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    07-07-2014, 09:00 AM
Green Broke
Mornin' all!

Welcome back Roaddy, missed your sense of humor!

Stanley, I actually don't notice the saddle to have inched forward when I take it maybe he is just being a weenie.

Had a really nice ride yesterday. Since it seems he is getting bored with the typical roads, I rode further down another an explored it. (I always worry about dogs on new roads.) He did great! There are a couple trails I would like to venture on, but it's been rainy, so everything is mucky or the fields to get to the trails are so high with weeks, I can't see where we are going. I worry about ground hog holes.

I have to thank TJ, way back when she mentioned wearing biking shorts under her jeans. I pulled mine out yesterday, and wee little bit of extra padding did the trick! So until I get what I need, I will be double padding my bumm.

It is official. Mom and I are going saddle shopping tomorrow. It's to rain ALL day, so what a better way to spend it! There are 4 tack shops about 1 1/2 hours from here, so we are going to make a marathon of it! :)

Have my list of good and bad...i know once I start seeing all the saddles my mind will go into a tailspin and I'll forget. Stress!

Today is also to be a bit rainy. I hear the thunder already, so I'm staying in and redding this dump up! I hate cleaning, but I'm finally in the mood and won't waste a glorious sunny day.

CCG, HI! You sound good!

Eole, nice to hear from you again! Funny how little things are scary. On yesterday's ride, Jay sniffed a mailbox and as he did, I snickered.....well, just that little sound made him go LOL Yet, a truck and HUGE camper came barreling down the road (even though I motioned for them to slow...they didn't) he just took it in stride. I get more scared with large pieces of traffic then he does....I need to stop that!

TJ, I'll have to check that video out. Have a happy horse Monday!

Oh, btw, I was watching some video from that Stanley recommended...and Stan, Charlie did the videos, I feel like I already know him!.....their #1 rated saddle was the Fabtron Lady Saddle! Not what you would expect!

OK, off I go. Happy Monday everyone!
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    07-07-2014, 10:41 AM
Green Broke
Saddle shopping- I like that, especially on a rainy day-LOL!
The hospice has helped immensely & I really do feel good & no, I'm not on any high-flying drugs, either. I take a minimum of meds, but the breathing treatments (4 a day) make the biggest difference.

Glad so many of you are enjoying some vacations & love seeing your pictures.
Yay-Horse Monday-hope there is a treat for you, TJ!
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    07-07-2014, 10:56 AM
Roadyy - it looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Ghost caverns are spectacular! Glad to have you back.

TJ - is it horse Monday today?

HappyPlace - congrats on your horse Wednesdays! Do they start this week?

CCG - glad to hear you enjoyed your get together and that you are feeling fairly well.

Nicker - I hope your saddle shopping trip is successful! I think you mentioned something about this earlier in the thread, but do you have a template of Jays withers? My girlfriend took apart a coat hanger and shaped it to the contour of her horses withers when she went saddle shopping. The saddle guy then matched that up with some cardboard templates and with the saddle she bought. The fit was perfect when she got her saddle home. Also consider what kind of saddle blankets you use. I prefer a good fitting saddle and a light blanket, but my cowboy in laws use heavy wool blankets because they ride lots of miles and the saddle shifts a lot when roping cows. I don't know how much of a difference it makes, but worth a thought. Also, if you find a good saddle, is it possible for you to haul Jay in to have it fitted for him, or will the saddle shop come out for a fitting? Around here they will for sure. Even if it is an extra mileage charge, it is well worth it if you are investing in a good saddle. Here, shops will also let you take it home to try (with a deposit of course). When I bought my dressage saddle, I think I tried 3 or 4 before finding the ONE.
Jay sounds like Sam on the trails. He loves going to new and interesting placers and gets bored with the same place so I have to change it up regularly.
    07-07-2014, 02:28 PM
Koolio- great videos!

Rick- welcome back.

Ccg- so happy you are feeling well and are able to take care of things.

Everyone else...hello! :)

Just a quick note to say my final interview is tomorrow at 2:45pm. I am starting to get nervous. I went and bought a new suit. I haven't had a face to face interview in almost 10 years! Very excited to find a $288 Calvin Klein suit for under $50 at Burlington Coat Factory. Does anyone else have those stores near them? If you need a suit or a coat..that is the place to go!

