work the net as well. I am a man of many talents. But I can't spell. Had to go back and do a fix up.
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        12-21-2013, 02:42 AM
    Nicker, am so relieved your husband is ok & onto recovery...

    Up late, reading posts (worked 3p-11p today, should be in bed, but going soon). Everyone has such big somethings' going on, I just wish everyone well, & that all have a peaceful; pretty Christmas.

    HappyPlace, I'm sure you'll get some decorations up, I'm prob'ly the only one that won't..'tho MIGHT get out my tiny tabletop tree for the dining room table this Sunday (always working on holidays has put me adrift on mainstream, have done less year by year). Ah, but tonite I scarfed from the old maintenance storage a narrow-ish 2' tree in a base w/white lights that wasn't used elsewhere this year, & stuck it in our Community Response office...nice touch for residents to come in to, & a little gesture for the 3 of us that have to work the 3 solo shifts Christmas Eve & Christmas Day (I'll only be NOT solo on Thursday, so fingers crossed no huge ERs or really busy all week next week). I'm taking my last vacation day of the year Sat the 28th, which leaves my partner Eddie solo...but he gets Christmas Eve & Christmas, as those are his days off). But I have my best Christmas present already, & have been judiciously mink-oiling the leather to get it supple & soft!!

    One more day to this week, & not solo @ all. Have a big to-do list for Sunday. HorseMonday is supposed to be cold, & 40% chance of snow Sunday evening, so hope I can get out to Janice's...I want to watch the farrier work, after mucking.

    Nicker, you get some rest, w/your DH, & chase away any & all that interferes.

    Nite all.
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        12-21-2013, 05:52 AM
    Green Broke
    Just saying Hi to all. Up way too early. Dh got the bumper on, license plate attached & the light on it. I'm very pleased. It's tag month is February, so that is when I will put it back on the road. I put a leather conditioner on the front seats about a month ago, the back sets have not seen much use. We didn't get our predicted rain, but sure had a Cold wind. I'll get my hot coffee to sip and ease into this day.

    NM-a warm vacation sounds like a wonderful idea-has the DR okayed travel?

    tj-it is hard to get decorations done while having to keep on a work schedule. DH does the decorating here-he loves Christmas & loves extravagant gifts, but that's not my style at all. I'm into practical gifts. But, we manage to get along. We just got a kit to put LED lights on the trailer he's working on to haul in our water. The next expense will be the wood flooring for it & the tie-downs. Once it's done I can also use it to get my hay-woo-hoo!

    Rick-hope you can get some saddle time soon.

    Koolio-I've lost some hearing, but I've adjusted, and probably won't go the aid route unless it gets much worse. My sister uses them, & it does seem to help somewhat.

    Stan-When Dh had his injury (4 years ago)we were thrown into the 24/7 togetherness, although I did work up until we moved. It is a whole different ballgame, but we have learned ways to give each other space. He still wants a garage, w/power to it,& other very expensive toys, but he does understand that I Need My Horses! And I have my Lady Cave/sewing room at the far end of the house that I can retreat to & in good weather I can be out at the tack shed cleaning/re-arranging my "stuff". Being out in the "boonies" we do have to depend on each other much more than before.
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        12-21-2013, 07:42 AM
    Thanks Stan! Give us a few months and we will be down!!

    CCG, As of now DH will be off work until at least March. he works in PT, so he does a tremendous amount of lifting....none of that for a while!!

    I think he will go stir crazy after a while. Thank gosh in have the barn to retreat to!! Hahahaha

    Stan, I never thought about being afraid to fall asleep!! Thanks for sharing. I know prior to the surgery I often woke up to check if he was breathing, and I would call home to see if he would pick up....

    I've never been one to take life for when I was 23 I was in a very bad motorcycle accident where we hit another vehicle. I was thrown 150 feet, broke my leg and shattered my hip. (Basically sheared it off at the joint). Although I only broke my leg, I probably should be dead. There was a huge gouge out of my helmet right at the base of my head. I always say my Aunt Betty had a hand in keeping me safe, she died two weeks prior to the accident. That being said....I often took DHs life for it is easy to do. This is where I will change my thinking. I know from discussions HE will enjoy the little things more now....ya know, not sweat the small stuff....cause really, most of it IS!!!

    A couple colleagues and I were joking how it's amazing how life at school DOES go on without us. Family comes first.

    I also think this whole situation has made my mom think deep about her relationship....hence why she didn't want to go home....I'm sad for her.

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one without decorations! Only the tree. Will try to get a nativity scene up at least...

    Hey's your longest day today! Lol. It's JUST getting light here @ 7:30. It's rainy and very dreary. I don't want to crawl out of bed. My phone says it's 52*, and it's to get warmer. By Monday.....back to freezing.. Hoping for a white Christmas!

    Can't wait to see the horseys...but NOT looking forward to mess! Nobody cleaned the stalls....apparently just threw in more sawdust.... Ugh.... Hard to find good help these day! Hahaha

    Well, better get started here...not sure where to start....but better get up.

    Have a wonderful day all. Hope ya all get some saddle time in.

    Talk soon.
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