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    08-24-2012, 03:40 AM
Well, I am up at 3:30 in the morning because I have been at the emergency vet with my dog, Wyatt. He is a 7 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Tonight, before bedtime, he started whining to go outside. Extremely rare thing for him. Most of the time we have to push him out the door. I let him out and he was in our fenced back yard for over an hour. When I let him back in, he started crying to go back out. I followed him out and noticed him peeing every 5 or 10 steps. And he was panting. I let him back in and went to bed. He started crying. I got back up and let him out again and noticed that he was peeing excessively...or appeared to be. The next time he started crying, I woke hubby up and told him I thought we needed to go to the emergency vet...that somethng was wrong. We put him out in our front yard where there are no trees or bushes and he still peed every few steps. I couldn't tell if anything was actually coming out or not.

I put him in the car and we took off for the overnight emergency vet.

They did xrays to see if he had kidney or bladder stones and couldn't see any.

They decided to treat him for a urinary tract infection, which male dogs rarely get, with antibiotics and sent us home. After I paid the $309 bill.

So, now we are home and he won't stop crying to go outside. It is breaking my heart. When I let him out, he runs frantically trying to pee on everything. We come back in and he cries to go back out. I can't just let him stay outside because I can tell he is frustrated and out of his mind with frustation when he is out there and he already has bad knees and he is hurting himself by running everywhere.

I gave him a doogie pain pill for his knees and it seems to be calming him down a bit. I also gave him his first antibiotic. Vet says if it is a UTI that we should see improvement after one dose. I sure hope so. This is killing me. I can't stand to see him like this.

I have already called in to work. Not going to make it in today. Need to stay home and see if he gets better. Otherwise I have to take him to his regular vet.

Those of you that have kids...i don't know how you do it. Hubby and I chose not to have children and it is probably a good thing because I have such a hard time handling when my dog and horsd gets sick or hurt...can't even imagine going through this with a child.

I believe delirium from lack of sleep is setting in....
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    08-24-2012, 04:28 AM
Green Broke


A couple of shots of Stella She had been left behind and was displaying her attitude.

Corgi Each and every one of us know how you feel about your dog. Being horse lovers most of us have a cat or dog floating around and running to the vet after normal hours is what we do best. Now some of us even found the time to fit in a kid or three.

I hope you get to the bottom of the problem without further vet input. I recieved the vet bill for Stella on Thursday, haven't had the courage to open it. Back to your dog look on the bright side the dog will come right by mid morning great excuse for a day off, and leaving time for a short ride.
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    08-24-2012, 06:34 AM
I am soo enjoying reading the stories of the over 40's. Cos yes, you guessed it, I'm over 40. In fact over 50 (just).. and having a ball riding our horses. I was thrown on a 16hh ish show jumper when I was 3 and have never looked back. Have done English, 1 day eventing, had breaks from horses for a few years, transferred to Western (cos I found out I couldn't stay in the suicide saddle to jump - kept falling off - oopps, hehe) and have not looked back. Between me and my hubby, we have 5 horses now. Got back into horses after a lengthy time away about 3 years ago. Hubby is closer to 60 than 50 and hadn't ridden for 25 years when I decided to go out and buy a horse (cos I missed them after having had 10 years off).. I bought Tom, a lovely Thoroughbred (17hh).. was trucked to us because it was too far to actually go see him in the flesh (but we had seen videos etc) I got on him, promptly got vertigo!! Darn it!! Horse 1 for my husband. Went to go look at another horse.. Shae - 16.2hh Irish Draught cross. 3 years old, previous owners had problems with his stubborn nature - bought him, cos hubby said he rode really well - got him home, I jumped on, and same thing - vertigo!! Good grief!!.. horse 2 for hubby. Hubby then contacted someone asking for a smaller, school master type horse - was told of one, got him on trial/bought him, and still have him - (yay!! Finally have a horse I can ride) and I now do barrel racing on him, keyhole racing, as well as reining/stock horse challenge and trekking.. he's awesome (see the pics in my horses and his name is Konnah). Since then we have seemed to be the big softies and fallen across some horses (basically give aways or the meat works for them).. firstly was Ziggy who needed 18 months paddock rest because of an injured tendon. Good news story on him was selling him back to a previous owner and happy every after story. Then came Bracken - my QH. He's a honey, but we ended up being given him because he kept bucking on his owner. He still does but alot less now. When we got him he could hardly walk, was full of worms, and was depressed. 18months on, and he's a character. His pic is also on here under my horses. I am doing full time showing with him for the 1st time this coming season. His grandfather is Hollywood Dun It. Next horse we got was Red. He was to replace our lovely Tom who we lost to colic in February this year. Red duly arrived (another horse sight unseen except for video) however all was not well with him. One week after getting him, we got the farrier out to re-shoe him. He ended up very badly lame - and not because of the shoeing. We contacted the previous owner - she agreed to refund his purchase price, advised us if we didn't want him he would be put down!!.. we still have him, and have worked quietly with him - is a work in progress still. Getting better by the day but it's slow progress. And lastly we also have a Standardbred who was due to go to the meat works. He is our most awesome pack horse.. and my hubby has just started training him to take a saddle..
Live is too short. I have spent alot of years thinking oh well, this or that can wait, I'll do it next year or the year after.. but all of a sudden alot of years have gone by and I still haven't done things.. so now is my time. I have started back showing - just into my second season this season, hopefully will take by the Appy and QH round our local circuit. I am not a hard out showing person. I only try and improve on my previous result. But the important thing is to HAVE SOME FUN. Along with our horses having fun. Like I say - life is too short.
So it's great to see others here are getting back into horses again.
You are never too old (providing life is treating you kindly health wise).
Keep it up people Yeeha!!
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    08-24-2012, 10:20 AM
Super Moderator

