I'm getting a new horse!

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I'm getting a new horse!

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    03-21-2011, 10:52 PM
I'm getting a new horse!

I have one horse already but have had my eye on this other horse for TWO YEARS! He and his brother were bought by a mother and daughter pair that I knew. The daughter was who I knew actually. Well, she got her horse "Poco" to train him in barrel racing and show and such, but she'd NEVER owned a horse before...and barely knew how to ride...I loved him the day he was delivered to the boarding facility we were at. Well, drama erupted at the boarding facility and I left, thinking I'd never see 'Poco' ever again. It hurt, but he wasn't my horse so I had to just...not care (easier said than done). Well a few months ago I needed to move from the boarding place I had moved to, so I call up the girl who owns 'Poco' and ask if she knows of any places. She tells me of one, and I end up there practically the next day. She was then kicked out of the place she was staying (like I said, drama at that facility) and she ended up coming to board with me! So, 'Poco' and his brother are back! However, the other thing is, is that in all this time the owner has done nothing with either horse and actually have barely handled them! Regardless, 'Poco' is a super sweet horse. Even though he wasn't mine, he'd greet me before my own horse would out in the pasture! I've pined for him for two years.

Now, this is where it gets interesting!

Just the other day me and my mom were out working with my horse. 'Poco' comes up and gets all attention wanting with my mom, so she starts petting him and decides she'll 'handle' him a bit. She puts a lead rope on him and starts to lead him around, trying to teach him it's not ok to walk ON people (which he barely knows since he's not really ever handled). She fell in LOVE with him and understands why I liked him so much,and off handedly asked if I thought his owner would ever sell him. Now, his owner has been made offers on her horse before and she refused. I'd talked to her about it WAY back when I first realized she wasn't going to get anywhere with him. I tell my mom all this and she shrugs it off and keeps working with him while I ride my horse. When we're both done we sit down together, letting Caddy (my horse) and 'Poco' kinda just chill together. While we do that, mom and I talk about what we'd name 'Poco' if he was ours...Regardless of the fact that we never thought in a million years we'd ever own him. It was just fun. Well, that day ends and blah blah blah. The NEXT day I go back out with a friend and groom Caddy with him and so on. When I was done with her I loved on 'Poco' some, then his brother, who's rather...anti social. But, I figured 'why not?'. He gets no attention anyway. So, I groom him over and he actually had wire stuck in his tail, knotting it all up all sorts of horrible x.x So I cut the wire out and finish grooming him, then head on my way home. No sooner do me and my friend pull out of the drive way....Their owner calls me...After the usual polite 'hellos' she starts saying things like "I'm working a lot" and "I don't have time for my horse any more". I just think this is her complaining to me, then....out of nowhere "Would you like to buy him?" My head swam! I asked her to let me think, as calmly as I could, then hung up and called my mom. My mom said that if she would take no more than a certain amount, she'd buy him for me!!!!!! So I call her back and tell her to get his papers in order and I'll buy him asap!

I'm still waiting on his papers and to make him 100% mine...but...it will be soon....the fact it 'will' be at all...is amazing!

We'll be renaming him, because we both dislike his current name. So, if anyone wants to make suggestions, post them! Mom and I are thinking of EZ Ryder or Levi ^_^

(Note* I have always had permission to handle her horses, so please don't think I'm that person who just 'does' things to other people's horses lol. She knew I handled them)

Here's some pics!

Now I'll be taking him on as a challenge because he's not worked or trained. There's a lot to do with him, but I'm far too excited to do it!

Also, for a little 'normal' information on him. He is a 15hh registered quarter horse out of the Poco Bueno lines and is 4 years old this year. And...none of that matters to me because he is a healthy, loving, willing, AMAZING horse!
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    03-21-2011, 10:54 PM
Oh, and another note...He looks a little rough because he (and his brother) were left alone in the pasture forever. If you notice in the first picture his tail seems 'off'...that large area that the sun doesn't shine through is a GIANT mat that might as well be a freaking base ball bat! I'll be attacking that tomorrow! Hopefully I don't have to cut too much of it away x.x
    03-22-2011, 01:56 AM
That is so wonderful! I'm so glad he will finally get a home with someone to give him attention. As for a name, I really like Levi, but if I get any inspirations of my own, I will post them.
    03-22-2011, 06:48 PM
His tail was unsalvagable x.x

You can see it here Tail of Sadness (Pictures!)
    03-22-2011, 08:36 PM
What an awsome story, I'm so happy for you!! :) Good luck hun and keep us updated!
    03-22-2011, 10:37 PM
He reminds me of a horse I use to own named Profit.

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