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monthly/yearly costs

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    12-21-2009, 09:51 AM
monthly/yearly costs

Hi people, new here. Looks like some great people and info. I live in Fallbrook, Ca. Anyone have a ballpark figure on how much 1 horse will cost to keep for 1 year, approximately. We are going to get a couple early next year and wanted some input on cost so my eyes are wide open. I really have no pasture land to speak of on 2 acres, not even a trailer yet. I imagine the vet will come out here. We have no equipment but will be starting soon. We both have ridin when we can and the granddaughter has been takin lessons for 3 yrs. Thanks for any info for this rookie and his wife.
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    12-21-2009, 09:59 AM
Owning horses isnt cheap :) on top of routine care you have to also keep in mind if there was an emergency how are you going to pay for that? Its always good to have a seperate acct for your animals for those times!

I don't keep my horse on my property but when I did it was cheaper :) but we also had ample pasture and it sounds like you might not so you want to ensure you have plenty of forage for them (hay) depending on cost of hay in your area it can usually range anywhere from $3-10 a bale. My horse gets coastal hay from the barn and then I buy her timothy on top of that and that's an extra $20 a bale (40-50lb)

You have to have their feet done every 6-8 weeks on average which can range anywhere between 35-150 usually dependng on what you get done.

Routine worming, dental care, shots/vaccines, feed, supplments, sand colic care, horse supplies all adds up pretty quickly.

On Avg. Right now I spend about $500 month on one horse and that is not including vet visits, farrier etc. that is just routine care and maintance!

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new friends :)
    12-21-2009, 10:04 AM
Thanks for the quick info. Being in Ca. Will that probably mean more $ than where you r at? $500 per month per horse! Wow.
    12-21-2009, 10:08 AM
Green Broke
Well.. I don't live in CA, actually on the other side of the country (VA). But you will have to be looking at;

  • Every 8 weeks farrier (depending on who you hire will determine price)
  • Vet (who will come to you, but again price is dependent on who's by you)
  • Hay. Now, Hay can really get costly. Really really costly.If you're going to have a pasture with a run-in/lean-to, I suggest round bales. My 4 goes through 1 round bale [fescue/orchard grass mix, $35 per bale) in 6-8 days. Round bales usually cost more for better quality.
  • Grain. Usually (for and Triple Crown brand) - $25 per bag. Again, the number of horses you have will vary with how much grain you will need monthly.
  • Basic care - Like any extra medical care (which you may need), anything else you may need...

Also, since you have (from what I understand) pretty much nothing, you'll need to fence, build a shelter/barn, buy tack, halters, brushes etc, plus the horse... AND a trailer... it'll get pricey.

We have our horses on our farm instead of the place I take lessons at for a reason.. but we know how bad it can get (money wise) and we are willing to give everything for our horses..

Good luck.
    12-21-2009, 10:10 AM
Green Broke
Oh! I forgot about worming! Whoops, lol, Thanks ClassicalRomantic.

Yeah, at the lesson barn; we had one mare.. $200 a month + frequent vet & farrier, AND she needed shoes =/. We didn't even ride that much! :(
    12-21-2009, 10:15 AM
Thanks I have already made 3 corrals, 1 small barn, 1 stable and a small tack room so that is done. I know it is costly especially beginning with nothing. Any thoughts from someone in San Diego area on where/how to get started getting stuff. Wait until we get a horse sounds rough but maybe we can find someone getting rid of their horse and equipment too? Does this happen much? Sounds scary to start with.
    12-21-2009, 10:36 AM
Green Broke
If you're looking for a project horse, rescues are a great way to go. Some you will get for free to nothing, or under $1000. I used to spend my summers in San Diego! Sadly I never rode out there. You can also go to tack shops and but used tack, which will be cheaper.

My two ponies were $600 (both rescues). They came with undersaddle training,(The Mare both English and Western) - Brides and Martingales.
    12-21-2009, 11:11 AM
I pay $525 a month for board
$90-160 every 5-7 weeks for farrier,
$5 every other month for worming
Vet twice a year for shots
Dentist once a year

And that's for a healthy horse, injured or sick is much more expensive

I've heard on average, 10,000 a year for one horse
    12-21-2009, 11:18 AM
Hay is going to be your biggest cost, and being their basic food, feeding high quality hay will save you $$s in the long run, and lightly worked horses really need little or no grain/feed. If you figure 2.5% of the horses weight in hay per day, you should have a good estimate for the cost. Horses on a hay diet with lots of 'chewing' time also need much less frequent dental work.
Use the vet only when you really need him...give the routine shots yourself and save vet $$s for emergencies. We use the vet only for rabies (not allowed to do yourself in NC) and their Coggins.
Finally, unless you already have your heart set on a certain type of horse/breed, consider the fact that some breeds are definitely lower maintenance than others. We have no pasture either, but the bottom line is by doing as much as we can ourselves, our 3 Paint trail mares (easy keepers, very low maintenance) cost us about $6/day/horse.
    12-21-2009, 11:50 AM
I keep my horses on my property. Extra water (for the troughs) runs me an extra $30-50 a month. Feed is $25 every 2 weeks. Hay is $6.50 a bale and I go through 1 bale a day. Yearly vet check for shots and coggins $500. Farrier for all 4 $140 every 6-8 weeks (I only have one in shoes). Yearly teeth floating $400. Sometimes we put a round bale out for them because we don't have pasture $70 every 1-2 weeks . Forgot worming $5-7 per horse every 6-8 weeks (I worm them when the farrier comes out...less often in winter)

4 horse trailer $6500
Hank(QH)- $2500
Little Lucy (pony)-$650
Lexi(Little Lucys baby) free ha ha ha(LL was pg and we didn't know it)- $250 for the vet to come out when she was born.

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