I want to hear about the best ride of your life!

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I want to hear about the best ride of your life!

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        09-14-2007, 05:41 PM
    I want to hear about the best ride of your life!

    I was just thinking about my ride the other day, it was the best ride I have ever had! Well I thought it would be fun to hear about yours!

    I'll start since I am so excited!
    I bought a new horse about a month ago, the lady told me that he had leg issues and that he was hard to catch. OK. Well I am working on those and I think we are making great progress. What she didn't tell me is that he is scared to death of men!! SHAKING, BOLTING, TREMBLING! This horse was abused.Anyway, to the ride.
    So I was going to help the man who leases the family ranch vaccinate a group of his calfs, well the man let out my horses because he didn't think I wanted to ride in the rain! So once I caught Gus and started saddling him he was shaking,(a man was in his corral earlier) I went out and met up with everyone and WOW!!! Gus was AMAZING!!
    We were cutting and moving cows like I have never done before!! I knew Gus was trained but this was really something! I swear, he moved before I could que which way we should go, it was like he could read my mind!!
    Well sorry it was so long but I wanted to put I some history of the horse first so you would understand why I was so amazed. I have never had a well trained horse before and what a real joy!
    Now I would like to hear about your favorite ride!
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        09-15-2007, 08:27 AM
    There have been so many great rides its hard to pick one. I guess it would have to be this last spring we rode with our saddle club on a fellows ranch that was just beautiful. I love our club everyone is great so the company was fun the scenery was lovely and of course I was on Vida so it was all good.
        10-05-2007, 11:16 PM
    Mine would have to be when we first learnt to jump a full cav (well, I lost my stirrups after it, and my pony hopped it. Also my instructor was pretty grumpy at us)

    Or I would say x country jumping. Boy that was fun, but I was nervous because last time we were in the paddock the horses galloped to catch up to each other (we were sent one at a time to canter forwards) so I purposley held my horse back at a slow canter. The jumps were fantastic, the horse I was on jumped so smooth, I didn't even realise I was jumping!

    (when we galloped once, I wasn't leaning forwards, I was sitting upright trying to slow down, I stayed on, unbelivebly)
        10-06-2007, 12:27 AM
    The best ride actually has to be this time... when I was 16 or 17 years old. I came across an area where I wanted to cross but wasn't too sure if the ground was firm enough for my horse to cross. It was real muddy... and near the reservoir. I had a dog with me and I saw that the dog was sinking through the mud so I knew I couldn't cross and proceeded to turn around and ride other way. All of the sudden the horse was right under me while I was standing on the ground with my foot still in the stirrups!!! Naturally the horse did try to get out but I decided to get off right away and as I did so, the horse was sitting real still and her rear leg was in one of the stirrup. I got that out and picked up the reins and proceeded to move forward and the horse got herself out with no problem! I was quite impressed with her because she was a very spirited and spooky horse but she handled herself just beautifully that day.

    I made sure I walked her quite a bit before getting back on her to make sure that she didn't hurt herself in that little predicament.

    I’ll never forget that day!

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