Met my first "snobby horse person" today...

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Met my first "snobby horse person" today...

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    08-14-2013, 12:23 AM
Talking Met my first "snobby horse person" today...

Like everyone else, I’m familiar with the stereotype of the “snobby horse person” - the rather full-of-themselves rider who’s oh-so-impressed with their own achievements and full of Opinions about “lesser riders” that they don’t hesitate to share. But until today, I’ve found that every single horse person I’ve met, without fail, has been delightful. Kind, helpful, supportive and just generally nice. I was starting to think that the stereotypical snobby and judgmental horsefolk were a bit of a myth, at least hereabouts.

Well, I met one today! She was working in a saddlery store where my partner M and I were looking to get some gear. I didn’t realise at first who I was dealing with, but I did find myself bristling a little when I asked her advice about fittings on a particular saddlepad and she responded “oh, so you haven’t ridden much, then?” We moved on, and I figured I was just being a bit touchy… until we got to checkout time. Whereupon she launched into a detailed Exposition on how the arenas at the pony club I’m going to be joining are Far Too Inadequate for her horse’s lofty abilities, since her horse had won “Dressage With The Stars” … yannow, not surfaced to be flatter than the earth’s curvature and covered with a layer of angelfluff for poor little horsie’s feet, blah blah blah. Then we were treated to a detailed description of how many thousands of dollars she’d spent on “her arena”, getting it Just So, so that Tootsie’s delicate gait wouldn’t be all upset by a pebble or dent in the ground, because when a horse is just that good, you don’t want to use anything but the best….

Oh boy. I kept a straight face. I just nodded and agreed with her that it must be a real trial not having access to a laser level to ensure that the arena’s top layer of angelfluff is flat enough that Tootie’s gait can be shown off to sufficient advantage. I managed to not snort or giggle until we were actually in the car. And then M pointed out that the photo of Tootsie on the back wall that she had been waving imperiously at was clearly being ridden by someone not her, and I’m afraid I lost it completely!

Ah well. Interesting times.
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    08-14-2013, 12:58 AM
Super Moderator
Good for you for maintaining your composure in the story. Could not have been easy.
    08-14-2013, 01:02 AM
Is she chasing off customers by her attitudy Judy arrogance? If so, complain to the owner of the store, that'll knock her off her perch.
    08-14-2013, 01:08 AM
Welcome aboard, glad this is your first time facing this, it won't be your last.

To have a clue about horses, you need some level of confidence, in some people that brings out arrogance, and they think they know it all. There's a difference between the two, but it's becoming more merged.
    08-14-2013, 03:54 AM
Hahahaha I probably know who you are talking about ;)
    08-14-2013, 07:04 AM
When you, the general you here, encounter these types, does it ever make you wonder why they feel the need to do that? To me it is embarrassing and even if asked I only give the basics and then shut up.
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    08-14-2013, 10:18 AM
Back in the spring. My friend and I did a benefit ride for the Humane Society of North Texas. When we were all gathered, this one lady commented on another ladies horse, asked what breed. Lady #2 states, spotted percheron. Lady #1 says, Percheron's don't come in that color, and several other hateful mean things about Lady #2 not knowing what her horse was. Lady #1 also had a dog and a mini-pony loose running around everyone, under horses etc. This lady was also the one who was giving the Sunday morning cowboy church service. She was so stuck up and snobbish! Her dog and pony got 2 people thrown and several others almost thrown. She would say, "How is it my fault, I'm way back here, it happened up there". Rude, rude lady!
    08-14-2013, 10:55 AM
People with very low self esteem often project an over abundance of self confidence.
If you notice the less interested you appear the harder they try to impress you. LOL Shalom
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    08-14-2013, 10:57 AM
Lady 1 needs to get out more. With all the crossbreeding that occurs to try and blend abilities unless people are breeding 100% within the breed, any breed can be just about any color. I would have never thought I would see a Hanoverian of anything but a solid color but found a registered American Hanoverian as a gorgeous looking paint; unfortunately a universe's distance out of my budget range :)
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    08-14-2013, 01:25 PM
Sometimes it works in reverse. DD wanted to do hunter jumper. I had only ever ridden western. I took DD and her small AppyX horse to a hunter/jumper barn. I wanted to maintain a positive atmosphere for DD, so I had really psyched myself up to ignore any snotty comments. The other horses were a mile high, nearly all sorrel or bay and I assumed had some sort of “proven” pedigree. And, English gear just looks “snippety”. I was pleasantly surprised by the “reception”. The appyX was fawned over and one of the other kids desperately wanted to ride her, and DD didn’t mind. Well, I can tell you I would have minded at that age! The girl was very advanced and had two horses of her own! Haha. Here I had been afraid of “unfriendlies”. I can’t say my experiences w western crowds has been as free of "accomplishment" pretense, or “pedigree snobbery”. Maybe that barn was an exception to the English world, idk.
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