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post #14931 of 29437 Old 01-21-2014, 05:59 AM
Green Broke
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Morning all!

Got my new feed yesterday!! Little things make me happy.. Will,slowly start transitioning into jays food. He seems to like what he got last night....he licked and licked the pan.

A bitter cold snap is on it's way. HP, what you're getting is coming out way. I'll have to blanket tonight.

Got up 1/2 hour early so I could read for my book club. Amazing how that gives me so much extra time

That being said....gotta go read!

Oh, btw, remember I was looking for a project? I was asked yesterday to take a field student. Bonus! I get a tiny I can buy that beautiful blanket I wanted for Jay!!

Have a good day!
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The beat of my heart will always resemble the cadence of my horse.
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post #14932 of 29437 Old 01-21-2014, 07:28 AM
Green Broke
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Hello Alex, It is great to see you pop in here.

I got some interesting news yesterday too. Had the farrier come out and I finally got to meet her. Turns out she knows all three of m horses pretty good and enlightened me on two of them of what I was misled on.

I was told Trusty was 8 years old when I got him, but she said he was 8 when the person I got him from got him and she had him atleast 3 years before I got him. She also told me that he had a rough life with them as in rode hard and put up wet. So apparently he is around 12-13 years old. She said he is looking 100% better than she had seen him after the first year the last owner had him. We talked about his sand cracks that I have been fighting forever and she said it will take a year to rebuild his entire foot now that he is on better feed and a regular trimming. So we should be about 6 months into. She agreed that his leg is healed enough to start coming back into work slowly, so I was very excited about that.

Doc, well I was told he was early to mid 20s and a hard keeper. She told me she is pretty sure he is considerably older than that IF it is the same horse she thinks he is. Looking at his mouth had her pretty convinced he is. He had a deformation in the mouth when he was younger from an infection and Doc showed the same signs she remembered. She said if he is the same horse then he is closer to 35. She gave me the name of a rescue that had him and another horse from the same owner that were dropped off when they(owners) separated and neither wanted them.

I'm now changing my tactics to get and keep weight on him as well as adding the benefit to Trusty for his hoof health as he is the only one who shows consistent signs of hoof issues.

She said Little Man looks magnificent and always has other than a little weight loss before I got him. My ex SIL got to where he couldn't afford to feed or care for him, hence him given to me. His age is pretty accurate at 10 this year.

In other news, I was approached about assisting the teacher with the teen group at church on Wednesday nights in their new study. They think I was good with the kids when I temp'd a few SS classes awhile back and are hoping to get me back involved with the teens like I was with the quizzing competition. I'm praying hard about it to see if the time is going to be there for it and be productive for the kids.

Hope all got horse time yesterday and will get more through the week.

I am Second
Born Once, Die Twice. Born Twice, Die Once.
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post #14933 of 29437 Old 01-21-2014, 09:08 AM
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Good morning! Just a quick hello before heading off to work. It's been a crazy week with teaching the prep course. I taught last night and again tonight as well. I'm going to need the weekend to recover.

Yesterday was a long, crazy, 14 hour day with no breaks. At work early, no preps, students all through lunch hour, parent meeting and supervision after school followed by three hours of teaching and two and a half hours of getting some work done to be ready for today. Whew!! Today looks to be a repeat as I lose my prep time to supervise an English Language Arts Mid-term exam. I am also just starting new units in 3 courses later this week, so I have two months worth of prep to finish for each course. While I have really enjoyed teaching the prep course, I will be glad to get through all this and enjoy some horse time.

The weather here is nuts. Up and down like crazy which means it has melted everything on the roads and foot paths but refrozen into a polished skating rink. Walking anywhere is brutal. Tomorrow it is supposed to dip down to -16 and then above freezing again on the weekend. I wish it would just make up its mind and either melt completely, or be cold and snowy. I kind of miss fresh snow...

I hope everyone has an awesome day!
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post #14934 of 29437 Old 01-21-2014, 09:24 AM
Green Broke
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Rick-pretty good news about your horses-nice to know someone that can give you some history. Kids nowadays need all the positive guidance they can get, but I know you wanted more "horse" time also-hard choices.

AlexS-so glad you stopped in-hope things are OK w/you!

TJ-I have a heating pad that can be tied on-that really helps! I was in my Aussie saddle yesterday-so felt very secure although I know I didn't have it tight-& when I dismounted it came half way down her rib cage-my friends' jaw dropped at that, but I told her since I ride on balance, I was OK w/it. I think, in the future, though I will lunge her a bit before I go out, she was so fresh. I think that will be a training session, though, as I doubt she's been lunged before in her life-LOL!

On a brighter note, I was able to use my new nippers on a "horn" that was coming out the back of her frog after our ride. Previously it was very hard to handle her feet at all, so we are making progress.

I got a call on my "rain check" item @ TSC-a 3-tiered saddle rack-it was on sale for $50 & I just happen to have 3 saddles laying around w/out a "home" 2 Western & my English-can't wait to get them off the floor. Yayy!

So, I guess I'll be going to town again. I have lots to do to get ready for our little trip to CA-starting to feel a crunch here. At least I have the critter care all taken care of- just have to get the keys to the care takers! But, it's my neighbors so I'll get that done today.
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post #14935 of 29437 Old 01-21-2014, 10:14 AM
Green Broke
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I don't mind giving up some of my horse time to help guide the kids closer to Christ. I'm just not sure if I have the free time with working on the house, tending to the horses and working til 5pm. That doesn't leave much time for anything else right now on Wednesday. I will be getting up at 5am and not seeing the pillow again until some time after 10pm. Now once the time changes and the evenings are longer then I could make up the time in the evening on the other days by adding more work on them. It's hard for me to pass up working with the teens as they are so much fun to be around. Our teens are going to Nashville in March for TNT which is the annual teen competition for everything from bible quizzing to essays, poems, music and singing as well as sports like volleyball, baseball and tennis. This will be the first time in 6 years that I will be able to take off and go. I am very excited about that trip.

