Horse tethered up on a busy main road

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Horse tethered up on a busy main road

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    08-08-2012, 12:51 PM
Horse tethered up on a busy main road

On Facebook there's been some people making a point of a horse being tied up on a grassy bank on a busy main road. I mean busy. You would not even try walk across this road at the point it is tethered.
A person "looking after" this horse has claimed it's her friends horse, that tying them up like this is "the travelers way of life" and it's perfectly safe. Just as safe as a horse in a fenced field, in fact.
I told her it's not everyone else's fault that the horse's owner doesn't own any land to keep it on, and that it's making everyone's journeys potentially dangerous. You can't see this horse until you're right next to it because of trees and bushes, so you have no warning. I wouldn't like a horse spooking and running into my car when I'm driving at 70mph, would you?
She called me small minded.
Maybe I might be small minded for thinking that the "travelers" are a disgrace to this country, they do not pay anything towards the government whilst we are subjected to taxes, they go around seizing any piece of land that takes their fancy for a couple of weeks then leave, leaving their disgusting mess behind. If anyone tries to take a jog or even walk the dog wherever they have decided to live for the fortnight the travelers set their dogs on you.
And this woman thinks I'll be patient and respectful?
Give me a break.

I just wanted people's opinions.

Fire away!
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    08-08-2012, 01:10 PM
I've seen groups like this, living off the grid, begging for money, supplies, or rides, just traveling from city to city. Calling them "gypsies" is laughable because I have yet to see a healthy, self sufficient group. The groups I've seen are traveling panhandlers at best. To each their own though.

As for the horse being tethered on the side of the rode? What is it tethered to? I mean, if it's something solid, and the horse is trained, he might not be going any where any time soon. I won't complain if the horse is well taken care of. People do stupid stuff all the time, why would this time be any different? But if the horse is in bad shape, and tied to like a tire that it can drag with him? I'd call a rescue or animal control.
    08-08-2012, 01:43 PM
Super Moderator
A horse that is used to being tethered is perfectly happy being tied out, will not get in trouble, will not get tangled up and should be of no concern to anyone unless the land owner does not want them there.

The State might not want them tied out on their highway 'right-of-way', but that is not anyone else's concern, either.

Tethering out horses used to be real common. Not so much now. I went to a huge Field Trial last spring and the dog handlers had about 150 gaited horses at the trial. Most of those horses were staked out on 30 foot ropes with a little stake or pin in the center. I don't guess there were any problems with any of them. That was the most tethered horses I had seen in 30 years or more.

When I ran a pack string, all of my horses would either tether out by halter or picket by one front foot. Never had a problem with it either.

Just like tie stalls, horses can survive and thrive in a lot more circumstances that a lot of people think. More are killed nowadays by too much feed, getting too fat and getting too little exercise. JMHO
    08-08-2012, 01:55 PM
Where I live there is a major 4 lane highway and on the side of the road there are people that have a pony that is tethered in the yard. I have seen this lawnmower, as my kids and I have nicknamed him, grazing right up against the road in the ditch. Now would I keep my horses like this NO cause my horses would end up freaking out... but it works out great for the pony. He is put in the back yard every night so that he is not out by the road in the dark and the people have the best mowed lawn on the street. And he is fat and happy
    08-08-2012, 02:10 PM
Different culture than the US, which is why I can't understand why the UK puts up with all the nonsense from these people.

As far as the horse being tethered by the road, I agree with Cherie; if he's used to it, it's probably not something about which I'd be overly concerned.
    08-08-2012, 02:14 PM
Green Broke
Tethered horses everywhere around here ...............
    08-08-2012, 02:17 PM
I haven't seen anything like that.
    08-08-2012, 03:32 PM
Cherie, I think the difference is that Travellers tether their horses 24/7 when they are not in work. It's not just like being on a camping trip where the horses are tethered for the length of the trip.

To the OP, there is very little you can do as long as the horse is in good health and weight. The horse has probably been tethered close to busy roads all of its life and so I wouldn't worry too much about the safety of it.
    08-08-2012, 04:25 PM
Super Moderator
Oh no. I've known horses that lived on the end of a rope. Some were taken to water twice a day and others had a bucket. They looked perfectly healthy to me.
    08-08-2012, 05:01 PM
I remember my first trip into Dublin for a football match... we hit a part of Dublin called Blanchardstown and my husband kept trying to distract me. It was because there were horses tied up everywhere without a halter/headcollar and just a rope around their neck on the sides of very very busy roads. It's a common practice, and in general people seem to find it acceptable.

I don't like it.. at all, but that is the culture here and there isnt much I can do about it.

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