Leasing vs. Selling your horse

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Leasing vs. Selling your horse

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  • Should i sell or lease my horse

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    03-04-2009, 06:53 PM
Leasing vs. Selling your horse

I know when I go to college, I will be unable to take my horse with me. This leaves me with the options of either free leasing him or sadly selling him. I have started a list of pros and cons of both options but I was just wondering if anyone else had any input, thanks!
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    03-04-2009, 09:10 PM
What are some of the pros and cons you have made already?

How many years are you going to college for and will you be home in the summer? Personally I could never sell my horse. I think if free-leasing is an option for you, go for it. The person leasing can always send you pictures of your horse's progress through email and when you are home you can visit/ride him. I guess it depends on how much you are attached to your horse.

Good luck!
    03-04-2009, 09:23 PM
I could never sell my horses x_x but leasing would also be -very- hard for me...

I've leased horses out, and leased horses from/to people.. and it is very fatiguing... Unless you -really- know the leaser... you have no clue what the leaser is going to do with your horse.

Example: I leased a mare that was rough around the edges from a private owner. Everytime I would get on her -everything- was a fight. Headset/collection, standing still, biting and bitting.. etc. After I was done training her, I got maybe a good 15 minutes of riding (after 45 of schooling) then the owner would get on and completely undo all the work I did. What wretches my guts the most, is I was PAYING HER 90.00 a month to TRAIN HER HORSE FOR HER. I look at that now, while im in my career of MAKING MONEY training horses and cringe.

Other Example: I leased Jasmine out for lessons (BAD IDEA). Jasmine is a beginner riding horse and is walk trot only. I really prefer she go in a snaffle bit because a beginner shouldn't be trusted with anything more than a snaffle, in my opinion. The people who leased her from me not only put a LOW PORT CURB in her mouth (she HATES curbs) they also CANTERED her... and due to her arthritis, she cannot canter smoothly anymore and it risks her falling over, and/or her severely injuring her legs. I told them it was walk trot ONLY with MY BRIDLE but they felt they knew better. Not to mention I watched kids rake the %$#@ out of her face and she kept looking at me like "Why? Why are you letting this happen?" I immediately said no more and took my horse back. She had a rough enough life.. I promised her retirement and my god, if I have anything to do with it, that mare will -enjoy- the rest of her life!

In your situation, you don't think you have a choice though? There is no way you could find a facility near you at college and board her? Even if it is a pasture board situation?

As far as the two options you gave.. I would pick Lease over Sale for the sheer fact of:

1: You don't want to regret getting an education and investing in your future because you had to sell your horse to do it. (if that makes sense)
2: You can always get your horse back from the lease.
3: You can still say proudly, that you are a horse owner.
4: As Jubilee posted, you can request pictures and status (put it in the leasing contract).
5: Make sure you know the rider who will be leasing your horse (to avoid a situation like I had).

Definitely, definitely have a lease contract written up, LOL!

Best of luck girlie! I don't envy your situation one bit =/ You're handling it better than I would though, methinks.
    03-05-2009, 02:35 PM
We sold our horses recently, It was a VERY tough decision for us as like most horse owners they had become part of the family. What we boiled our decision down to was "What's best for the horses".

We decided that finding a good home for them would be better than leasing and worrying about them 24/7.

We screened several prospective buyers and worked out financial details with the ones that we felt would be the best owners, not the ones with the deepest pockets. (they had money to care for the horses but were only expecting to buy one and fell in love with both our horses, so we ended up trading out part of the purchase price. Basically we got money and a really nice hunting rifle.)

We drive by the horses about once a month and check on them. They are happy and healthy looking.

We also wrote in a clause of "first buy back option" should they ever want to get rid of the horses for ANY reason. That gave me piece of mind. Also the new owners knew they weren't stuck with a horse they didn't get along with....Which made it easier to carry on an open and fully disclosed conversation about the horses and the new owners.

I thought I'd share my situation with you, though you are the only one that knows whats right for you so I won't push one way or the other.

Good Luck with whatever you decide!!! It's not easy to say goodbye either way!!! (((Hugs)))
    03-05-2009, 07:30 PM
Thanks for all the replies!

As for my list here are the pros and cons of leasing:
I wont have to sell, ill still own him
If anything happens to the leasee and can seriously no longer lease him, my horse will be 20 when I graduate, I may not have money/time for him after I graduate

Here are my list of pros and cons of selling him:
Wont have to worry about financial problems, I could use the money
Selling him, the bad economy means I probably wouldnt get what he's really worth
*of course if I end up selling him I would make sure he was going to a good home and that his future owner would be a good match

Does anyone have anything else I could add to my lists?
    03-08-2009, 04:03 PM
Bump =]

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