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Green Broke
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Moments of the Year

The year's almost over, everyone! So, tell me about the highlights and lowlights with your horses! About those things that stick in your memory with the most clarity!

Funniest moment?

Most surprising?

Biggest break through?

The "I know I'm loved" moment?

Biggest setback/bad day?

Happiness moment of the whole year?
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The best moment all year was my first 25 mile LD event this October and finishing the last 2 miles all by ourselves. Gem hates going out alone so that was a big deal for us.

Funniest moment?
Gem is a very nosey horse and when put in a trailer first gets very upset not being able to see what is going on around her. In the new trailer we got this spring we were getting her and Pete used to it and Pete was being stubborn so Gem ended up sitting on the trailer for a while. She eventually decided that turning around would be better so she could watch, but the area wasn't big enough so she almost got stuck sidewyas. The look on her face was priceless and nobody was hurt so it ended up being very funny.

Most surprising?

Doing the new brightly painted jumps without a single refusal or run out when I can barely get her over jumps that are just barewood. I thought for sure the bright colors would be too much, but it turns out she just really hates bare wood.

Biggest break through?
Still working on this ;) Probably the lightbulb moment for me when I finally realized that my upper body CAN move by itself and isn't glued to my butt. Now I can turn my upper body to look where I am going and give cues to Gem without worrying that it will cause my seat to go off track and be unbalanced.

The "I know I'm loved" moment?
Hmmm....Gem is not particularly affectionate, but one week I was gone the whole 7 days due to work shcedule and she was at the new barn (not in my backyard anymore) adn the day I went back she gave me a big horse hug in the crossties. It made my heart melt.

Biggest setback/bad day?
None in particular stick out. We defintely have our terrible days when we are both on separate plans and argue the entire ride. I keep telling her than as long as there are more good than bad days she is doing ok. Maybe the worst was the 1 hour it took to go down the lane by the barn which is about 1/4 mile.

Happiness moment of the whole year?
Our first 25 mile LD event on a beautiful fall day. She was a super star and I can't wait until next season :)
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Funniest moment?
Falling off at state fair for the second year in a row. The judge loves to joke with me and he (and others) said I should make a shirt saying "I've fallen off two times in a row at State Fair, Have you?" Something along those lines.

Most surprising?
After my horse was lame on and off for basically the whole Summer, I didn't get to participate in competitions/shows with him (used my other horses ;p) He finally recovered (and yes before you ask me, he was checked and had the OK to ride) and i participated in a couple shows with him. We placed in every class for the first show and got grand champion in the last show! I was so proud of him and I was also surprised that after a couple months of barely being worked he still has it in him to place! (although the rosettes didnt matter, its the fact that he did so well!)

The "I know I'm loved" moment?
After I got in a huge fight with my mom before a show, I went into my horses stall, sat on the salt block and cried (Quite uncomfortable) My horse was in there and all he did was keep nudging me and at sometimes he will let out a little neigh. He was so curious and I felt like he cared about me so much.

Biggest bad day?
Well I hope two days counts. I fell off at least 2.5 times in a row during a time span of about 2 days. One while warming up in the show ring (just barrels) and my pony decided she wanted to hault right after getting into a lope. I had too much momentum and off I went! The second time i was on a trail ride with my arabian and my cousin and the pony and we went out back where all the brush was (and a couple ditches.) and this was the time where theres TONS of deer out. Well, I didn't see the deer and I thought he was going to jump the ditch (not to mention I had a saddle seat 2 times too small and waaaaaay short stirrups) and he caught me off guard and he bolted. Almost got my foot caught in the stirrup (kinda riding jockey style..not that high but was trying to get ready for the jump. since i dont jump) And there i went. (Probably should've worn boots on the same hip I did the day before. I held on to the reins (probably not a smart thing to do.) and the .5 time was when we were on our way back to the barn and he saw another deer and i was half way off the saddle!

