Not sure if I'm being safe or paranoid

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Not sure if I'm being safe or paranoid

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    01-17-2013, 03:49 PM
Not sure if I'm being safe or paranoid

I don't have any close, reliable neighbors, so if I'm the only one home, I don't go into the pasture with the horses. As in at all.
I would just take my cell phone out, but I'm sure most of you know how trustworthy service can be in rural areas.

I'm not scared of either horse. My filly is still so shy, and our gelding is sweet, but can be pushy around food. Neither one is a nut case. I just worry that something as simple and accidental as getting stepped on would leave me stranded in the field with a broken foot for an indeterminate length of time.

This time of year, my husband works until very nearly dark, so I'm torn between wanting to have safe practices and feeling guilty that I'm not able to work with the horses anymore than what I do.

Am I nuts, or is it reasonable to wait for someone to be nearby in case of emergency?
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    01-17-2013, 03:59 PM
My house is 10 miles from the barn that I rent and my barn is VERY secluded. My hubby is not the horse type so I am regularly out there on my own after dark. I just make sure that when I go in the pasture I have my cell phone... which in my case works ok where we are. That way if I need someone I can call for help.
I have had a case where my old mare decided that my foot was right where she needed to be and she STOMPED on it and broke it, I was able to hop/crawl/hobble back to the car so that I could get my phone (that is why I now never go in the pasture without it)
    01-17-2013, 04:02 PM
I understand your concern, but you can't let your fears stop you. Its good to be prepared and have a plan in case something happened. But you can't just not live your life because you're worried something might happen. If I did that, I'd never get in my car everyday.
    01-17-2013, 04:07 PM
Super Moderator
Personally, if I did that, I would NEVER ride or work with my critters.

When I'm truly alone, I make sure to not get into "fights" where I could get seriously injured and I don't take unnecessary risks but I do work with my horse.
I also make sure I expect a high level of behavior from my mare, alll the time, to hopefully avoid any "gray areas" about crowding me or doing anything else that could end up with me being injured.

I certainly would not try putting a first ride on a horse or riding a flighty green broke horse all alone but I would not hesitate to ride/work with a horse that knows what's up. The same goes for ground manners - everyday, all the time, is the right time for ground manners (though, again, I wouldn't work with a seriously dangerous horse alone).

I think, unless your horses are drafts and unless you're planning to work your horses barefoot/in flip-flops, I think you're ok on the broken foot front. I've been stepped on plenty of times (in closed toed shoes) and never ended up with anything worse than a bruised foot. And even if you did break a foot, I imagine you could probably hobble/drag yourself to somewhere you could get help...?
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    01-17-2013, 04:08 PM
Green Broke
Thank you wetrain for wording it much better than I would .. lol.

I try not to make "fear based" decisions .. where is the line between safe and paranoid?? Who knows..
    01-17-2013, 04:13 PM
^^^^ It usually comes down to how many times you've been hurt.
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    01-17-2013, 04:14 PM
Green Broke
^^ I've been hurt plenty .. by horses and motorcycles ... still ride both.
    01-17-2013, 04:14 PM
Green Broke
I would do what I could to be safe and go for it. Like others have said, we would not get in a car or even walk down the street if we thought about the what if's and what could happen's. Leave a note or let someone know where you will be, take a cell phone and a lunge whip and go! Whip in case you need to reinforce your authority or space.
    01-17-2013, 04:29 PM
Green Broke
I ride alone routinely. While Ralph comes home around 3.30, he doesnt have my number and can't be sure of exactly where I went.

Im currently putting solo miles on my mare, and she's known for throwing fits in the driveway, on the road, and on the hill down to the trails. If I waited for Heather or Ralph to be home, Id get to ride my mare maybe once a week, hoping the weather and ground is decent enough. While they have lots of nice neighbours all the way down the road, I don't know them personally, nor do I know if they're home. Im sure if someone saw me laying on the road they'd stop, but I wont bet my life on it. I bank on my skill to keep me safe when I'm out alone.

I've never been scared or nervous to go in the pasture (aside from the knee deep mud, lol). All the horses have the utmost respect for me and I wouldn't be scared of having the herd follow me from the end of the pasture. They know not to invade my space and that they'll get beat with whatever I have if they take even a step too close. They've spooked behind me and took care to run to the other fenceline before running past me. The respect Heather, and they respect me even more so because I demand more of each of them, even if I don't ride any of them.

I know my cell works with absolutely no signal if I need to call 911 for an emercency, so that makes me feel even safer. I generally have both phones on me, and one of the other usually has enough service to make a text or call.
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    01-17-2013, 04:38 PM
Green Broke
I don't ride alone, have problems with getting on and off due to old injuries and none were horse caused. I do go out in the pasture alone, I carry my cell, only time I had a problem hubby was around, it was because my knee locked into a bent position,,not from the horses. If they are acting pushy, I chase them off, go get a stick or crop, and then if they come up being to pushy or fighting at each other they get a whack !

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