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I Want to Hear About Your Near-Disasters

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        11-28-2009, 09:39 PM
    Oh, oh... I gots a few!!!

    There was this one time I was riding our old (now retired and rehomed) Arabian gelding Mo bareback with a blue (thick braided) shipping halter and attached lead. I'd ridden him bareback a lot, and normally he was fairly responsive... he'd stop, it just took a bit... but anyway, we were galloping (and back then, he was the fastest horse out here where I live)... so, we were galloping on a trail and just having fun... I was really pushing him... the whole shenanigans... hands, feet, voice... all nine yards and then some. He was giving his all for me and we were both having fun. The trail we were riding on forked at a really sharp angle where it turned to head out to the road... anyway, we were coming to it and I started cueing Mo to stop... he completely ignored me and kept going full blast. He absolutely wouldn't stop... I bailed when we hit the turn and the second my weight left his back, he locked his legs and slid to a stop. I wasn't hurt at all and hopped right back on and continued riding for another few hours.


    Then my friend was once riding our old and now semi-retired mare Buttercup. I was on Mo again, and Buttercup was very, very herd-sour... My friend asked me to take Mo down the trail a ile or two so she could get Butters to run up to us, and I did... the second we got a little ways away, Buttercup went nuts and started rearing and bucking and then took off at a run so she wouldn't 'get left'. She bucked, and my friend, wh couldn't reach the stirrups, was thrown. Butters kicked out and her hoof glanced off my friends head... thankfully, my friend wasn't hurt at all, just a little annoyed.


    Got another one with Buttercup... my then eight year old cousin was riding Butters and we all started to trot... Buttercup bucked, and my cousin, who was bareback, flew off her back and did a backflip in mid-air. When she hit the ground, though, my cousin bounced back up and chased after Buttercup screaming 'you stupid horse' and crying.


    Now, just a few years ago I was riding my mare Gypsie with my best friend on my uncles mare Buttercup. We were cantering, and my girl had/has a bucking problem, but I can normally keep her from bucking. Well, we were cantering, and my mare decided to buck. It completely caught me by surprise and I came halfway out of the saddle, and would have just dropped down, but my foot slipped through the stirrup and I was 'stuck' hanging onto my girls neck and hoping that I didn't fall. She bucked a second time and I lost my grip on her neck and fell. She drug me I'm not sure how far, not too far... just a few yards, but trampled me and literally gave me hoof-print shaped bruises... it knocked me unconsious and my mare took off... My friend on Buttercup took off after my mare and when I regained consiousness, my friend was gone, my horse was gone, and I was laying on the side of the road. After a few minutes, my friend came back with my mare in tow, but it took a little while for me to quit shaking. Thankfully, I was fine and so was my mare.


    There was also the time that my mare got ear-mites really badly for the first time. I had her tied and was trying to put medicine in her ears and she freaked and jerked back, broke her lead, and went over backwards... I freaked out because she didn't get up for a few minutes, but she was fine.


    I was trying to bridle my mare once, about two years ago. I'm still not sure what set her off, but she freaked out and jerked backwards... The bridle reins wrapped around my leg and I literally flew through the air and out of the barn she freaked so badly... I landed on a fallen telephone pole and a truck tire and my mare reared up. I saw her hooves in the air, as I was up under her, and she came down barely six inches away from hitting me, and possibly killing me, and then took off. Needless to say, I did NOT ride that day... I was shaken up so badly I just went inside and cried for about an hour
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        11-28-2009, 10:12 PM
    Green Broke
    My whole riding carrier is one huge disaster

    Anyway, I have a very strange fear of getting my foot stuck in a stirrup, so much so that I ride without stirrups pretty much all the time. (Helps my knees too.)

    So, one day I was taking a lesson and my trainer wouldn't let ride stirrup-less. I start to trot some figure eights, working on riding with mostly my legs and seat. Well, I over did it a little and leaned way too far to the outside and the saddle slipped all the way to the side and was still going. My foot was stuck on one side and I could get out, so I start SCREAMING. "Get me off! Make it stop, make it stop!"

    But Firefly, who is a saint even though she has that "I hate you" attitude about her, stood there like an angel while I spazzed out. The trainer came over and helped me back up, but I wanted DOWN. She wouldn't let me off, saying that I have to conquer my illogical fear, so Firefly and I just stood for a minute while I relaxed.
        11-29-2009, 01:33 PM
    About 2yrs ago I was driving a big fat brood mare she hadent done anything for about 3yrs,driving her for about 2 weeks and not for anything would she trot , a few yards and that was it,but this particular morning passing a block of flats[apartments]a young kid came out and fired one of those cap guns,trot shergar couldent have kept up to her I was bent over the back of the cart pulling and seesawing like a lunatic no good,smashed a wheel on the kerb and ended up arse over tit when I got up dident know if I was in pain or in spain, but lucky enough two men managed to grab her head before she got chance to go again
        11-29-2009, 01:52 PM
    Great stories everyone! So glad to hear the horse in New_Image's post ended up well.
    I've had more near misses than I could possibly expect anyone to read
    Most recent, yesterday we were riding home up the road and Vida stumbled, going down on one knee. My foot jammed down in the fall side stirrup and kept me on. I have a terrible fear of falling on the very hard gravel road. I stayed on and my husband who was behind me said I was 50% off and he thought I was going to hit the ground. She righted herself and I was saved Hoorah In hindsight I think if I had gone off with my foot jammed into the stirrup, it would have gone down in my book as one of my epic falls
        11-29-2009, 07:05 PM
    Stories like these make ya think, because every single one of them could easily have been a life changing or ending experience or a REALLY good (by which I mean scary) story, but then luckily, no one died.
        11-30-2009, 01:55 PM
    Originally Posted by SuperStarsSugar    
    Stories like these make ya think, because every single one of them could easily have been a life changing or ending experience or a REALLY good (by which I mean scary) story, but then luckily, no one died.

    I cringe more when my husband has a near miss. He is the main breadwinner and we would be financially devastated if something happened to him. Every time he takes off at a gallop my heart skips a beat. But in defense of horses, I do the same thing every time he gets in the car to head to work.

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