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  • C.c. The wonderful Corgi What did Tim McGraw say about this?

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    06-13-2014, 06:45 PM
Maryland Rider

Happy belated birthday. You're just a spring chick. Take it from a spunky 63 yo country gal, each year just makes you a little wiser and a lot better. Just don't pay any attention to those little aches and pains. They're nothing, just your imagination.
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    06-13-2014, 08:24 PM
Green Broke
MR, a very happy belated birthday to you as well!!

Sue, your house/property/horses are just beautiful!! I love it. You've almost crossed the finish line, and job well done :)

Corgi, Yay you! Phone interview just when you need it!!

Eole, lovely rock garden, and glad you find your Subie as useful in blizzards as I do!

Koolio, we had a high of 55 degrees Fahrenheit today, and will drop to 39 tonight- very curious if you're experiencing such a temp drop also? No complaints here, by the way, as I prefer cool temps-anything above 75 is getting too warm for me! Haha Very glad to hear Cheeky Pony is recovered, and what a nice surprise to have your daughter drop in! We love those visits from DS's as well :)

Freida!! Please give an update/photos when you have the time! So awesome to hear (by Aussie Proxy, haha) of your horse!! Congratulations :)

Tj, God is in the miracle business! Simply that. You'll see :)

HP, Two thumbs down on some of your co-workers, and shame on them. You'll rise above it, I have no doubt. It will soon be a passing memory as you continue on with your good, wonderful and fulfilled life! Best of luck :)
    06-13-2014, 08:33 PM
Green Broke
No new horse photos to share today, but did hand walk each quite a way the past 2 days- I love walking with my mares and enjoying the quiet forest around us!
One photo I do have from today- took a quick shot of the tree swallow hatchlings... the mother was inside, and the babies have the beginnings of down. Hard to imagine they'll soon have the beautiful blue iridescent plumage of their parents :)

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    06-13-2014, 09:33 PM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by ellen hays    
SueC You may have lost one ability (speaking), but you gained another by taking on a very different challenge (house). I know you have heard the saying, "When one door closes, another door is opened". What you accomplished was phenomenal. I'll bet seeing that beautiful home in that latest picture gave you a real feeling of accomplishment. A very lovely home too! It seems to me that you are not intimidated by unexpected adversities. On the contrary, it just makes you more determined. I really admire you for that!
Well, thank you; I think that's how it is on the outside of my life, but inside of course it's not always brave or courageous, in fact I think often it's quite the opposite. My mind says, "I'm not taking this lying down, what are my options, OK, let's go for something worthwhile," and I do, but then I have to fight all the usual demons day to day, in the actual execution of a project. It always looks so much more neat and tidy from the outside. And the stupid thing is, it's pointless to worry about stuff, but we still do anyway.

I use to make a very good salary, but now my finances are very limited . It gives me a very insecure feeling. But, you are right, lack of faith would be a scary place to be while experiencing this vulnerable state. And in that department, I'm not even an endospore
Imagine God sending you a weekly greeting card with a little drawing inside: This week your faith is like an endospore. Oops, this week it's the size of a water molecule. Congratulations, this week it's the size of plant pollen. On the serious side, while faith is partially something we can offer to God in really adverse circumstances, and one of the few things we can actually give God compared to everything he gives to us, I also think in part faith is a gift, and I had the most of it at the outset of my relationship with God when the whole thing was just like a huge gift that was handed to me. And then ironically as you live longer you spend decades trying to see it like that again, at least if you're me, and you get all this endospore stuff. I do think it part it's the difference between just accepting something wonderful God has done for me, versus trying to be worthy of it or trying to make that happen myself, which is not how it works I think. I think we fall down when we try to create our own water instead of just drinking from his fountain.

Anyway Ellen, in terms of life circumstances you also are playing the cards that you have, and from what I can see are doing an admirable and inspirational job with them. You're in that house by the forest with the horse and chickens and garden and well because you chose to do that when under your circumstances you could have done something far less ambitious and more conventional. I really like that.