Re. New thread idea - there are so many threads already on the forum that cover most horse problems direct I'm not sure how a new one would work. Maybe if you have a question that's just about a horse issue you could highlight it in a colour. I like catching up on everyones news - we all do different things, have different aims and lives from different parts of the world
Corgi - Dogs can get kidney stones and as a sufferer myself they are very painful and also make you feel like you need to pee all the time - and that in itself is painful, plus the damage & infections they can cause as they pass. Hope it all eases off and your life can get back on track. These animals.
Stan - Of course we will take the rap for that joke Yeah right!!!
Emm - You need to restore your channel - Hokeys Country Kitchen. Please!! Hope the kiddos are enjoying school - especially the little one. Our resident fox is eating our tomatos - I'm sure he was raised as a pet then abandoned as he hasn't got a clue how to hunt.
Susan - So sorry for your loss. Thoughts are with you. Hope your little one is dealing with his problems.
Welcome to the newcomers. This is a more mellow place that's for sure
Hubby and son have spent some days making a park area for the trailer before the winter comes as where it is right now is where the snow plow piles up the 4 or 5 ft of snow we collect from December onwards. Yesterday they took down all the trees along the fence line that looked likely to come down under snow or freezing rain weight. I now have a good supply of logs to feed the fires. I was summoned to remove two horses who insisted on inspecting everything at very close quarters - chain saws are such scarey things - well obviously not as they seemed to think they should be given a go at using it.
Grace - Mares that get severe enough cramps to give colic symptoms often have cysts but as your one was impacted I'm thinking it was more of a dietary thing - does she always have water available and a high fibre diet?
We are using 'back on track' wraps on our Irish D mare who has had the tendon problems when she is stabled and SMB's when she goes out though this past few days she has gone out without them and so far so good. Not holding my breath though. If there is no heat or swelling I would also look at the possibility of her having an abcess in her foot or maybe just some bruising or that the problems is coming from higher up - maybe the stifle or even into her hip. I think I might be inclined to incurr the wrath of the husband and get the vet back out.
Hope you all have a good day or whatever it is where you are!!!
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    08-24-2012, 10:33 AM
Corgi - how is your dog doing today? I'm hoping the antibiotics are doing the trick. Give the little guy some extra hugs from us.
    08-24-2012, 11:41 AM
Thanks everyone! He started calming down around 4:00am. He no longer seems to be in pain and he is not crying to go outside anymore. Hubby says he went outside around 6:00am and just peed and came back in.

Maybe if it was a stone, he finally passed it and if it is a UTI, the first dose of antibiotics already started to work.

He is a little lethargic but hopefully that is just due to being tired...he missed his beauty sleep last night. We both did...I am quite frightful looking right now.

He is lying on the couch with me right now. He is dreaming because I can see his little legs moving like he is running every now and then. He is letting me cuddle him which he wouldn't do last night.

So Stan, hoping you are right! I would love for him to be back to his normal self by lunchtime. We have a trail ride planned this evening and if he continues to improve, looks like we will be able to ride! For now, I will just try to make the most of my unexpected day off from work, watch trashy daytime TV, and shower my furry son with love!
    08-24-2012, 12:00 PM
Green Broke
Corgi-hope your boy continues to improve quickly, & that you can go on that ride later. Enjoy your day off!

