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        07-20-2014, 08:31 AM
    Good a.m. All

    Hope everyone is doing well. Having my coffee and trying to wake up. Thought I would wake up here at the keyboard talking to you guys.

    TexasGal I have been so glad to get back here after getting my internet back I haven't introduced myself to you. Glad your chiming in again. I know how it is to miss this bunch, but I don't think I could have stood it for 2 yrs like you. It's great that you are back. Stick around and tell us what is going on.

    Roaddy You got us good. But, you're committed to a labor of love. I know you won't be regretting your duties. I am looking forward to hear about your escapades with the young ones.

    TJ Robins everywhere huh. Hope everything is going well. I hope things have gotten back to normal and the stress of everything is not so bad. You know that I'm glad to be back so I can hear about your HorseMondays.

    Ladies Those recipes are awesome. There is something about the foods available in the summer months that's irresistible. I have finally gotten my fill of fresh veggies this summer. I am keeping the recipes posted so I can try em out. Thanx.

    NM Jay really looks good all decked out in his new gear. Yall are making an equestrian fashion statement. Hope the saddle that you chose is working out good. Happy riding

    NS You know that I'm a critter person, so you know I enjoyed hearing about the snake, spider and grouse sp?. We have an interesting snake here called the hognose snake. A couple of yrs ago I encountered a juvenile hognose snake. I was totally puzzled by the colors. Went to the trusty internet and found that this snake had orange markings when young. When I first encountered the snake, I noticed there was a toad frog stampede. They were fleeing the snake which I found out was one of the snake's favorite foods. The little snake fought like a tiger, but when he roled over on its back and played dead, I knew he was nonpoisoness. I studied him for about half a day then turned him back to terrorize the toad frogs. I really enjoy observing the indigenous species here. I have a pair of snakes in my barn, and have not seen any rats there for sometime. Yea!!

    Well yall, I'm running out of steam and memory, please forgive. Got 6 quarts of tomatoes yesterday and with the other 4 quarts, I'm ready for venison chilie this winter.

    Have a great day and be happy
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        07-20-2014, 08:40 AM
    Originally Posted by Eole    
    Welcome back Ellen! How's the garden? Jump right in. Reading all those pages would make me dizzy. I just read the 3 last pages and forgot half of it.

    Thanx for the welcome. Yes I am experiencing blurred vision and dizziness. But, I have enjoyed every moment of plowing thru the posts. The diverse adventures are great. Can't miss a thing!
        07-20-2014, 08:58 AM
    Originally Posted by Koolio    
    Ellen - glad to see you back! Looking forward to pics of your tomatoes. Mine are still green for another month yet, but they look good. I also planted carrots, green and purple beans, beets and green and yellow zucchini. We've been eating the zucchini for a week or so now but everything else needs the summer to mature. Next year I plan to double the size of my garden and add radishes, lettuce, more carrots (for the horses) and maybe some peppers. I'd did plant 9 lilac bushes down the side of my barn this week. Once they take off they should be beautiful.

    Thank you for the welcome.

    Isn't gardening great. I really enjoyed watching the different stages of the plants as they developed in my garden. My tomatoes did really good and yesterday I wrapped up canning them. Sounds like you went all out on different types of veggies. Don't you enjoy them as they mature and are ready to harvest. I was starving for good fresh veggies when mine came in. Funny, now I am all veggied out. Probably in a month yall will be saying "I don't want to see another veggie on my plate. Hard to believe, but I am going thru that now. I know having the food preserved will surely be nice this winter. I got 24 pts of fields peas and 10 qts of green beans. So all I will need this winter is cornbread. Yum Hope your garden is a success and am looking forward to hearing about its progress
        07-20-2014, 09:05 AM
    Originally Posted by ellen hays    
    Good a.m. All

    Hope everyone is doing well. Having my coffee and trying to wake up. Thought I would wake up here at the keyboard talking to you guys.

