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Originally Posted by eclipseranch View Post
how do you mix it & how often do you apply it. Here, it hasn't been approved for use on anything but plants...there is a lot of warning about it coming in contact with skin
You need the soap in it to keep the Neem from just floating on the water. You do need hand hot water. I can assure you that I have got it on my skin many times with no adverse effects and when I do the dogs the little ones get dunked right under the water.
Last time a couple of the terriers had been to ground and had messy eyes, I was going to treat them after their dunking but they had cleared.

Indian culture dating back 4000 years makes reference to using the leaves, fruit and bark of the Neem tree for reputedly easing a variety of human ailments. The earliest Sanskrit writings outline its uses, which have been revered by Ayurvedic and Unani practitioners. The time honoured title 'Villlage Pharmacy' has been earned by virtue of its amazing properties.
In 1922 a British archeologist discovered the 5000 year old Indus Valley site in North Western India (now Pakistan), where the Harappan civilization has been extensively studied. Clay pots were found containing medicinal herbs, most prominently Azadirachta indica or 'Neem'.
The early systems of use, though simple, have stood the test of time - and are still used today in many parts of rural India. Fresh leaves are often picked and stored along with grain, or under mattresses to repel insects. Wounds are bathed in water boiled with neem leaves (decoction). Twigs of the neem tree are used daily by about 600 million people as a 'natural' toothbrush . In tropical countries, it is common practice to take neem leaf with the diet, and to make a paste from the leaves to use as a poultice.

The beneficial properties of neem have led to its' inclusion in personal care products, such as soaps, shampoos and skin creams.
Neem has been heralded: 'An Ancient Cure for a Modern World'.
As we begin the 21st Century, Neem has been little known and under-utilised in Western culture. However, with bodies such as the National Research Council (USA) declaring Neem 'A tree for solving global problems' - the future seems optimistic.
Requirements in the West are more exacting and stringent in respect of quality control assurances, but this is achievable by using carefully sourced raw materials from reliable and ethical sources, and using state of the art manufacturing technology.

The Neem tree - Azadirachta indica - is an evergreen of the tropics and sub-tropics. It is native to India, but widely planted and naturalised throughout Asia, Africa and Australia. Trees have also been planted in the Caribbean and several Central American countries. It belongs to the family Meliaccae, and is a cousin of the Chinaberry. It may reach up to 15m tall under ideal conditions, and is reported to live for up to 200 years. It has a short straight furrowed trunk, dark brown or grey in colour, with dense rounded crowns of pinnate leaves. It can tolerate temperatures of up to 120 deg. C, and rainfall as little as 45cm. It must have well drained soil, and will respond well to organic fertilisers - although being hardy, it can still grow luxuriantly in marginal and leached soils, up to an elevation of 1500m. Flowering is between February and May, with profuse clusters of small white flowers having a very sweet jasmine or honey-like scent. The flowers provide a good source of nectar for bees. Following on from flowering, the fruit are green drupes, turning golden yellow on ripening, which occurs during June, July and August in India. The fruits are about 1.5 cm long, edible, and loved by African children. The tree will normally begin bearing fruit after 3 to 5 years, and produce about 50 Kg annually when mature. The kernels of these fruits yield about 45% neem oil. The bark yields tannin and amber hued gum, used as a dye in textiles as well as the traditional medicinal usage.
The Neem tree is related to mahogany, and is used locally for furniture and building purposes. The inherant properties of Neem make it resistant to termites.
In India, it has not tended to be a 'plantation' species, and is seen along the roadside and in gardens. Local tradition dictates that Neem trees should be planted near the home to ensure good health to those that live there.
There is reference to these policies in the ancient Hindu writings: 'Brihat Samhita'. Easy access to the tree facilitates provision of the many and varied uses of the fruits, seeds, leaves, bark, oil and roots. Generations of Indians privy to this knowledge consider protecting and planting the Neem tree a sacred duty, encouraged by religious sanction.
As the 21st. Century unfolds, we observe with excitement, the Neem tree (a living legend), realise its' full potential around the globe, within the realms of Medicine, Pest Management and Environmental Protection. Across Europe, sadly, progress is being hindered by the weight of regulatory legislation imposed upon us.

Plants are made up of thousands of chemicals, and Neem is no different in this respect. However, scientists are particularly interested in one family of chemicals particular to Neem, and responsible for its' amazing properties.
These are the 'tetranortriperpenoids' or more specifically 'liminoids' - similar to steroids.
About 40 of these chemicals act together, producing a 'synergistic' or 'enhanced' affect.
The most active and well studied of these is 'Azadirachtin'.
As scientists continue to fully unravel the mystery of Neem, they have discovered that although Neem terpenoids are present in almost all parts of the plant, the site, synthesis and accumulation of these chemicals occurs in the 'secretory cells'. These cells are most abundant in the seed kernels, from which the oil is harvested.

The following are the most abundant and well studied chemicals in the Neem Tree:
Nimbin - Nimbidin - Nimbidol - Gedunin - Sodium Nimbinate - Quercetin - Salannin - Azadirachtin. Extensive research has revealed the many & various beneficial properties they deliver.

The oil is also rich in long chain fatty acids. In addition to the active ingredients listed above, analysis reveals many other vital nutrients: fibre, carbohydrates, calcium, at least ten essential amino acids and also carotenoids - powerful antioxidants.