I am Second
Born Once, Die Twice. Born Twice, Die Once.
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post #14936 of 29437 Old 01-21-2014, 10:55 AM
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When I was a kid, my horse kept me out of a lot of trouble. "I can't go to the bar and get drunk and pick up guys. I have to ride my horse." "No, I'm not going to be able go on your dope smoking camping trip that has both male and female college students. I have to take care of my horse." etc.

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post #14937 of 29437 Old 01-21-2014, 11:00 AM
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I was the same kind of kid Celeste. No time for shananagans when there were horses to tend too......besides...b/c of them, I didn't have a desire to do crazy things. I was way to into competing, and that meant PRACTICE!! I rode steady from Feb. To Oct. Then came winter sports!
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The beat of my heart will always resemble the cadence of my horse.
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post #14938 of 29437 Old 01-21-2014, 07:17 PM
Green Broke
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Been reading everyone's posts from this morning....

Good to see you, Alex, you've been missed.

HP, pretty girls! I sure hope your knee recovers.

Celeste, when I was young, I had no horse to keep me out of trouble, but loved them anyway. Now...just trying to find my way with them, as for me, it's what counts.

Love to all, later.

PS Stan: hope the venison rendering went well. I had a friend for several years that gave me elk hamburger after his hunts. Loved it. Have never had venison, but imagine it's similar.

Nicker, good on the stipend! Uh, you got something more to do for it....!! (Happy Jay-Jay likes his new food, hope that works out well!)

Which brings me to teachers & brings me to Tracey. Good grief, how do you guys DO this? On top of your education load, you (& others) have the weirdo weather, & horses (& family members) to take care of...geez loo-eez.

Rick: that farrier sounds awesome. Trust you'll find your right way to balance all you need & want to do.
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Onward & Upward, I'm Not Done Yet...
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post #14939 of 29437 Old 01-22-2014, 05:38 AM
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Morning all!

Two hour delay here....arctic blast has descended upon us. Currently -5*F. COLD!!

Got up early to finish reading for the book club this afternoon. I am such a morning person.

Horses were so spunky last night. It's gotta be the cold...but I wonder why the cold does that to them. Rainn especially was a stinker.....TWICE I was coming and going, she shot out of her stall and took off into the field. then she would trot back in for a bite of hay. The last time ii had to go get her and herd her back in. ( I was ready to leave for the night). Crazy girl.

Well today is kinda my Thursday. Friday is an inservice, one which we got to,ourselves!!!! Yippee! That me as no meeting, etc. it's the end of the sememeter, so grades are due etc, but I think I'm about done, so I plan on cleaning and organizing!!! I have stacks of stuff everywhere!! it's a mess...and things have fallen off the wall.....I'll never get everything done,

Ok, happy hump day everyone!!
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The beat of my heart will always resemble the cadence of my horse.
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post #14940 of 29437 Old 01-22-2014, 07:20 AM
Green Broke
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Today is payday,,,well at midnight the direct deposit goes in. Lol

Tj, Have you missed any Mondays since your last lesson? I remember you said you do two Mondays of scooping then a lesson. Do you still have to scoop on the 3rd Monday which should be a lesson? I have to agree that if you still have to scoop poop on lesson day then it should be after the lesson to go towards the next lesson. If you lesson every other week it should still work out that way. Lesson then scoop then next Monday scoop, that is still two scoops to one lesson.

We went by the feed store last evening and I am keeping Doc on the Nutrena Safe Choice Senior while adding Ultra Bloom to it and his MSM. Little Man and Trusty are being moved up from Nutrena Stock and Stable mixed with senior to Nutrena Safe Choice Original then add Ultra Bloom to Trusty's as he still needs a little weight on. I have just enough S&S to transition them over to the Original without being a shock to the system. I've had several people tell me they have had great results with theirs on this set up so I'm giving it a try.

Mn17, hope the cold doesn't mess up anything up there as we had a cold front hit us again. It is 28* with a wcf of 19* this morning and suppose to be about the same off and on through the weekend.

Ccg, I'm glad those clippers worked so well on the horn. It's great having the right tools on hand isn't it? I keep telling myself I need to build a saddle tree for all my saddles and get mine off the shed floor, but I also need to get the broken deep freezer chest washed out and moved in there too so we can store more horse feed. I want to get to the point of buying horse feed once a month. I can keep the bags in the deep freezer until such time as to dump it in the pickle barrels.

I got into my trouble in between the time of spending summers at my great aunt and uncle's farm in south Ga. And when my first kid was born. No jail time to speak of, but had my share of run ins with the law....when they were able to follow me through the muddy fields or keep up on the back roads I knew like the back of my hand. Back then we got a stiff scoulding and taken home to get grounded and whooped. Now the kids are so punishment free that they push the envelope to the point of jail because of society saying it's cruelty to kids. I am thankful for every whelp that ever made it to my hinny as it taught me the value of right and wrong and respect for other's property/space. I worked off the price of several things I damaged in my younger days and I tell you the people I worked off the repairs for thought I was a great kid after it even though the reason I was there was because I busted up their fence or something.

They respected the honor of the act more than despising the wrongful act as they knew kids will be kids, but taking responsibility for those kid actions was where the honor came in. I found haven in most of those places when I got bored with everything else. The stories they told were true gold to hear.
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Born Once, Die Twice. Born Twice, Die Once.
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