    TexasGal I have been so glad to get back here after getting my internet back I haven't introduced myself to you. Glad your chiming in again. I know how it is to miss this bunch, but I don't think I could have stood it for 2 yrs like you. It's great that you are back. Stick around and tell us what is going on.
    < respectfully snipped >
    Thanks for the welcome back, ellen.

    About 2 yrs ago I started the Texas Horse Friends thread and it really took off! About the same time I bought two young horses and got very busy with them. Something had to give and I found myself increasingly behind on this fast moving thread, so I dropped it.

    Almost a year ago, I got a new job, working from home and thought things would start to settle and I'd have more time ...not to be. Almost immediately I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the last 9 months or so have been pretty much out of my control. If not for my husband and Jesus, I don't know how I would have done it.

    I'm done with treatments, prognosis is excellent, cancer is gone. The Texas group is very active, but has primarily moved to facebook.

    I ran into CCgirl on another thread and came back here to read about what's been going on with her... and realized how much I missed this thread.

    So,here I am!

        07-20-2014, 01:55 PM
    Texasgal- so happy you are back with us amd that you are cancer free!

    Well, hubby got back in the saddle Friday night. We put him on Anna, the horse I used to lease at the farm. I knew Anna would be a drama free ride. She is an older QH. She is push button. I never bonded with her the year I leased her. She is a little robotic. She has been used as a lesson horse for the last 10 years so she doesn't react to much...even affection.

    The last thing hubby needs right now is to become emotionally involved with another horse. Maybe in a few months, but Scuffy and the tragic way he died is way too fresh in his mind. So, Anna is a perfect horse for him to ride.

    We were pleased to find out that his saddle fits Anna perfectly. We rode around the arena. Scuff was a TWH so it had been years since Jeff has posted a trot. It came back to him.

    The whole experiences was just kinda...blah. He did it because he "had" to. He wouldn't go out on the trail. Said he wasn't ready for that. I totally understand. I am proud of him for getting back in the saddle less than a week after Scuffy died.

    Riding together is "our thing". It is what we do together and he doesn't want to lose that. He can ride Anna whenever he wants to and there are a couple of other horses he can ride if he wishes. I think he will get there. The first time back on a horse, that is not his beloved Scuffers, was going to be the hardest and now that it is out of the way, maybe he can now begin to move forward.

    We will probably buy a horse..maybe over the winter, or next Spring. We just don't want to rush into anything. Thankful that I got that new job, because now I will be able to afford board for another one.

    This time last week, we were both so upset and in shock. Things are slowly getting better each day. Thank you again for all of your kind words and support.
    I have non horsey friends that have not even asked me how Jeff or I are doing. Times like these do show you who your true friends are.
        07-20-2014, 07:37 PM
    Originally Posted by NickerMaker71    
    i obvioulsly couldn't take pictures showing the hills and whatnot...I was hanging on!
    I understand this mess.
    I forfeit holding reins so I can hold the camera.
    Things happen so fast all I get are blurry pictures.

    Spent all weekend leaning of the sides of my horse plucking raspberries.
    The really dark red one's are always low and hard to reach from the saddle.
    Sometimes I wind up with a branch or stem full of thorns.
    The things we do.

    All back home and safe, I'll post some sort of recap later.

    Good Evening All !!!
        07-20-2014, 08:17 PM
    TexasGal, glad to "meet" you. I've been here almost a year. Going through cancer treatment is no walk in the park. Did you gain back your energy?

    NM, you're brave to ride in all weather and M seems to be the same. So, have you got a new saddle?

    Corgi, I don't think people without animals can really understand the loss and grieving from losing a beloved animal. With time, I'm sure your DH will have a place in his heart for another one. Could he ride Anna on a regular base with you?

    Ellen, I'm amazed at the abundance of your garden. But lots of work involved, must be a full time job to cook and preserve.