By the way, what is an endospore? I am going to guess (probably not right, but here goes) that it is the pollen of a plant ????? My elementary botany knowledge has failed me
Well you see, I had to choose my metaphor from microbiology instead of botany because all the botanical objects, pollen and the spores of plants like mosses included, were too large for my purposes. A bacterial endospore is like a little survival module for a bacterium like Clostridium or Bacillus, that it makes for itself when environmental conditions get so tough it couldn't survive otherwise. (No parallels intended here except size ) Size-wise, a pollen grain or plant spore is a jumbo jet compared to an endospore being like a toy helicopter.

To all: God bless you all in your individual journeys! We are plastering again, I'll get back to this thread when we're done. Have a great weekend all.
    06-13-2014, 09:46 PM
Green Broke
A big belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Maryland Rider!
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    06-13-2014, 10:41 PM
Originally Posted by corgi    
Koolio, sadly, changing my vacation really isn't an option. The condo has been reserved and paid for. We leave next Saturday and come back the following Friday. With the interview being scheduled for Tuesday, there really isn't a way to work around it. It is a 7 hour drive to the condo. Waiting to go down after the interview would only give us 2 nights at the condo. And going down before the interview and coming back for it would also only give us 2 nights. I just can't ruin everyone's vacation for a job that I may or may not get..especially when I am really not unhappy with my current job. This is the only week I can take off all summer.

I am going to keep the attitude of "what will be, will be" and if they are able to give me another time or a phone interview, then I am meant to have the job. If not, I am not.

Of course, yes, if they aren't willing to reschedule, I will always wonder what could have been. So basically, the whole thing stinks. :(
If the potential employer is that inflexible, I would not want to work for them anyway.

Hopefully the telephone interview will work out.
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    06-14-2014, 12:13 AM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by Happy Place    
It's my turn I guess. Work has been so stressful that I have developed a twitch in my eye! We have an unusual set up at our school that puts my pricipal is a sort of puppet position. The person who holds the strings is very unpredictable. This person has YELLED at me twice this week and in weeks before. How unprofessional is that? She yells when she feels threatened or that her reputation might be at risk. She is not an educator and has not worked in a school other than ours. She has ideas that just are not right. Others have told me that she may feel threatened by me because I do know what I am doing. I am just keeping my head low these days and doing the good job that I know I can do. My pricipal feels that he will be fired, I feel like I might as well. We are at will employees. Supposedly, on the 18th letters will get mailed out to let us know if we are invited back for next year. Nice huh?

I'm not going to dwell on it this weekend. It won't change anything. I'm going to a concert tonight to hear and old friend play with a Tim McGraw impersonator band. It will be fun and a good release. Saturday I will start a new job search. It's time to get a long lil doggie!
That woman sounds like our Chief...yuck (one doesn't dare disagree w/him, even when he's obviously wrong; that's...Yikes! "INSUBORDINATION!") Happy New Job Search, got you in my prayer bag. Hope the concert is a lot of welcome fun tonite!
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    06-14-2014, 12:28 AM
Green Broke
Yes, MR, Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry I've been so slow to say so.

I actually understood the endospore thing, & can totally relate to early years of having/feeling faith; it was when I got older & s..t beyond my control kept hitting the fan, I think I started feeling "picked on". Tried to understand that all was for my spiritual growth (& am sure it was & is...just getting a bit tired of struggle of guess...but Curahee! Right?!). I must be a hard nut to crack, but I DO believe that all is for my highest & best good. Just gets kinda weird sometimes.

2 oddish things today: when I got to work there was a crocheted door hanger thing in my mailbox, has a frog w/saying "Welcome to my pad!" I thought it kinda ironic. Chief said a very elderly lady came in to give it to me. He asked for her name, but she said "Oh, Terry knows me, I'm the one that crochets". Oops. Lots of ladies around work crochet, I have no idea. Would like to take the gift, 'tho, as a little sign that my "pad" is just around the corner (hope this lady comes up to me soon & asks "Did you like it?"; I'm sure I'll recognize her then, so that I can thank her.