I found out (i have my spies LOL) that the other finalist is a man from a county about 2 hours away from here. I guess it will all depend on the impression we make tomorrow. At this point I just want to know. I am tired of wondering where I am going to be next year. If I am going to stay here, there are some things I want to dive into but feel like I can't if I am going to uproot and leave in 2 weeks. I am very grateful that I have a job I enjoy and people that I like working with. So I will be thrilled if I get the new job but if not, I will be just fine.

Mom is waiting for insurance authorization to be moved to the inpatient rehab at the hospital. They have decided that sending her to a nursing home for rehab will be detrimental to her well being and feel she is a good candidate for shorter, more instensive rehab there are the hospital. This makes me very happy. The only nursing homes available are not ones I would want her to be in...even for a few weeks. Just wish the approval would go through. She keeps getting "in trouble" because she walks into her bathroom without anyone helping her. She has been having tummy troubles and can't wait for a nurse to respond to her call button so she just gets up and goes by herself. Yeah, my mom is a rebel! :)

I will end on a horsey note. I went out last afternoon to see Isabella. I opened her stall door and she just saunters out and gets to grazing. The BO let her 2 horses to graze under a huge shade tree and she and I sat there in chairs. Isabella had gone to the other side of the barn to graze so I called her name. Her head immediately came up..she threw a little buck and then ran over to where we were with the other 2 horses. Yes, my girl definitely knows her name.

Happy horse Monday everyone!
    07-07-2014, 05:19 PM
Green Broke
Pooh, I did a whole post, went to photos, & lost my post. Had replied to CCGirl and several others. So, forgive me.All, yes it's Horse Monday, & I did want to say since Eole is addicted to horse soaps, looking forward to Happy Place's on Wednesday. I'll try the pics again. One is of Spirit (my "surprise"), & the other is of Mimi, as promised for Tracey. Ladona! I had wished you much & temendous luck on the job!! Sure hope this doesn't get offed again. After the pics, back w/Horse Monday...

Pretty Mimi just for Tracey! And, got one of Spirit's ears forward, anyway. The other horses were being tacked up. She just doesn't like anyone in the herd yet.
    07-07-2014, 05:22 PM
Green Broke
Oh, Mimi is tied to the fence, because apparently she adores chewing the wooden tack posts. If that's her only "fault", that's pretty good! Back in a few..
    07-07-2014, 06:02 PM
Green Broke
Ok, HorseMonday it is (& am always prepared, taped up my funky ankle & bike shorts beneath the jeans [good plan, eh Nicker?!]). The 9 there had been mucked out on Saturday, so not so bad. Just very hot (when I left today, was 101 degrees, earlier was pretty okay). Then Janice pulled her "treat" (CCGirl! Love the word for it, outta the blue). Denise (Tuesday mucker) came for lessons w/her 2 daughters. Denise got Bailey, older girl Dennis, younger girl Mimi. Janice gave me, for a solo "just ride around & practice"..Spirit. So, me & Spirit (have never been on her before; she's a very confident horse w/"presence"; four mos ago Janice said she was too much horse for me, but she's since then gotten into her job. She's very careful w/beginners, loves experienced riders, & gets frustrated w/in-between, says Janice). Denise told me she has 2 walk commands: walk-on for regular & walk-out for the big stride. I stuck w/the first...

We were in 2nd round pen (since Spirit really seems to dislike other horses around her), bridle & bareback pad, after mounting in the 1st, when the other 3 came in. Janice said she wanted me to work on my balance, w/the bareback pad & just practice. Said Spirit's walk is alot more rocky than you've felt. Yup, it was, but..I liked it! Janice also said she does like to do what SHE wants to do & also will go for the weeds. She did, both. When she went HER direction, I did leg cues, concentrated on still hands & balance, & we did figure 8s. The weeds were abit harder, but did it.

Spirit was really good with me, she stopped when I became unbalanced. After almost an hour, in that heat, I needed to stop. Had lost concentration. Did a very awkward "dismount" that I wished Janice hadn't seen! Good thing I had no stirrups to hang me up & good thing I seem to have retained remarkable limberness at my age! Good grief, I did imagine doing the splits, would've hurt. Don't know how to explain that glitch, but not likely to do it again. Luckily, Spirit is a good girl, & was happily chowing down on a tumbleweed at the time (I've heard she likes her snacks to be crunchy..!)

