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New Ownership ?s

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        07-04-2007, 03:25 PM
    New Ownership ?s

    I am thinking about getting a horse, and I need some help, with lists and stuff.

    What do I need to know before I get a horse (dont list facts, just tell me what subjects of horses I need to familiarize myself with before ownership, ex.: deworming, grooming, etc.)?

    What things do I need to buy for a first horse? (say I'm doing general riding, no showing, and keeping it for at least 5 years)
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        07-04-2007, 03:36 PM
    There is a lot to know.

    I would suggest going to your local library and picking up just about every factual book on horses they have and reading them. Do some research on the web.

    You might want to get some training videos. People seem to be really into Parelli, and a lot of other natural horsemanship trainers. Read and study them. You’ll want to find a local barn/stable that gives riding lessons and take some. Also, volunteer a few days at the barn so you can see and experience first had what it’s like to own and deal with horses on a daily basis. They can also show you how to properly groom, since it’s a little hard to explain.

    You’ll want to have confidence and the ability to work with a horse on the ground and in the saddle before you own one. You’ll want to know how to tack up properly as well. As for tack and such, you won’t know until you have your horse. Saddles, bridles, bits, all need to fit correctly. Along with cinches/girths and the other random horse gear.

    I would really find a local barn/stable and familiarize yourself with horses and the day to day handling of them before buying a horse. They are a lot of work, time and money. And if they aren’t trained or treated right it can have really bad results which could, in worse case scenario, lead to your death.

    On another note, a horse shouldn't be something you just own for 5 years and then discard. Unless you're leasing. A horse should be a lifetime commitment, though I do under selling for the various reasons, I don't understand the set of a time limit on own a horse. I'm not trying to be snipey, I just don't get it.
        07-04-2007, 06:26 PM
    Grooming Supplies

    Plastic Mane comb
    Metal pulling comb
    Rubber, Plastic, and Metal Curry Combs
    Hard body brush
    Medium body brushes
    Soft body brushes (Varying lengths)
    Finishing brush (Almost like fleece, very fine hairs)
    Hoof brush
    Hoof picks
    Shedding Blade
    Sweat Scrapers (A curved, and a straight)
    Towels and Sponges
    Bot Blade
    Thinning, and Fetlock Shears

    Health Care, and needed supplies

    Ice Pack
    Gauze Pads
    Vet Wrap
    Antibiotic Spray
    Antibiotic Salve
    Bedidine Scrub (Iodine scrub)
    Sterile Sponge
    8 Standing Wraps (Shedrow is a brand; also make sure there is a lot of elasticity.)
    4 Quilted Wraps (Similar to cottons)
    Syringes (Sizes from 5cc to 20cc)
    Clean, Clear disposable Gloves
    Monthly Wormers

    General Tack supplies
    Several halters (Nylon, and Leather)
    Halter fleece liners (For shipping)
    Several lead ropes (Some w/ stud chain, some without)
    Lunge Line
    Short crop, Dressage whip, and lunge whip
    Fly Mask
    Split boots, or Ankle boots
    Bell Boots (optional)
    Quilted under pad (For under saddle pad, optional)
    Fitted soft Saddle pad
    Saddle (Complete with stirrups, cinch, girth, etc)(optional to get fleece-liner for girth)
    Fitted Breast Strap
    Fitted Headstalls / Bridles (Preferably 2 +.Minimum one leather, one nylon.)
    A soft bit or two (Snaffle or whatever you use, the thicker the better.)
    Saddle Cover
    2 sets of Reins Min (Joined, or split) (One for leather, one for nylon headstalls / birdle)
    Training Fork (Optional) (Or Martingale, etc)
    Hobbles (Optional)
    Horse helmet (Bumper has ear holes snaps onto halter)

    Conditioners and Shampoos

    Fly Spray
    Show sheen
    Hoof Dressings (Hooflex, Rainmaker etc)
    Whitening Shampoo for socks or white horses / paints

    Other (Optional)

    Feed (Grains, pellets, suppliments etc)
    Treats (Apple, Carrot, Pear, assorted horse-treats)
    A range of sturdy Buckets (For feed, soaking feet, lids for certain ones, transport if gone cmaping etc)
    Hay net, corner hay feeder
    Water Bucket
    2 or 3-step Mounting block
    Rubber feed tub
    Broom, Fork, and Rake
    Toys (Jolly ball, likit, etc)
    Salt licks and holders
    Trailer ties, Tie-clips (for on walls)
    Hoof clippers, and a Rasp
    Tail wrap, and tail bag
    Riding helmet
    Riding boots and attire (Gloves etc)
        07-05-2007, 12:53 AM
    Ridding leasons first off.........and find your self a very good vet!!!!! Make sure you know about shots and find a good blacksmith

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