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How did you know your horse was "the one?"

As someone shipping around and dreaming about their first horse, I'd love to hear how you knew the horse you bought was the right one for you. I don't mean just stories of your first horse; any of your horses. Anything from falling in love at first sight or knowing they had the right temperament and price for you. Give me your stories :)

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Willy came to me. I wasn't looking at all.

I knew he was the one because our lives collided. I never thought I'd get a horse...too expensive! But, my life brought me to GeeWillikers, and here we are: poor, and happy as a clam.

I thought about it a lot. Figured it was a go since he was 15 at the time, totally made, bomb proof, completely sound, and well-bred. The price tag seemed VERY low since I grew up in New Jersey show barns. I thought horses went for 20 grand and up!

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Green Broke
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I was looking through ads, and came across Thunder...he was so young and i barely had been riding so I knew it wasn't ideal, but as I looked at all the other ads, I was continuously drawn to his....I couldnt take my eyes or thoughts or heart off of him.....something about him pulled me. For 2 weeks I shopped around, just to make sure I wasn't making an impulse decision, and once I figured that we could afford it, I said "Let's get em!"

Through many trials and tribulations almost a year later, here we are beginning our saddle training and building our bond forever.
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Honestly Painter never was perfect for me. I went from a 21 year old bombproof, blue ribbon winning, amazing pony (jumped three foot and higher in shows, and went to pony finals several times) to a green, seven year old, stubborn horse with issues. But my dad had always said we would never buy a horse, and after Holiday got hurt I had no one to ride. It was Painter or no one honestly, unless I wanted to ride the lesson horses, which are suited for very, very beginner riders. My mom and I convinced my dad Painter was perfect, and here we are 7 months later!

Don't get me wrong, I love Painter though!
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Well, ha ha, i kinda didn't. I didn't really want boo. it was way early in the morning and i was checking e-mail. i had had a bad start to the morning and i left my brain in bed. my instructor was helping me horse shop and she sent me his picture (S). I was so tired and angry, i said i really liked him and i wanted him, even though i didn't really. I guess i was tired of the whole mess. Well after it was talked through with my mom on the phone, the sale went through. when we went to get him, i thought i wanted him, got there didn't want him, i just wasn't drawn to him. the place we got him from was in illinois, my instructor said she wasn't driving me down there unless we came back with a horse, so after the sale went through, i was tied to him. it took me two months for me to even start liking him, but for some reason i felt i could work myself through this and love him, and i didn't ever sell him. Now he is my perfect horse. Guess someone was watching over me that morning.
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Well, Nani was the third horse we looked at for my mom. We were actually looking at a different horse, a large paint pony, but she was too fast for my mother. The woman said that she was a little hard to handle and didn't have the best deposition, but they brought her out and she was exactly what they told us she was, but she was absolutely amazing under saddle and we didn't mind the terrible ground manners. What really sold us was when the lady jumped a 3' grid with her, caught her in the mouth, and she went out quietly. Unfortunately she didn't pass the vet and we continued to look. The owners offered to lower the price substantially so we re-vetted and she passed. Turns out she had had a small abscess under her shoe during the first vetting.

With Herbie I knew automatically he was the horse for me. I sat on him and after I had hacked him for about ten mins I knew he was going to be the horse I would end up buying. We even took a slight chance with him, his right front leg had an old track injury.

I won't bore you with the stories I had with my first two ponies.
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The only reason I even went to look at Gizmo was because my dad liked him and I would be able to miss school. So of course I jumped right on that and we drove the two hours to go see him. I rode him around, he was 2 and 9 months at the time, and as I went to dismount I got off of him just like I had my previous horse, who was 18 and been-there-done-that. I swung my right leg over his neck and just slid off, not really realizing that that was probably a dangerous thing to do on him. Gizmo's head went up and he got really tense and he was like 'wth are you doing?!' But, he didn't spook and anything. He just stood still and wide-eyed. I think that kind of sealed the deal. He proved that even though he was young, he didn't act stupid.

I'm still not sure if he's really 'the one' for me. I mean, I love him to death and if anything were to ever happen to him I would be crushed. Really though, I think that horse for me was the one before him, my Morgan Pete. I had him for 4 years, he was the first horse I cantered and the first I rode english on. He was such a great little guy. I used to take him out in fields and just run and not worry about a thing because I knew Pete would take care of me. Kinda getting a little teary eyed thinking about it. :( I don't even know how I trusted him that much - I can't think of another horse I'd even attempt that on being the worrier I am, what with all that could happen, ei. them spooking, tripping, taking off, etc. I ended up selling him two years ago because I wanted to get more into showing and he was getting too small for me. In order to get a new horse (Gizmo) Pete had to be sold.

