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Too numerous to mention, but none for years & years. Horses rearing up and going over really scares me, because when I was a kid I saw a girl killed by a horse that did that. I feel a horse go up too high and I bail off the side at mach speed. I don't get back on either, that's when I trained for the public, I quit those horses, and took them home.
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Warning: Novel ahead

Heaps of scary things have happened to me while riding Luca and other horses, so I'm just going to choose the ones I can remember haha

1. I went to a friend's house a few years ago and she suggested that we ride her horses up to the barn bareback and bridleless. So that's what we did. It went well at first, the mare I was riding was walking in the back and I felt pretty safe. Well, until my friend's horse spooked and bolted and the horse I was riding started to follow her. I just decided to hang on for dear life as the two horses leaped over small ditches, ran up the hill and finally slowed down when we reached the barn. Surprisingly, none of us fell off.

2. This is a very silly one and it was my fault. My sister and I were making up "quests" for each other where we stupidly dared each other to do different things with our horses (for example: Trot "sidesaddle" without a saddle) and my sister dared me to ride her horse bare back and the other way around (with me facing his rump). So there I was, riding the other way around, when Syd (the horse) decided that he didn't like what I was doing and just started pacing (he's a Standardbred and ex-pacer) full-speed back to the gate. Those few moments on his back were pure terror. I had nothing to hold on to and Syd was going faster and faster. All I saw was his hindquarters bobbing up and down. I did fall off, but I didn't get hurt. I learned my lesson, though.

3. I was riding Luca bareback on a huge paddock, riding down the hill slowly, going around the back of the paddock and galopping back up. It was great fun. I was starting to ride down the hill, when I felt Luca accelerate. When I tried to slow him down, it was already too late. He was galopping down the hill. It was a long way down, and I was starting to slip towards his withers, having no saddle. Faster and faster he went, and I could feel him trying to slow down, but he couldn't, with the hill being too steep. Even worse, Luca had (and still has) a roached mane so I had absolutely nothing to hold on to except the neck strap. So there we were, hurtling down this hill at a gallop, unable to stop. After a while and to my relief, the gound evened out and Luca managed to control his strides, slowing down to a walk. I let out a huge breath and rode some circles after that.

4. Another one! (you were warned)
I was riding Luca along the road through my neighbourhood and we passed a paddock full of pigs. Luca is absolutely terrified of pigs, so he started freaking out and backing up. I urged him on, thinking that once we passed them Luca would be fine. How wrong I was. When I finally managed to get Luca past the pigs, I praised him and rode on, only to be greeted by something standing right next to the road, behind a flimsy fence. Another pig. But that one was bigger than the average miniature horse. Well, that was the last straw for poor Luca, who backed up into a ditch, leaped out, spun around and bolted down the grassy strip on the side of the road. "Luckily" the road was also going downhill so double yay for me. I sunk my heels right down and contemplated how I could possibly emergency dismount, when I had a better idea (or should I call it "common sense"?). I managed to get Luca onto the gravel road, which slowed him to a trot and then finally a walk.
He's still scared of pigs to this day.

5. Last one, I promise!
I was riding in my trainer's arena and Luca and I were just peacefully trotting around it, when my trainer suggests some serpentines. So that's what we did. Now, this arena has several jumps set up, of varying heights (80cm to 1.10m) and while Luca and I were doing a serpentine through the arena, Luca suddenly veered off to the side, going towards a 90cm jump. Under saddle, Luca was only jumping 70cm, so I did all I could to steer him away from the jump. 90cm might not seem very high (especially with a 16hh horse) but Luca has an odd style of jumping and is still learning, so I was absolutely terrified. In the last second I managed to pull him to the side and trot him away from the jump.

There's still heaps of scary things stored in the back of my mind but I think I've typed a bit too much, haven't I? I do that a lot.
(Ah, I've just remembered two other ones that are pretty terrifying, but I don't know if I should type them all out. I've written too much! Long story short, my sister was riding her horse bareback and Luca was free in the same paddock. My sister started cantering along the fence when Luca suddenly charged after them with a terrifying expression on his face. My sister panicked because Luca looked so aggressive, but suddenly Luca slipped and slid on his hindquarters into my sister's horse, who just leaped forwards a bit and slowed down. The other story involves a trek along the road and a very buddy-sour Luca who, with no prior warning, bolted after my sister's horse who was walking along further in front. Luca did some big bucks, but I hung on and brought him back under control before he could run all the way to his best buddy.)