2nd thing was I was doing my to-do list for Sunday, & was going to write "toss stuff" but wrote "toss stuck". Now, that's funny, as stuck is where I've felt for a long time! Reckon I'll toss "stuck" too!

I'll git'r'did.
    06-14-2014, 04:27 AM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by ellen hays    
Maryland Rider

Happy belated birthday. You're just a spring chick. Take it from a spunky 63 yo country gal, each year just makes you a little wiser and a lot better. Just don't pay any attention to those little aches and pains. They're nothing, just your imagination.

Little aches and pains, imagination. That's a new name for them, is there a pill for that. Now I know what the discomfort in my right hip is called Ill look for a different pill. But some thing I have found works is exercise the more I walk the less pain I have.
Happy birthday MR. With the breakfast before you ride out and the dinners at the rides I could be persuaded to move.

Played with Bugs again this afternoon kicking the ball at him. He is getting bored with it and not reacting the same. I will be riding him tomorrow in an arena while I get to know the new stuff he has learnt.

Cheers all
And good luck with employment interview and accommodation issues.
    06-14-2014, 08:36 AM
Morning all!!

MR, sorry to hear you can't go to camp. Can you ride around home at all, or do you board? BTW, happy belated BIRTHDAY!!!! :) Have a shot of Crown on me. ;)

Corgi, WOOHOO! Yippee, it was meant to least so you could get an interview. I think that says a tremendous amount if they are willing to do that for you. I don't know about where you live, but educational openings are hard to come by and we get hundreds of applicants for one job.

It seems when it rains it pours huh? DH came home last night and said they are planning on closing down one wing at the hospital! Many job losses and changes. He THINKS his position is OK, but one never knows.....and this, he kindly reminded why we haven't bought a $40,000 truck yet! See....I told you he was the financially intelligent one!! LOL

Grrr.....the dirtbags (sorry, but they are) who are renting next door and who were tossed in jail last weekend appear to be back, and they have their dang dog tied outside and barking

Had a nice day with the family yesterday. Went to my nieces salon to see my oldest sister, and there was the middle sister and her other daughter! A rarity that all of us were together.

Took oldest sis to the amish bulk store. Thought she was in the candy store! she was buying everything in sight! LOL

Went to see dad. He was a bit better today....until 'she' walked in. SHE would be his DW. She was in a mood where she will argue the sky is green even if it is obviously blue. I had to have a beer afterwards!

Sis and I had some private time with the nurse. She said his room needs to be more homey and he needs things in there that remind him of his past and family. Apparently DW has been told this numerous times, but fails to bring things. Many of his things have been sold off in previous 'yard sales' and from what I am understanidng, she is back to 'cleaning' out. When they moved from the family farm, we literally had to 'steal' old memorabilia when she wasn't looking b/c all she wanted was to sell everything for profit....hence why DH and I aren't currently living in the family farm.

Not sure what to believe in many of the conversations......but I've stayed out of it up until this point......but I may have to become the youngest daughter. Hahahaha

Anyway, on a positive note, the day is to be 72* and SUNNY. Perfect for riding. I received my tush I will try them out as well. (I got two different sizes, wasnt' sure which I would prefer. I will sent the other back.)

OH, here's a funny.....decided to give Rainn a little go yesterday...and on top of that...why not try bareback. Ummm, first, I couldn't swing my leg up there! I think I tore a few ligaments. Hahaha (in my defence, my right side is my operated side) So I found a mounting block and slid on. She just stood therej. I tried squeezing her....stood there. Long story short, she knew I am not confident in my seat (bareback) and she was a stubborn girl. So, not to be discourgaged, I saddled her up! We didnt even make it down the driveway without her tripping twice (big trips). So I hopped off and took her back. NOt going to risk her falling with me on top. I think from now on, Rainny will be my walking partner.

Well, I'm going to get moving here. DH works, so I have the day to myself. Need to continue my cleaning for our little picnic tomorrow.

Have a great day all. RIDE STRONG!

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