Stan-Hoping Stella continues to improve & that you have this problem solved so it doesn't keep recurring.

With Grace-Did you have leg x-rays done before you bought her? I hope you can get back to riding her soon. Does she relax when you are massaging her?

Lwh-enjoyed reading about your horse adventures. Did those taller horses make you feel dizzy just being on them. I try to keep my horses on the short side, so I can reach the stirrups!
I think our rains are done for awhile, now we are pulling/spraying weeds,filling in holes, & getting ready for what the next weather problem might be.
    08-24-2012, 12:33 PM
Hello everyone

Corgi: So glad your dog is doing better! Have a great day off

Stan: Stella is just beautiful, she must be so much fun to handle and ride

Grace: I'm so sorry to hear about Kes Did you get a full PPE done before you bought her? Does she get regular turnout? If yes, check her paddock and look for holes, tree stumps, or rocks where she can hurt herself. I'm sure it's just a minor setback, everything will right itself in no time you'll see! Here's something that I use after I give Sapphira a good workout : AbsorbineŽ Veterinary Liniment | Horse Muscle Care | Absorbine

I mix it with vinegar, warm water and sponge down her legs, back, buttocks and shoulders once a week. She get's VERY alert after I use this on her lol. For a regular fix, if she doesn't need the bath yet, but has been worked well, I pour some in my hands and run my hands down her legs fromher shoulder to the top of the hoof. Abit on her back, and the major muscles on her bum. Either she's a tough cookie or this stuff really works If nothing works there's always bubble wrap and lots of duct tape!!

Sapphira a.k.a Sassy is doing very well, I decided to do groundwork today and did some trotting poles at a walk, yielding the haunches, shoulders and general despooking. I can now put my lunge whip ANYWHERE on her body, from tail to nose and she doesn't flinch. When I make it whoosh she will look at it and then accept it as a "meh whatever" attitude lol!

I Love this filly to pieces, she has been putting her head under my arm lately when she's close to me, it just makes me go all "awwww" holds her muzzle to me for a kiss when I see her, she's just adorable. The only problem I have is cleaning her udder. She cowkicked...every.single.time...anyone know how to desensitize her to that, I don't want this to escalate to something worse, any help would be extremely appreciated!
    08-24-2012, 12:36 PM
[QUOTE=jaydee;1658313]Emm - You need to restore your channel - Hokeys Country Kitchen. Please!! Hope the kiddos are enjoying school - especially the little one. Our resident fox is eating our tomatos - I'm sure he was raised as a pet then abandoned as he hasn't got a clue how to hunt.

Lol, I may just have to do that. I've got maters and taters to can. (That's tomatoes and potatoes to those who don't speak southern )

Hubby managed to give away 3 bags of okra last night. (Thank goodness). After a while it starts coming out of your ears. I do need to put some more up in the freezer and pickle some. My oldest loves pickled okra and will eat a jar at a sitting. When he was a baby, my parents kept him for me while I worked and my Dad would buy Louisiana Pickled Okra and feed him all he would eat. The next day, his diaper would be chock full of okra seeds...and okra "snot". I know fiber is our friend, but that was a little much for a first time mom.

Hoping to get another short ride in today.

The boys are enjoying school, even the little one. His favorite part so far is the bus ride. Today they have a "critter" show in the gymnasium so he was very excited this morning and the twins (who are in 2nd grade) got to carry money for ice cream so they were happy. My oldest is going to technical school for precision machining and is enjoying that and the 2nd oldest has just started in the high school building and is loving the "freedom" and having a locker.

I have to say the first few days this week were tough on me. I missed my little one so bad I couldn't hardly stand it, but the peace and quiet is starting to grow on me. I start back to work from here at home next week and hope it goes well. Happy day to everyone!!!
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    08-24-2012, 12:45 PM
Cleaning udders & Picking "beans"

Originally Posted by Fahntasia    
Hello everyone

I Love this filly to pieces, she has been putting her head under my arm lately when she's close to me, it just makes me go all "awwww" holds her muzzle to me for a kiss when I see her, she's just adorable. The only problem I have is cleaning her udder. She cowkicked...every.single.time...anyone know how to desensitize her to that, I don't want this to escalate to something worse, any help would be extremely appreciated!
Gah!! I've never cleaned an udder. But....if you need help getting "beans" out, than I'm your gal. My thoughts would be to just get her used to being touched in that area and slowly work up to cleaning it. That's how I did with my gelding and removed (I kid you not) a bean the size of a quarter.

Here's a picture of my boys enormous bean. Bless his heart, don't you know it felt SO much better with that thing gone?!!?!?
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