Phew, I've made Luca sound like such a horrible horse, but he's learnt so much and is so much easier to control nowadays. These stories are all from last year or the year before that.
Whoa. I wrote a novel. I'm so sorry!!!
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These stories are both awesome and terrifying. Now I'm afraid to ride outside my little riding ring. lol

“When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk: he trots the air; the earth sings when he touches it; the basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes. ” ~ William Shakespeare
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I was visiting some family friends in England when I was about 12. They had a giant 18 hand horse who was supposed to be a gentle giant. They offered to let me sit on him. I normally wouldn't have without a helmet, but younger me couldn't pass up an opportunity to sit on any horse. She was holding onto his lead rope and I was just sitting bareback on him holding onto his mane. Suddenly he spun around and ripped the lead rope out of her hands and took off across the field (judging by his reaction I think he might have been stung by a bee). I almost immediately lost my glasses (I see very poorly without them). I keep telling myself to bail off in an emergency dismount as I had absolutely no way to stop him (the dangling lead rope was way out of reach, not that 100 pound me could have stopped a horse that big anyways bareback with just a lead rope), but I couldn't bring myself to bail off a horse that big, going that fast on hard ground. He lapped the field at a full gallop and headed towards one of the fences. I don't think he saw it well as it had a bunch of bushes behind it. At the last he did see and slammed on the breaks. The ground was muddy though and his hind quarters slipped under him. He must have managed to avoid falling on me because I wasn't hurt, but that part is a bit fuzzy.
It all happened so fast I wasn't that scared at the time, but looking back it was pretty terrifying. I never say I'm "just" doing this or that on or with a horse anymore, because the situation can change pretty fast!
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I was on a trail ride with a couple of girls and a boy my age last year. The trails did not belong to the BO, but the neighbors who owned them allowed us to use them. We were not told that there was major construction going on in what used to be thickly wooded trails. Apparently there was construction to build a road so people could later mine for limestone there. We were riding down a lane and stopped when we saw all kinds of diggers and big trucks. The machines didn't scare the horses much. They threw the scary metal monsters a few odd looks but didn't bolt or get too nervous. There was a trail around the construction site off to the side, but they had one of their big dump trucks parked in the middle of it. We decided to just turn back and call it a day so we wouldn't take the risk of the horses stepping on construction materials and getting hurt and we wouldn't get in the way. None of the trucks or machines were being used and were all turned off. We assumed the workers were just taking a break. We saw them sitting around on the ground and in chairs. As we started to turn, we saw a man (obviously heavily intoxicated) walking towards us. He started yelling things that we couldn't exactly decipher because his speech was very slurred. The boy in our group calmly told him that we would be going back and not to worry. The man pulled out a gun. Well, that was it for us. We hauled butt out of there at full gallop. It wasn't some crazy spooking horse like most of these stories, but it was certainly terrifying to have a drunk man point a gun at a trail group. Needless to say, the man was arrested a few days later. Whether he was still working there or not, we weren't going back there again!
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I can't read any more of these, or I won't be able to ride at all for a while...

My scariest time was when Sonny was still pretty new to me,and I wasn't nearly as good a rider as I mistakenly thought I was at the time. Also, I had not a clue that a horse could have an opinion of what the rider asked them to do and Sonny as it turned out , strongly disagreed with my bright idea for us to go on the trails alone. About 20 feet down the trail, I was *smart* enough to realize I was in trouble. He was high headed, whites of eyes showing, snorting, and we had argued back and forth over the same 8 ft of trail for about 5 minutes. I wanted to go away from the barn, he kept turning back toward the barn. I was getting tired, and emotionally frazzeled, and he was actually trembling underneath me. As green as I was, I realized that I was at risk to have a horse buck, bolt or rear,,,or all three. I was terrified. Thank my guardian angels for giving me enough sense to dismount. It was like sitting on a stick of dynamite with the fuse lit...just a matter of time till it was going to blow, and I wasnt any where near a confident enough rider to work thru it and get him confident in my leadership.
Another time, he was refusing to go forwards by backing,,,and was headed right toward a smoldering campfire..his back feet were about 3 feet from the edge of the campfire when I finally got him stopped and then going forward again. pretty scary also.
Thank goodness , he is a much calmer horse and I am a much more confident rider these scary stuff in a very long time.
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Well here goes! lol

1. My saddle girth broke on my spooky gelding (I was riding him english). The saddle slid out from underneath me at a canter, I managed to swing my feet out of the stirrups and stay on bareback, tried to get him to whoa and he bolted blind. Then he started bucking. About our third lap around I finally bit the dust and fell off to the side, when I did I thought I was dead. My gelding was coming right at me and couldn't see me flailing on the ground. I hit a building foundation that was sticking up out of the ground, rolled down a hill and sprung myself up. My bell was rung so hard I could barely walk straight but I chased him through a fence to get him out of my area, collected myself and went and got him about an acre away and got back on same day. I suppose the scariest part was a few years later when I had x rays taken, that fall fractured my collar bone, spine, hip, arm and chipped my skull and I had been none the wiser (no pain other than achs and only later severe spine pain, no nothing). I have to be extra careful now when I get hurt! My horse made it out with no injuries, not even a scratch.....