Happiness moment of the whole year?
Gah! I can't choose one moment! Every moment I spend with my boy, Mac, is the most amazing and happiest moment ever! He cheers me up whenever I'm down and he always surprises me. I'm incredibly proud of him and all of his accomplishments <3 And I love all my other horsies too :)

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nice thread, heres mine :P

Funniest moment? timmy being terrified at the draft horses at our first fair (even tho his bff is a draft :P)

Most surprising? getting a trophy after our first show year together

Biggest break through? doing a trail pattern without skipping an obsticle or going 2 hands

The "I know I'm loved" moment? got so nervouse i almost had a breakdown and he rubbed his muzzle on my cheek

Biggest setback/bad day? timmy took off in the pleasure class and i lost my confidence abit

Happiness moment of the whole year? someone said at the begining me and timmy wouldnt make it then said how far weve come was amazing, its a great feeling

i cant wait to see everyone else's :)
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Funniest moment? Watching Merit play in the snow for the first time with my hubby's hunting dogs. Like a bunch of kids, really fun to watch!

Most surprising? Buying my first non QH and a jumper to boot. I'm in love with my sweetheart Hanoverian.

Biggest break through? Getting my non horsey hubby to commit to riding once a week with me :)

The "I know I'm loved" moment? Those happen every soon as they hear the dinner bucket lol!

Biggest setback/bad day? Woodstock re-injuring himself in the spring. Now with the cold weather he's been a bit stiff, started laser therapy again

Happiness moment of the whole year? My daughter getting to see her first foal born. Her excitement was well worth letting her sleep in and miss a half day of school!

Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important, Capture the good times, Develop from the negatives and if things don't work out, Take another shot.
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Green Broke
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Funniest Moment:
-I have to say, the funniest moment I've had this year was my first and only trail on the horse I was (suppose to be) training. Before she got sold our barn scheduled a nice Sunday trail ride with the leasers that were left and the owner. So, I was only aware it was the two other leasers, barn owner, and myself. Well..Barn owner brought her friend along. I don't want to sound rude/condescending/etc, but she really sucks at riding...Welp, she got on Lucky since I was already all saddled and warming Fancy up. For trails Fancy was an anybody horse, perfect. It was just everything that wasn't a simple trail ride I was working with her on (apparently she had a bronc habit). Lucky has a tendency to be really hyper/high-strung and is a known kicker (yet she never kicks with me unless there's something obviously wrong). So, the whole trail ride she was basically hanging on Lucky's face while giving her cues to speed up with her legs behind me and Fancy actually ended up kicking her in the mouth (no injuries, thank God). After we're about half way back (went for about a 2 and a half hour ride?), our line-up somehow changed and I got behind Lucky. Lucky kept stopping and going because of her rider's confusingness, and Fancy was following about 6" behind? I go to fix my shirt (dropped the reins) and Fancy ended up only about a foot behind Lucky. Lucky ended up bucking (what most of her kicks were unless at a show) and her rider almost fell off. She's laughing, blah blah blah. Whatever, I thought it was ironic she couldn't handle Lucky, but was trying to tell me how to train this 5 yr old. But, we ended up at the bottom trail along the neighbour's hay field and BO forgot there was a substantially sized tree down and we didn't take the new trail around it. BO almost flew off when Illu jumped it from a walk, Lucky's rider almost smashed her face into Lucky's neck when she hopped her front end over, and then her back, and I'm under the impression that Fancy would walk over it and just hop her back end over. I smacked my crotch off the horn and almost fell sideways when Fancy decided that after her one leg was over that it was just too difficult to walk over it and did a really awkward, and really uncomfortable sort of jump over it. And I have to think, still, that she caught at least one of her back legs on the tree, lol. So, the two younger girls went around it fine, and the oldest of our group (BO, her friend, and I) all almost crashed and burned, haha. I thought it was really funny..but I'm not sure if any other person thinks it was. :p
Most Surprising:
-Most surprising...I have to say, it was probably this last friday at a show, lol. Lucky went from an angel, to a possessed demon-spawn and tried to take out anything and everything there.. :/ We went from nice figure-8s, circles, stops, calmness, and listening perfectly to kicking at everyone, dropping her shoulder during our canter circle (which caused me to land on the horn .-. ), and kicking at Walls, cars, trucks, trailers, people, other horses, nothing, etc and almost rearing on two occasions. I have never seen or had her act like that..I was embarrassed! But, we got our best barrels, poles, and arena race/down and back times together. For how she was acting, I was extremely surprised.
Biggest Break Through:
-Lucky rarely kicking. She use to kick at every horse within a mile radius, and every single gate you took her through. Aside from Friday's show, she's kicked once in the 5-6 months I've been leasing her.
The "I Know I'm Loved" Moment:
-Like most horses I've met, Lucky's not the most affectionate. I think it was the end of last month she actually walked up to me in the field to catch her. Normally she just stands there and waits for me to get to her and halter her, but she actually started walking towards me once I got about halfway to her.(:
Biggest Setback/Bad Day:
-My first show on Lucky. (since I don't want to re-use my "surprise!" moment lol). I signed up for exhibition barrels (after thinking better of not lol) and did great going through the gate (only little bucks, no actual kicks) and our take off was good. And went to the crapper. I did my circle and took off for my first barrel (was actually a really good barrel, considering) and realised that I was slightly misled when I was told she did it herself. Well, my saddle was an old roper (with the really low cantles..for tie-down roping I believe?) and I would have to hold the horn during take-offs (and coming out of a pocket). So, I went to use leg aids, because I couldn't switch my rein hand confidently (her canter/gallop is a little rough), and I didn't realise that Lucky was actually push-button. So, we were too far out, and I used my leg, and then got off balance a bit. Lucky was positioned right towards the barrel, and being the self-preserving mare she is, she ducked out to the left (wrong direction for my second barrel D:) and so I didn't go with her..I even have a picture of my splayed out on the ground. :p I ended up setting the mark for the rest of the falls that day at the show. I think 8 other people fell off, and the second barrel was the most knocked (I think only one person knocked the first [guy had a green colt..think it was it's first show]). I was a little nervous to run Lucky again (gave me another exhibition too). I had no issues getting on her again, but I was unsure about running her. I ended up running her in the rest of my classes without falling or knocking anything, even though I completely ruined poles lol) and got my slowest ever time on barrels (including my training rides on a draft cross), a 28 on a 15 second (winning about 16 average?) pattern..The next show I was still extremely worried about falling and got a 24 ;;
Happiest Moment of the Whole Year:
-My exhibition barrel run from Friday. Lost my stirrup coming off my first barrel and finished the pattern with what I guessed to be about a 20 second run. All I needed was a saddle that had an actual cantle, haha.
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Funniest moment?
When I was loading Indy into the new horse trailer. He stops and cranks his neck over towards the old one parked over by the barn & turns & looks at the new one, looks back at the old one. I laughed so hard, then he looks at me thinking as if to say "Hmmm, yep, old lady is going crackers, she don't even know which is MY trailer".

