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Most terrifying horse riding moments?

I was just thinking about some of the craziest, scariest things I've ever experienced on a horse.
  • The first was when I was even more of a beginner, and took up the opportunity to ride an out of work farm horse on a big big trek rounding up cattle. Spent the whole time fighting this mares mouth, and I felt so bad, but the only way to get her to stop was to jag, and even then when her friend galloped, so did she! And she was a rearer. Never been so afraid in my life haha.
  • The second was when I was on my gelding without a bridle and he decided to take off (; I had absolutely no control over him, and he was obviously very unsure as to what was going on. When he started doing this weird bucking canter, I knew I had to jump off. When I did, I must have slipped under him as he cantered along, because he stood on my leg. Permanent nerve damage, swelling and bruising.
I'd love to hear about other peoples mishaps! Maybe I could learn something from them hehe.

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I did something really silly on my TB once!

I tried to ride him back to his paddock bareback in a halter and lead rope, without tying the rope to the other side of his halter (he doesn't neck rein).

Horse spooked, realized I didn't have control, and BOLTED back to his paddock at full speed. I made whoooaaas and gave tentative pulls on the halter, but I really was terrified he would buck if I yanked hard. All I remember thinking was, I have to stay on his back, because the speed we were going at, I would have splattered if I hit the ground!

Andy went past his paddock and just kept flying. We were coming up to a gate, and I wasn't sure if he would jump it (he had before to get to a buddy) so I just braced myself and HELD ON. Luckily he did a massive sliding stop and turned away, and I was able to hop off and marvel at the fact that I was still alive. At least I'd had the sense to wear a helmet.

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Just recently, when I was going on a trail ride, a racecar suddenly flew roaring out of a blind turn, drifting right at us, and my usually very safe with traffic gelding spun and bolted home at a blind gallop. He wasn't responding to any cues at all, and the racecar was still following us (!!!), and we were approaching a swampy field with barb wire fencing very fast. The only thing I could do was to whack at the side of his neck and cheek with my whip until he jumped out on the very hard, rocky road and then galloped a bit more until stopped.

I didn't feel any emotions at that moment, and I still haven't wrapped my mind around what happened. My gelding is okay, thankfully.

Last year, during a trail ride, we were almost hit by an aggressive ATV driver in the forest, and my gelding tried spinning and bolting as well. Luckily, I managed to stop him with the one rein stop right away, but then he started broncing out of panic. It was a real, hard rodeo-type of a bronc, and I hanged on for my dear life until he finally stopped after what seemed like several minutes. After I hopped off, he was trembling, looking into the distance with an empty gaze and emptied his bowels almost non-stop for the next hour - he had been afraid for his life and I'm very lucky I got him under control. I couldn't force myself to hit the trails alone again for many months to come after that.
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The scariest thing I've experienced on horseback was back about three years ago.

I was riding with a friend and we were galloping through a field. He went through a patch of trees and I tried going around the patch of trees. My horse at the time continued to follow the other horse through the patch of trees, and I lost my seat and came really really close to falling off. So close, that my chin hit the horn of my saddle. I don't even know how it's possible to slip that low and not fall. I sported a good bruise under my chin for a week and swear I saw my life flash before my eyes when I was hanging there.

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Cantering around a corner during a lesson in my teen years, my massive tank of a horse tripped. I remember it in slow-motion: expecting her to recover then feeling us falling, her fighting to right herself but ultimately rolling over me, seeing my mother & trainer running towards us.

I was so worried about my mare, all I remember about the ER was that they had to cut my boots off for the examination, lol. Thankfully, aside from bruising, swelling & stiffness, neither horse nor I were seriously injured.
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There are a couple from my childhood mare, who had a bit of an issue tripping. I wasn't the smartest teen apparently because I still used her for all sorts of stuff. Once I was jumping her and she tripped going over the jump, I hit the ground and looked up to see her falling towards me, apparently she saw me or something because she twisted and hit the fence instead of me.

Another time she tripped and came down, trapping my leg under her body, she started to roll towards me to get up and I started kicking at her with my untrapped leg until she rolled the other way. All in all she probably fell with me or on me something like 15 or so times, somehow I was never seriously injured.

This one always sticks in my head too. I was riding my lesson horse in my new saddle which was super slippery, apparently whatever I had used to clean it was a little too conditioning. He saw some fake flowers outside of the fence and leapt sideways to escape, normally I could stick those type of leaps on him, but with the saddle, I sort of just slipped right off the side. Somehow I ended up underneath him and had maintained a hold on my reins too. He freaked out even further and started rearing repeatedly with his hooves on either side of my head. Once my trainer's yells got through to me I let go and he bolted away.

