New... A couple questions.. looking for some input..

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New... A couple questions.. looking for some input..

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        05-10-2008, 10:50 PM
    New... A couple questions.. looking for some input..

    I'm new, so first of all Hi :) I'm 26 and from Peoria,Il..

    I have a rant, and some questions.. I'm contemplating buying a horse.. She's "green" so he says, she was totally broke but until today she hadnt been ridden in a little over a year. We trailered her,she goes in and backs out like a dream.. Get her saddled up and once he's on she gives a tiny little half buck.. I wouldnt even call it a buck.. More of a tap dance with her back feet :)

    Anyway.. She's definantly a little green... I would say I'm an intermediate rider at best.. I owned a gorgeous QH in my teens but if you do the math, that was quite awhile ago.. :) But, I'm talking to the guy who says he was asking $600 for her ( which to me was astounding, because she rode just fine) BUT---- that if I wanted to put her under a professional trainer of my choice, he would gladly knock it down to $300..

    At which point Im pretty sure my jaw dropped... She is coggins free, up to date on shots.. He does her hooves himself so they are in good shape.. I'm just baffled that he's selling her so cheap.. He says basically he doesnt have time for her anymore, and he's more concerned with getting her a good home than he is making a buck off her back..

    So.. Any thoughts on this?? Can anyone think of other things to ask about/try before buying? I know she isnt buddy sour or anything because she left them behind just fine when we left to ride..

    Now my rant...

    I was looking at a local stable at a couple of their horses, one in particular that she stated was 16.3 and about 1200 pounds..

    Now I'm FAR from a skinny gal.. I've put on a bunch of weigh this last year because of a medical condition that I only just got put on medication for last month ( and have thankfully dropped 12 pounds since being on it.Woohoo)

    But.. Far from skinny.. but I'm also not 300+ pounds.. Well.. We'll just throw it out there I'm 5'9 and 235 pounds.. Now everything I've read.. And most horse people I've talked to, have said your average horse can carry a quarter of its weight without problem..

    This woman had the nerve to tell her sister ( on the phone that is, she didnt realize I was there in the room listening) that she didnt want to put me on one of their horses because I was just "too big" ...

    Now.. If you don't want to sell me a horse.. Fine.. that's your perogative... but do we really have to act like high schoolers? Just tell me, you don't think any of your horses are a good fit for me.. and I go on my way..

    But am I correct in my thinking? About a quarter of the horses weight is acceptable/fine for the horse?

    Anyway.. Sorry this was so long.. I had so much going on today and none of my friends are horse people, so I really wanted some input :)

    Thanks for reading!
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        05-10-2008, 10:58 PM
    I forgot to add a couple things.. At the risk of sounding like a moron ( I know nothing about bloodlines ) he said she comes from.. Dry Doc, and Peppy San? Bloodlines?

    He also told me that if I bought her, and decided in a month or so that I didnt like her he would gladly give me my money back if I would bring her back to him instead of selling her at auction or something..
        05-10-2008, 11:55 PM
    Green Broke
    As for bloodlines, Dry Doc is in the Three Bars (TB) and King (QH) lines and Peppy San in the Leo (QH) line...all excellent. You can check out pedigrees at I don't think you mentioned the breed...I assume this horse is AQHA registered...if so, make sure you get the certificate. I don't see Impressive in the bloodline, so you don't have to worry about HYPP. Sounds lile a bargain...with the price of feed and hay as it is, I've seen a lot of folks almost giving away horses recently.

    BTW, I've heard up to 1/3 the horses weight. A 16+hh, 1200 lbs horse should be able to carry you without any problems at all. Our stocky Paint mares (14.2hh-15.2hh, 1000-1100 lbs) can carry anyone, anywhere, all day long and still have plenty of go.
        05-11-2008, 11:58 AM
    I guess I'll start with the price thing first

    In my area (northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri) Great horses are going for real cheap. Owners that truely don't have time for their horses are more concerned about finding good homes where they would be ridden and used than making money. If I've heard it once i've heard it a hundred times. Even at a recent auction I went to a WONDERFUL well trained horse was sold for less than $500 with a guarntee from the owner that he would buy the horse back for the same money if he wasn't everything you wanted.

    The weight. The lady ( I use that term loosly :roll: ) was an ass! Our quarter horses will carry us and we are not small people either... I wouldn't worry about it. Its not like you are buying a pony. Good luck. I'd love to see some pictures when you buy one!
        05-11-2008, 02:25 PM
    I think you just may have found yourself a bargain. The only thing I would be concerned about is any health issues? I suggest a vet check before purchasing. I know around here they cost about 100-200$ but its well worth it, in my opinion, to know that you are buying a healthy horse.

    As for the weight issue...that horse should not have a problem with you at all!! Sounds like the owner is over-reacting. We have a stocky Appy mix gelding standing 14.1 hands who regularly carries a rider with a similar build without ANY problems.

    Welcome to the forum! :)
        05-11-2008, 05:51 PM
    Green Broke
    Get a vet check! Definitely. That way it saves you heartbreak later if something actually is wrong with the horse.

    As far as the other scenario, that is really lame! Sorry you had to go through that.
        05-12-2008, 10:53 AM
    I used to be a thinner person, but due to a back injury I have been on steroids. It's packed a lot of weight on me in the past year & a half that I have been on them.

    I have a similar size to yours now and I think that "woman" is an ass. There is no reason why a horse of a decent size/weight can't carry you.

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