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Makes me so mad!

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        02-14-2009, 12:45 AM
    Angry Makes me so mad!

    Ok, so I was at my youth group the other night, and my friend Liz was talking one of her friends Whittney. Whittney had a friend with her as well, and since she and Liz were chatting away Whittney's friend and I started to talk.
    Anyway, the recent fires were brought up (we all live in VIC), and this guy mentioned how some people died going back into the fire to rescue their horses (or dogs, cats, birds, etc.) and how he couldn't undertand why they would do that. I replied and said that I could, b/c I have horses too, and I would go back into the fires to get them if need be. And he looks at me with this stupid grin on his face, that clearly said how pathetic and stupid he thought I was, and those people too. I continued to try to explain about how my horses are important to me, without getting all mushy and stuff, but his expression and attitude was SO rude and mocking, like he thought it was huge joke. He just stood there grinning at me the whole time like he thought I was such a loser and didn't care if it showed.
    Now I know that not everyone likes horses or understands, but man! At least have the courtesy to respect the fact that this is something that is important to me instead of laughing in my face. And the people that died! Show some respect to them! Arrrrggghhhh!!!
    Sorry I just had to vent! I wanted so badly to just slap his face!
    Anyone else know/met people like that?
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        02-14-2009, 05:57 PM
    Awww, RedHawk... some people are just like that. They are ignorant and do not understand the amazing incredible bond that we have with our horses. *Hugs* If its really bothering you, maybe try explaining it to him again, but if you feel he's just going to react in the same way, forget about it. I doubt he'll bring up the subject again if he was acting rude towards the horses in the first place. I wouldn't worry about it ... some people will just never understand. My dad is that way. He will never understand my love for horses and I have to take care of everything on my own. It's just the way some people are.

    Keep your chin up!
        02-14-2009, 06:16 PM
    Green Broke
    Awwww RedHawk! I'm sorry, some people just enjoy being jerks, don't they? If he starts doing that again, I would find something he cares about and ask why he would do that(I.E. Football- Why would you risk all of your brain cells?) lol not the niceest idea, but I've had this happen to me too! Oh and BTW Happy V-DAY!
        02-15-2009, 04:49 AM
    Thanks guys! I will probably avoid him in future, he is not the sort of person I would want to be friends with anyway, for more reasons than the one I explained. He was, I gathered from other parts of our conversation, a very immature person who had very little care or respect for others.
        02-15-2009, 09:10 AM
    Until you have been in that situation no one can really be that sure just what you will do. Some will throw caution to the wind and others won't.

    Your "friend" is simply talking to hear himself.

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