2. I was getting a horse ready for the trainer I work for. I went to flyspray the horse (a usual thing) and all of a sudden I felt the horse clamp onto me with his teeth and pull. He broke the cross ties, cornered me and tried to stomp me to death. Thank god her husband and the farrier were there because it took three of us to beat him off and chase him away from ourselves. He was sent home same day. I still to this day think the only thing that saved my behind was the fact that I might have been on the ground but I screamed, kicked, bit and punched like no one else on his muzzle and feet. I surprisingly came out unscathed as did he.

So far those have been the only times! lol
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Mine wasn't scary at the time, but it turns out that it's difficult to get it out of my head!

My horse dumped me and I had no idea it was coming. My fault, I had put the new bit on his bridle incorrectly and it was hurting him. He probably just crow-hopped and I went backwards over his butt.

I was riding along and all of the sudden when I looked down toward my legs, all I saw was blue sky between them where a horse should be and thought "uh oh." Landed just below the small of my back. Above the tailbone. 10 days of physical therapy and I could finally bend down enough to get into my car without agony. They called it a deep bone bruise.

I also had a vaguely horsehead shaped bruise from my saddle on my leg :)

And a fresh fear of not knowing what new mistake I just made and what the payment will be was born! Yay me...
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I've only had one absolutely terrifying moment, and one or two instances that had me a bit concerned, but not scared.

I had just recently moved Alahna back to the barn I first started riding at since the previous one was starving her and leaving her in a cow stall (cement block, no windows) 24/7 unless I took her out and decided on a nice, long trail with my buddy who had his horses on his property about 2-3 miles down the road. We had a great trail ride (albeit lost a shoe in the swamp lol), and I had headed home alone along the road. Mind you, this is the first day Alahna had ever been on the road; seeing as she did fine on the way over I didn't think anything of it. Granted, we hadn't seen any tractor trailers on the way over..on the way back we did.
I had decided that since it was going to start getting dark soon I'd take the road all the way since it would be faster, but didn't think about the one blind bend. I crossed the road to walk against traffic on the shoulder since they could see me better than a vehicle coming the direction I was walking. Well, as soon as I get across the road onto the shoulder, a semi hauling a van trailer comes FLYING around the bend. Alahna about lost it and while I was figuring she'd jump the guard rail, she instead backed out into the road! I thought we were done for..I really did. I almost broke down and cried I was so thankful no one was coming in the other lane and he could swerve to avoid me (I'm still waiting to see a dashcam video on YouTube LOL). After I realized I wasn't dead and Alahna was still under me, I saw the car that wasn't even a foot off the semi's bumper and got pissed (I hate when people tailgate, especially when I have a trailer hooked up), I felt that somb****es mirror just barely graze my jeans (I had on loose jeans that day).
After walking to a garage parking lot and collecting myself, we continued on our way home. Remind yourselves, Alahna threw one of her front shoes earlier at the swamp. We were trotting around another bend (not as sharp, so in our lane. along with a bigger shoulder) when someone I knew came up behind us and passed. That now non-friend had everyone in that car hollering and screaming..Alahna then bolted down the highway (68 in PA, a two-lane) and passed the bar until I could finally get her stopped by turning her onto the road we had to take to get home. The only funny things I remember after leaving my friend's trails was all the people standing on the porch of the bar laughing their asses off and pointing as I hauled on her face and hollered whoa over and over again. The second funny thing is the guy that picked up my phone for me after it felt out of my belt-clip. He told me, "You were booking girl! I was going 50 and couldn't even catch up to you. If you wouldn't have stopped I'd still have your phone you dropped!" with a big 'ol grin on his face. I really appreciated that he picked my phone up for me, not so much that he laid on the horn as soon as I'd had stopped her and turned her to go home, lol.

I did have a scare when Alahna and I were going up a super steep hill (probably about 70-75%) and her front end just dropped. Her poor little legs just folded right up under her at the even steeper "quad jump" that was positioned right at the top of the hill.

The only other scare I've had was when I was galloping up a hill on the trail that I thought was a different hill. I didn't know this was the hill with ditches and quad jumps all the way up it. The first couple we just cantered right over..the last one though was a ditch with a jump built up on the side we were running over. I was not expecting a 3'6" jump over a 6" quad jump and ditch! I lost my phone, my cigarettes, and ended up holding on for dear life while trying to pull her up and balance myself again all at the same time while I was halfway off her, and on part of her neck! XD I have no idea how I stayed on, but I was quite irked I had to get off to walk back down the hill and find my stuff, lol. Luckily my phone case was blaze orange and I found it covered in mud, haha.
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So I found the pic of the bruise I got. It was on the inside of my left thigh. From the knee pad of my Aussie :)

If you look close, you can see a horse head and neck in it!

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