My most recent is with my current horse. It was about two years after I bought him, 6 months after I had moved him to my parent's house. I knew he was herd bound and it was spring so I figured it would be a little worse than usual. We went out on the big loop ride I usually do, I thought that I would take care of the issue in one good wearing ride. Man was I wrong. The entire ride was spent circling, doing serpentines, leg yeilds, etc, etc. He was jigging, spooking at everything under the sun, and completely lathered. After something like two hours we were coming to the end and he had settled a little, but not a lot, my body was done so we continued the loop to get home. The last mile is along the highway and as we came down it there was a lawn mower parked on our side for sale. On the other side of the highway were two pick ups parked. He immediately went into even higher alert and started freaking out, I had him just barely on the right side of control and was doing everything I could to get him calmed. He settled a little bit and we started past the lawn mower, something freaked him out again and he tried to bolt into the highway, which just happened to be occupied at the moment by a semi truck coming in one direction and a big pick up in the other. I was not even two seconds from jumping off and letting him kill himself, but I managed to get him stopped. After that we got past the lawnmower, the rest of the way down the road, and back to the house. I still get nervy when I have to ride on the highway now and that was like 5 years ago. He's thankfully not nearly as spooky or herd/barn sour as he was back then and I just put him on SmartCalm which has worked wonders to get rid of the worst of his edge.

Yes, I am totally aware that all of my terrifying moments are due to my own enormous stupidity or hubris.
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Me and my friend rode her horses when I first started. I was on her wp and English appy and he was a big boy. She was other barrel gelding and apt he things we did on those horses!
We played Simon says and I almost got bucked off luckily he was a little lazy and when we slid to their butts to see how far they would go with us sitting there I kicked and all of a sudden I was right behind his withers! Her mom told us to wear helmets and not to do anything stupid while she was gone for a bit well we took the two boys out to a big feild in a halter and lead and let hem graze while we were on them. We saw her moms car coming home we ran the horses to the barn there was a big stream in the pasture (around 8 feet) and my horse cleared it and her horse splashed at the end. We rode up to the barn and into the stall area and to the arena. We said we wouldn't tell her but we did anyways. We put a western saddle on her moms strictly dressage gelding because we couldn't find her saddle and I was riding him. I've ridden my first horse, my qh, and my moms horse with nothing and bareback.
Plus many more!!
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I think my most scary moments are watching others fall off. Then you really have 0 control!

My most scary... I was jumping my mare when we were both very new to jumping. She was doing cross rails just fine. My trainer put down sideways barrels. The first time she refused. Second time I don't remember what happened. Third time she stopped threw her hips to the left (so she was standing at a 45 degree angle to the barrels), then with out me asking she left about 5 feet and went over. I did the, what I like to call, falling cat move, land on the saddle mid air and fell off.

... I believe that is the last I'm we've jumped... On purpose.
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I've had a few incidents with my sweet little mare...

The first incident occurred about a week after I had bought her. At my barn we have a track that goes around all of the pastures and next to our barn on either sides are big farming fields. I had ridden my mare many times on this track before I owned her, and she was an absolute non spooky angel. So, it was a nice winter day when my brother and I decided to take my mare and another horse out onto the track for a little exercise. We had gone a few laps around and everything was great....until someone decided to go illegally "muddin" in a diesel truck in the field next to us. As soon as my mare heard/spotted the truck she took off at a dead gallop. I had no opportunity to circle her or anything. She wasn't listening to any cues.. she was just running for her life. While i'm trying to control my horse at a gallop I then realize that all of the horses in the pasture are running with me and my mare at a gallop. I looked back to see where my brother was and his horse is standing still like nothing is happening. I yell for him to come try to stop my mare but by then we had already reached the end on the track. I could see that we were headed for the metal fence at a gallop. I decided I should probably jump off I emergency dismounted and landed on my back but all I cared about was that my horse was safe so I yelled at my brother to go get her...and about 10 minutes of chasing her around he finally caught her. In the end both of us thankfully were okay! I cracked my tailbone and messed up my neck but that's minor considering what could of happened.

Then couple months ago my friend and I decided to go on a trail ride across the street from our barn. We tacked up and walked our horses to the rode...mind you this is with my sweet little mare... The rode you have to cross in order to get to the trail is unfortunately a very busy rode. My friend and I walked our horses across the rode and got to the trail without a hitch....this is where the fun begins. My mare had done this trail many many times and was completely fine with it, however this time was not one of those times! I got on her and my friend mounted her horse. We walked about 30 feet and then my mare decided that she was too she reared up and dumped me (which she's never done before). My friend tried to catch her but it was too late. Snickers(my mare) turned around and headed back for the barn at a gallop. We ran after her but there was nothing we could do! She ran across that very busy rode and by some miracle , didn't get hit. After she got across the rode she ran into a pasture and started grazing...Seeing her run across the extremely busy rode and not being about to do anything about it was the hardest thing I've had to witness. Thank god she was okay.
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Subbing, to read more and post my own stories later on!
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