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How did you acquire your horse?

Post your stories on how you acquired your horse(s).

Labre- I had took riding lessons for 3 years before owning her. I begged my parents (not kidding) every day even before I started riding. My Aunt had two horses and got pregnant unfortunately with a baby who ended up being allergic to horses and hay. She had to sell them because her kids came first. I honestly didn't want either of the horses because Cody was 16+, huge, and we just didn't connect. And Labre was just a brat who didn't like people and no one had ridden her for a few years, she was just a pasture pet. My mother won the lottery and bought my brother a BRAND new racing 4-wheeler (needless to say he painted it and broke it a month later). And she asked me what I wanted, I told her a horse. I even pointed out the horse that I wanted desperately on the internet and it was a whopping $10,000 less then what my brothers 4-wheeler cost.

Two weeks later I came home to find my dad built a run-in, I bolted out of the car running as fast as I could to see what was going on. My dad said my mom bought me a horse and it was coming tomorrow. I was SOOO happy. Anyway, the next day a horse trailer pulls up and out comes Labre, I won't lie I was a bit disappointed but still happy. Labre has taught me more about who I am as a person and how to care for horses then I could ever have hoped for. I think about a year after owning her I had to stop riding her because of all the problems she had. Oh well, I can't complain atleast I got my first horse!.

Looking back I hated the way I acted when I found out they bought me Labre, I was selfish and needed to be slapped.
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Gunther- This might be a long story.

After having my horse Labre for awhile and not being able to ride my own horse I was a bit sad. I promised my parents that after I got Labre I wouldn't ask for another horse, and I didn't. We were at a family BBQ when my Uncle Pat was talking about how his horse just had two babies. One being a black and white paint and the other being a TINY chestnut QH. I was listening with interest and asked him a gazillion questions, after waring him out and talking to him for about 3 hours he told me he would drive me over so I could see both.

We got to his house and again I ran to the barn, looked at both of the babies and immediately got attached to the small chestnut. After playing with all the horses for the day I went home and my mom told me I could pick what horse I wanted out the the two!. We went back two weeks later and I of course picked out the chestnut. He was so small and we tried to put him into the trailer but he wasn't budging so my father seriously just picked him up and put him in there. We didn't think he would ever grow, look at him now!.

My uncle Pat and I always kept in touch and he ended up selling all his horses. He taught me alot about horse keeping and riding. Just last summer my Uncle Pat committed suicide and it was one of the hardest things I had to face my whole life. Now the only thing that this whole family has to remember him by is my horse, Gunther.

That is why he's very special to me.
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I am very sorry about your Uncle. I am happy though that you have a life time friend in Gunther. I wish you both the best.

As for me, I was looking for a horse for a while. I found Kojakk on Dreamhorse. His face is the first thing that attracted me, I went out to see him and fell in love. That was 5 yrs ago and Jakk and I are learning new things together. He is to be my forever horse.
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I got her about two years after I started riding all the time. Her owner at the time had put her in our pasture and just left her, letting us care for her. The guy owed us about two thousand dollars and after about another year, I started working with Gyps... She was very green and hated men... we fought a lot, but I kept at it. She'd now one of the best horses we own and she's taught me a lot, but back to my story... The guy owed us the money, and he wasn't paying, so my uncles had me calculate the feed, hay, boarding, shoeing, and vet costs that we'd spent on Gyps over the years and then went to her owner, telling him that he could either pay up the money he owed, plus interest, or just give us the horse. He ended up and gave Gypsie to me because we 'clicked' and he'd never been able to do much with her. Afterwards, he disappeared... because he'd done our family wrong in other dealings and my uncles were out for blood once they realized it. Lol.

My favorite uncle, who was more like a dad to me, wanted to see another baby horse running around in the pasture after his old horse finally died. He told me that he'd breed Gypsie for me and I could pick out the stud. He payed the stud fee and everything, and I guess legally, Dakota would have been his, but my uncle said that he bred Gypsie so I could get a baby horse from him on my sixteenth birthday. He even bought Dakota his first halter, and I still have it. My uncle is dead now. He died the day before Dakota's first birthday, but I'll never forget him or the fact that he gave me the biggest birthday present in my life. Even a car doesn't compare to what my uncle did for me. I miss him so much, but all I have to do is think about Dakota and I feel better, because if it weren't for my uncle, I'd probably have never gotten my boy and my boy's a great reminder as to how much my uncle loved me and considered me the daughter he never had.