It was very very hot by that time. I stayed on Spirit prob'ly 15 minutes longer than I should've, but just hadn't wanted to quit.

She untacked well, took her home, gave her cookes (only 2, & she wanted more. She's a Cookie Monster, will do a bended knee trick to get more. Didn't fall for it).

Got my gear. Denise & youngest daughter were done w/their lessons, oldest was just about to get 1st cantering lesson. Cool. Janice was all smiles, said I did really good on my own with Spirit.

I do believe, with these recent 2 spontaneous "on your own" things from Janice, she's taking me out of my comfort zone (her) & trying to build my confidence. Fingers crossed then. I'm lacking confidence in alot of other areas right now, but if...can do the horse thing, the rest will follow. I prayed, this morning, on my way out there, "just show me if this is what I should be doing, or if I'm just being delusional". Answer, I believe...there, with the horses, ON a horse I've never been on before, mucking itself, where I didn't have to think of all the "problems"....

I'm on a right path.

Happy HorseMonday everyone. So cool another "channel" will now be broadcasting HorseWednesday for your enjoyment!
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    07-07-2014, 06:32 PM
Western dressage

For those who have asked, Western Dressage is "using classical dressage concepts and principals to train the western horse and rider. The goal is to develop cadence, balance, relaxation and acceptance of the aids through the tired and true methods of classical dressage" (Western Dressage Univeristy). This is the definition I prefer the best.

I admit, I have no formal training in western dressage and am no expert, but Koolio and I have been working in classical dressage for a while, so at the show, I kind of improvised. Basically, I had to ride a dressage pattern illustrating movement, balance, flexibility, impulsive and relaxation at the western walk, jog and lope. So, I took the training pyramid of classical dressage and tried to apply it to the "western gaits" while keeping both harmony and impulsion. (I think Koolio's avoidance of the mucky arena helped me with impulsion quite a lot). Where it gets tricky is that a jog isn't merely a slow, lazy trot and a lope is much more than a slow canter. These are different gaits that should demonstrate a unique energy and balance. Koolio happens to be naturally pretty good at these gaits, mostly because of the way he is built.

While I enjoyed the experience of the Western Dresage class, I am still unclear what I think of it as a discipline. I've seen many different interpretations and applications of tack, some good and some bad. I don't believe riding two handed with a tight rein on a curb bit is humane or what western dressage is about. Likewise, it is not merely classical dressage done in a western saddle. As a discipline, I think it is good if it improves a riders relationship and partnership with their horse. I feel Western dressage is not as precise or disciplined as classical dressage or reining, and so I still prefer classical dressage, but it still has lots of potential in improving horsemanship for the recreational rider. JMHO.

I still have much more to learn about both classical dressage and western dressage. Regardless, my goal is to continue working on a better partnership with my horse so that both my horse and I respond softly to one another's cues and enjoy working together.

Philosophical rant over...
    07-07-2014, 07:04 PM
*peeks out from behind my tablet*

Okay, okay, I've been gone for over a year.

AND I'll admit that I only popped in last night to catch up on CCG's situation.

But after reading about 10 pages of posts just now.....

.... I MISS y'all!

Can I come back?
    07-07-2014, 07:49 PM
Green Broke
Quick, question, before I escape to my bedroom w/food, where the swamp cooler is: Spirit is a TW, MR has mentioned the gaits before. I have a feeling Janice is transitioning me toward Spirit, w/Bailey "in the wings" when I'm ready to canter.( I think anyway, Janice is full of surprises..)

Spirit's walk today was "rockin' the boat", which was fine. The next walk gait, I presume, is a much bigger stride on a "bigger boat". Would that be right?

That question done, do TWs "trot" or is it a different thing altogether?

Spirit really is a very nice horse. Have no doubt MR could fully appreciate her TW-ness.

'Nite everyone. It's early, but have to be up early (schedule changing, again), & it's way too hot in the living room, where the comp is.

(Texas gal, I guess I missed you a year ago, just joined up myself last May or so. Come on in.)
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