    My favorite salade this summer with fennel (the veggie, not the spice)
    Moroccan fennel salad
    Dice a fennel, a cucumber and 2 tomatoes
    A couple spring onions or crushed garlic
    A big bunch of chopped fresh coriander
    Juice and zest of half a lemon
    Olive oïl, salt and Pepper to taste
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        07-20-2014, 08:42 PM
    So, we (Alizé and I) did our ride today. Groomed, saddled, then hopped on the trailer easily (first time this season) 6 awful miles of bad dirt-gravel roads, winding and hilly. She was soaked on arrival, poor thing.
    Then, deer flies were worst than ever.
    We went anyway, flies were still bad, but bearable in the woods

    The guy who owns the land said "go straight at the top of the climb" and you'll reach the main official trail. Sure! There were MANY trails going all directions. Well, going straight got us at a nice lake, but a dead-end. 2 wrong turns before I hit the right trail. Didn't go as far as I wanted, but now I'll know where to go. Trails were very nice, some fallen trees, but nothing my lovely mare couldn't manage. A forest of mature sugar maples, long climbs ups and downs.

    Then, back at the trailer, she refused to go on. I took a while to convince her otherwise. Horses are very kind creatures to accept what we throw at them. I drive very carefully, but I can't do any better with our roads.
    Now, pictures!
    At the start
    At the lake
    On the trail
    Back at the trailer
    Attached Images
    File Type: jpg 2014-07-20 001 - Copie.JPG (84.1 KB, 37 views)
    File Type: jpg 2014-07-20 002 - Copie.JPG (72.5 KB, 36 views)
    File Type: jpg 2014-07-20 006.JPG (93.9 KB, 35 views)
    File Type: jpg 2014-07-20 007 - Copie.JPG (72.1 KB, 35 views)
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        07-20-2014, 08:44 PM
    Originally Posted by Eole    
    TexasGal, glad to "meet" you. I've been here almost a year. Going through cancer treatment is no walk in the park. Did you gain back your energy? < respectfully snipped >
    Eole, I'm not quite 3 weeks out from radiation, so, no. And certain days (like today) I'm really frustrated with that. I'll have a really good day and brilliantly over-do it, and then the next day I can barely do basic essential things. So frustrating, but I realize I'm probably trying to do too much too fast.

    I do manage to ride at least twice a week. Yesterday was hay day, and grocery day, and we had a really nice evening ride. Today I could hardly stay out of bed... *sigh*
        07-21-2014, 12:48 AM
    Green Broke
    TG, great to "meet" you and hope you recover quickly from your treatment. What you're going through with energy, my husband and I have a little bit here because of building burnout - 3 years at it with no holiday and scarcely a day a week off - and those not really as there are always essential chores... (on top of a major car crash and a vile robbery and job losses and other big stressors like that in the middle of everything). I'm not having a whinge because we are fortunate to be able to do a project like this one, just observing that even good, constructive things can batter your energy and personal resources. You're currently riding more than I am, and I feel guilty every time I see my lovely horse ready for adventure when I'm feeling like a floppy jellyfish. So twice a week after aggressive treatment like that, I think you're doing splendidly and I'll let you know when I've caught up to that!

    NM71 and Nathalie, I really enjoyed your trail stories and photos!

    Ellen, you asked about a recipe, I really just make a pizza base using crusty white bread premix, yeast, and full cream milk instead of water, everything else as directed on the packet. I put it in the breadmaker but don't let it bake, just knead and rise a little. One fist sized piece gets rolled out for one calzone and filled with whatever you want. If you don't have a breadmaker, you can heat the milk to lukewarm, add the yeast and enough flour to make a thick pancake batter consistency (use an egg whisk), then let it rise in a warm place - then use a wooden spoon to fold in more flour until you can hand knead it without making a sticky mess. Rise again a little, then use as above. Happy cooking. Those garden tomatoes of yours will marry happily with the mozzarella.

    Stan, get well soon; Roadyy, did you survive your babysitting?

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