Thankfully, he went to a 9 year old (well currently 11) girl who absolutely adores him. :) I even saw her at a show with him and she entered him in Halter (something I'd never done) and got a third. When she was in there she saw me watching and started jumping around and waving and Pete whinnied at me. They're just the cutest little pair.

I think Pete was that 'one' horse for me and I doubt I'll ever feel quite the same about Gizmo or any other horse. I'm okay with it though - I know Pete is now doing the same for that little girl as he did for me. :)

A few pictures of Pete:
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I bought most of my horses because of their bloodlines, not exactly because of who they were. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have bought them if I didn't think they could be good horses.

Dillon was the only one that I was really drawn to. He was at a rescue center, in a pen with about 30 other weanlings. He was skinny, full of ring worm, worms and ticks. He was shy and unhandled but something in his eyes told me that I had to have him. I didn't even ask how much he was, I just said that I wanted him. Almost a month and a half later Dillon finally came home. He had actually lost weight and wasn't doing any better. But I knew that this colt was always going to be MY colt. It was early spring when I got him (and as some of you know, early spring in Alberta is NOT WARM) But every night after my soon would go to bed I would sit on a bale and just bond with Dillon. After a month I couldn't get rid of that colt. I will always remember this...

In may we had a huge snow storm and I remember going out to feed the horses and seeing Dillon with his head sticking out the barn door waiting for me. He nickered and nickered. It was the first time he was happy, and I mean really happy to see me. I had to make him paths to his feed, and water. The snow was so deep and he was so small. I still have an amazing bond with Dillon (that I have had with no other horse, and I have had horses all my life) It doesn't matter how bad my day has gone when I see my little guy all my troubles seem to dissapear. He is my pride and joy and I could never ask for a better friend. He's been there for me more than any of my human friends ever have. He never judges me, is never mad if I miss seeing him one day. And it doesn't matter how pretty, rich, or smart I am he will always love me and be there for me.

So really I have no idea what it was about Dillon, but it was just a feeling. And one feeling that I'm so glad I didn't ignore.
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I knew my horse was the one when I started making my forever plans before she was even for sale! xD

Well actually, it came in doses. One of the first things was that I was one of the only people riding her, so obviously we started to bond and know each other. The thing that hit me the most was that she loved me back, or showed affection to me. No other horse had ever done that to me, and believe me, I have loved a LOT of horses. Also, I showed on her, and I only ever consider showing on horses that I trust. Lastly, when i heard she was for sale, I knew I had to have her. I couldn't let her slip through my fingers because she was my forever horse. I've never fallen so hard for a horse before Miss Take. I didn't mean to fall in love with her, because all of the former horses that I've loved have died or left. I tried to protect myself from that, but she just happened. I never ever thought I'd own a horse before I was over 20 and had a job, but somehow, after a lot of tears, talking, negotiating, and prayers, I got my first horse! I'll never regret it.

I think there were a couple other horse that could have been "the one" for me. Ripper was the bomb. I knew his time was short because of his tumor, but I loved him. I was a total beginner, but I never came off him. We even did some jumping. He was the best. And Quintos... Lol, I miss my bouncy pony. His owner moved him shortly after I secretly decided that I wanted to show him. Again, I'm not into showing and if I want to show a horse that means I really believe in myself and the horse. QuinQuin rocked. We did everything. Dressage, trail rides and jumping. We got mad at each other, but never for long, and I even fell off him once. He was the horse that helped me get over my fear of cantering after being run away with and I'll never forget him for that. I'm glad that I had the most awesome ride on him before he left.
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I came to look for another horse when my trusted friend foundered on me. After many travels and tears of looking for the right gaited horse (not many here in Vegas) I was about ready to travel to TN to purchase my new forever trail partner.
I came across a breeder that was about 70 miles away. I called and got the scoop on what he had for sale and decided to make the trip to his place.
The first horse he shows me is this bay and white 2 year old gelding, doesn't know how to stand still, mouthy, but very inquisative. Next is a small 2 year old blk and white mare who is sooooo sweet and calm. Loves attention, loves people and had the most calm eye you would ever see.
There was a few others that he had for sale but I pretty much did not care for them. Too old and way out of my price range. So now the breeder asks me, "so with all that I showed you, do you have a preferrance?" I respond, "yes, that first colt that you showed me, you know the one that would not stand still!" The Breeder looked at me and said, "REALLY!"
Something is this colts eyes and his, "look at me, I'm a clown and will be your friend" got my attention and later my heart. It took some time. (and still taking time) he has become my best friend on the trails. When my old gelding had to be put down due to his founder, I had a hard time adjusting and seeing these horses as two different horses, see, what I mean is that my old gelding the earth, sun , moon all revolved around him. He was another horse that I bought at two and a half years old and finished off. After 17 years of friendship and trust, it was hard to say there was enough love and trust for another. I will never forget my trusted friend Shady but I now have a new friend and partner who needs love and guidance.
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