Neem and Health
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wow thanks for all the info..really just wanted to know how you mix
Found it on line. Sprayed everybody down & turned out. I am a believer, just walked thru the pasture ...out of 6 horses there was 1 single fly briefly on 1 of the horses. If it works that well in another 2 hours as the sun is setting & the horse fly army comes out..I will send the biggest hug across the ocean that you have ever seen and be your friend for life!!!
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Hi all!

Am just starting to cook a belated Father's day dinner for rib...can hardly wait!

Susan - loved to see Sophie learning her gaits, you look like you're having fun with her.
CW - good luck on the new home hunt, that gets stressful.
Hunter - saw Hunter's pic for the picture contest, of course I voted for him, little cutie with his hair do! Been meaning to ask how is Pepper doing now?
Fox - does Neem work for Mosquitoes? Am thinking I could spray my yard with it?

Kids are now out of school, though fun, makes riding impossible, and my visits with Kes very short. Had just enough time today to quickly groom her, clip her bridle path, and clean her stall before my 4 yr old had a meltdown and I had to leave. She hasn't been out in two days and the guilt is setting in. I can't ride until Thursday when I have a sitter, this is starting to stress me out. Am going to see if my trainer can long line her tomorrow for me, or at least get someone to lunge her...

My journal of my re-entry back to the horse world
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Thanks with Grace, had to put his Elvis pic in. Pepper is doing well, she is back to her old self. I understand the stresses of getting to see pony. Although my daughter now lives 3 hours away I still have hubby to look after and if I go to barn after work I don't get home til 7 or so. That's the only time I like when he is out of town. I can spend so much more time with Hunter. I did have a girl that would ride him but that fell through. Oh well just have to fit it in somewhere.
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Hunter - So glad Pepper is doing well! I'm thinking on days I can't ride, I will go back to the barn in the evening to get a ride in, or at least lunge or let her free in the indoor to run around. At least when we ride in the evenings right now, its still light out. The barn is spooky in the fall and winter in the dark.
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My journal of my re-entry back to the horse world
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Red face

Fox , you seriously are my favorite person in the world right now... I know I just met you but I am so stinkin' happy I can not even explain. Turn in at dusk has been total chaos because of horse flies.....tonight calm, orderly, no issues at all. I saw & heard horse flies buzzing around but not a single bitten horse! A serious huge hug to you

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Isn't it cool when mother nature can do what thousands of dollars of big pharma chemicals can't? This is great news....can't wait to try it on my garden!
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Originally Posted by Ladytrails View Post
Isn't it cool when mother nature can do what thousands of dollars of big pharma chemicals can't? This is great news....can't wait to try it on my garden!
isn't that the truth..Endure has cost me $150 this year already!

Horsepower: the extraordinary capacity of a horse to elevate the human spirit!

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Wow - I go camping for a week, and look at all that's happened!

Welcome to all our new members. You've found a great group here.

CW - Sorry your lease didn't work out, but maybe it's for the best. Sounds like a great idea to take riding lessons. I'd give my eye teeth for some riding lessons, even if I had to use Dancer, but there aren't any boarding facilities around here, and no one to give lessons. Lessons sound like all the fun and none of the responsibilities.

FoxHunter - please. Send some of that rain our way - we desparately need it! Then again, Oklahoma always needs rain this time of year.

Funny-ish story that took place on our camping trip:

We took hubby's dog, Dolly, and one of my pups, Tuffy when we went camping. Tuffy just turned a year old. We live in the country, so he had never been on a leash before, never ridden in a vehicle before (except the one time to go to the vet to get shots and "snipped."

Tuffy panicked when I put the leash on him, so it was a real struggle getting him into the old motorhome - especially since the generator was already running. Maybe that should have told me that taking Tuffy was a spectacularly bad idea?

Any who, we stopped for lunch at a tiny city park just outside of Wilburton, OK. We've stopped at that park many a time. Hubby opened the door, and Tuffy bolted out the door, dragging his leash behind him. He was TERRIFIED! He ran across the highway and off down the railroad tracks.

I took off after him, but I am old and fat, so there was no way I was going to catch my poor puppy. A lady in a car saw what was happening, and followed Tuffy in her car, so I could see where he was headed. I got to within a hundred yards or so, and saw a pit bull come running out from a driveway and grab Tuffy by the scruff of his neck and give him a shake. I could hear poor Tuffy screaming. He broke loose and took off again - right in front of the car belonging to the lady helping me keep track of him. Her car clipped him, and I'm not sure who screamed louder that time - the lady or Tuffy. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt, and I guess he saw me coming at about that same time, because he came flying back up the railroad tracks, right back to me.

I was so glad he came back - I was just sure I had lost him, because I had run/walked as far as I could in the sweltering heat.

It was funny, because after that, I couldn't get away from Tuffy - he walked calmly on the leash, right by my side. I could drop the leash, or leave it off altogether, and he still bumped into the back of my knees. Father in law said Tuffy has decided he is my dog/I am his person. If I left him in the motorhome with hubby while I went to take a shower, he howled until I got back. If I left him on the tie out while we ate a meal, he howled until I let him off so he could sit/lay beside me - or get in my lap. (Trust me, at 40 pounds, he is a LAP FULL!)

Just to see if he was sticking so close because he was in unfamiliar territory, this evening we went for a walk in the pasture. Sure enough, Tuffy stayed right beside me...sans leash.

This is my Tuffy puppy - also known as "Face Man."

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well looking for a suite still
And then lessons

Country Woman

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