Horseshoe Loop Farm: Home of Gypsie (22 y/o TWH mare), Dakota (10 y/o TWH gelding), Codie (18 y/o Walkaloosa gelding) & Harlow (9 y/o APHA mare)
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I began helping a guy who breeds fox trotters out with grooming and the like when I was fourteen, after having gone out to his place one January day to take pictures for a "themed portfolio" for a high school art class at the suggestion of my mother. Always having loved horses and wanting to get closer to them, I went out there and just stepped right in the middle of his herd (he was there, of course) and they flocked to me. He was surprised because his herd doesn't typically react well to "strangers" (which I guess I was, considering the last time I'd seen his horses was when I was five.). He invited me to come back out "anytime" and I took him up on that, showing up whenever I possibly could to "play" and groom. He began paying me less than a year later. When I was 17 I left state and kept contact, then moved back home when I was 19. A few months later I was talking to him about possibly taking a horse off someone's hands-- It was cities away from her and she wanted it to have a home where someone would care for it and ride it. Well, I didn't know anything about this horse, and heard it was a bit of a problem horse. I'm always up for a good challenge, but I expressed that I wanted a horse I could ride for years to come, and possibly compete with. He took me out to the pasture and pointed out a little sorrel mare that I'd been working around for a few years and asked if I wanted her. Here I am breaking her now. Deal is: I break her, she goes home with me. XD
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A few months ago I was at a horse show, competing in Western Pleasure on my trainer's broodmare. In the arena next to me, a girl a little older than me was practicing barrels on a gorgeous bay stud. We both left our arenas at the same time and were walking back to the barn to cool down our horses. We ended up chatting all afternoon - her name was Elizabeth and her horse's name was Colby. They lived on a stud farm about an hour away from me, and Colby had sired two outstanding foals already. This was her first time at a show with him. She let me pet Colby and he was the sweetest stallion I ever met. He would lean into me and sigh when I stroked his coat, and Sarah said she'd never seen him do that with anyone before. She turned him out into a pasture and we went to the food court for lunch. We introduced our parents to each other and before long, Sarah and I were heading back to get our horses ready to travel home. I followed her to the pasture where Colby was grazing. He lifted his head, whinnied, and trotted right over to the gate to greet us. He nuzzled my shoulder and I fed him a chunk of carrot. Sarah said that Colby was a nightmare to catch and halter - he NEVER came to her. We said our goodbyes and I went to load my mare up into the trailer.

A few weeks ago my parents ran into Sarah's parents at the Farmers Market. Apparently Colby was up for sale at $5,500 (they were downsizing their farm). I begged my parents to take me to their farm to see him one last time before he was sold - he'd really made a lasting impression on me.

We drove out to their farm and Sarah had Colby tacked up in the barn. She let me ride him around the arena. He was a dream - he hardly needed any leg at all and he was willing and responsive. Sarah said we looked totally in sync with each other. I said goodbye to Colby and we drove home.

Last week my parents surprised me for my 13th birthday by waking me up with unbelievable news: Colby was sold... and sold to us! He was arriving on Saturday at my local stable. I cried for 20 minutes straight, and e-mailed Sarah right away to thank her obsessivley. I couldn't believe my parents had finally bought me my own horse! Colby was gelded and trailered from Tennessee to New Jersey (I don't even know why he was in Tennessee, lol). I was out in the stable driveway when the trailer pulled up. I climbed up the ramp and hugged him and he snorted.
"Hey, boy," I said. "Welcome home."
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Spirit- Purely a God-given horse. I had been riding 3 years, 2 hunt seat, 1 western. I'd wanted a horse ever since I was 6, but the board at the place I rode at was $850 a month!!! (now the lowest is $945 and the highest is $1,450!!!!!!!!!!!!) Then when we switched to western (the barn I rode at didn't board) and I started researching it, we found the price much more doable. So we started looking for a horse. I had my eyes on an 11 year old Paint mare named Mutly (unfortunate, right?).

We went to a place called Clear Creek Ranch 2 summers ago, and we went back last summer. My favorite horse Maverick (SPAZZ!!) had been lent out for the winter and came back InSaNe, so they put me on horses they were trying to sell. They all spooked and bolted. I didn't like them.

Then, halfway through the week, my mom's horse bolted and she fell off. She almost hit her head on a truck and died. They put her on Spirit b/c he was the most calm, level-headed, gentle, smooth horse that they had (he was 5 at the time). She loved him and tried to convince me to get on him, but I had FINALLY gotten Maverick back and didn't want to give him up. On the last ride of the week, I got on him and loved him to death. We talked it over with the dude selling him and bought him.

He was a skinny, scruffy, Tennessee Walking Horse, that had broken his leg, coliced 3 times, and was found hanging by his neck in one of the stalls with all his feet off teh ground a week before we came. And I didn't know ANYTHING about gaited horses.

He's the tie in, If we hadn't of come when we did, he would have still been in the sick pen, so we wouldn't have bought him. If my mom hadn't of fallen off, they never would have put her on Spirit and she would have never made me try him. And if I hadn't tried him, I never would have loved him and bought him. And if I hadn't of bought him, he wouldn't really have lasted much longer. So we're acctually glad now that my mom fell off. God can use what seemed like a bad thing at the time and turn it into a good thing. All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.
He needed us and we needed him. He's taught me so much, responsibility, patience, consistancy . . . :) <3
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Kind of an accident really. My sister had really gotten into riding horses, and I was too, kinda... We started looking around for a horse to buy, even going on a 2.5 hour drive to find one. We had basically given up at that point. A month later, I had sheep and we got a dog from across the road. We were talking to the owner, and she said that she had a horse for sale. And we bought him not a week later. Now we have Dakota, a dog, and I raise a few sheep.

Bad story, I know.
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Wow, these are great.
Emaryon, I'm glad you found a horse online, I'm always so afraid of doing that.

Britt, that reminds me so much of myself. I'm happy for you!

Ameli, that's crazy! but that's really nice. Good luck breaking her.

Current- I cried too haha!

Spirit- That's a really nice story. I looked at the pictures and that horse looks completely different then what your describing!
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Green Broke
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I found my horse on a tiny almost illegibal [sp?] add with no picture. I usually ignore the ones with no pictures! Good thing I didn't! It was on, and in my state. We went to look at him, but was kind of rushed because there was another couple who was going to buy him if we didn't. Sooo..Even though we knew he needed some work, we bought him, and sent him to a trainer friend of ours who hepled A LOT.
Next thing I know, I got a great horse :)

Most people are like Slinkies; they serve no real purpose, but they bring a smile to your face when you push them down the stairs.
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