Most surprising?
He nows accepts clipping his ears like an old pro. Just out of the blue, he lowers his head & lets me do my thing.

Biggest break through?
Having every tool in my riding tool box to fix whatever behaviour, evasion my horse throws at me. Finding I am needing to use those tools less & less.
The "I know I'm loved" moment?
I let both horses out of the pasture & they run up to their paddocks to waiting grain, usually. Indy stops, midway, turns back & looks at me & waits. He had a very loving look on his face, almost made me cry.
Biggest setback/bad day?
In a showring, at the far end, on the other side of the ring, there was a van parked & doors open revealing all the jumps. He spooked, everytime we rode by it, I so thought he was over than nonsense.

Happiness moment of the whole year?
Taking my horse swimming. A feeling like no other.
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Funniest moment?
Watching Sky dig into his grain and send it flying EVERYWHERE. He has such spirit :)

Most surprising?
He let me open a gate on his back by me leaning down on his back and lifting it up off of its perch. He stood perfectly still and relaxed.. and he even didn't mind stepping around a black rat snake on a trail! His first trail ride at the new barn!

Biggest break through?
Getting him to relax and go round and engage that hind end! No more giraffe unbalanced riding!! :)

The "I know I'm loved" moment?
Patting Sky on the neck and him sinking his face into my arms slowly while standing in the crossties. He owns my heart :)

Biggest setback/bad day?
Letting someone canter my horse and having all that anxiety rush back into him.. now we're working on the lunge-line before I give it a whirl.

Happiness moment of the whole year?
Riding Sky bareback :) No one thought we could do it!
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