Odd behavior... Any suggestions?

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Odd behavior... Any suggestions?

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    06-19-2010, 12:03 PM
Odd behavior... Any suggestions?

2 weeks ago I had Stiffler's teeth floated and he also had to have his canines filed down as they were HUGE! I have no idea when his last float had been done. He also had some other stuff done. He was sedated for the appointment and my vet advised to wait 72 hours before riding after the sedation.

I went out and visited him quite a bit but could not ride even after the 72 hours as we have had a TON of rain lately and the barn he is currently at was flooded.

Sunday or Monday I got a call that he had been injured. One of the BO's rescue horses is REALLY pushy and mean to Stiffler. The BO and another boarder were sitting on the mounting block and Stiffler had come up wanting attention. This horse got angry and bit him on the butt hard enough he attempted to jump on top of the mounting block. Only his front half made it. He skinned his rear legs up pretty badly and had a small limp for a day. By Wednesday he was fine when I went to ride.

I wanted to ride him bareback as I never had until this point. I brought him in to groom him and one of the first things he did was swing his rump over and squish me against the stall wall. I blew it off. I put his bridle on and had no issues with him. I walked him into the arena and I let him approach the mounting block as I figured he was probably associating it with being hurt the other day. He sniffed it and seemed indifferent so I sat down on it. Again, indifferent. I stood up on it and he started backing away. He then grabbed one of the reins in between his teeth and just bit it. He didn't chew it, nothing. He just bit it and wouldn't let it go. I should also note he laid his ears back a bit when he did this.

He kept doing that through the whole time I was there, even while riding. Eventually the BO came out and got a bit pushy with him so he would at least get close enough to the mounting block so I could get on. She told me part of why he's doing this is because I'm too soft with him. She said she knows I love him, etc but that I need to be more firm.

Does his behavior sound like what she said? I will be moving him to another barn here soon, quite possibly with IndyHorses LOL... I just didn't know if maybe his attitude was because of everything he's been through lately or if it was just him testing me because I'm a softie...

Thanks if you made it this far and thanks for any advice!
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    06-20-2010, 12:21 AM
Hi, it does sound as if your horse needs a firm hand. But also you have to remember that a lot has happened to him in those couple of days and he would still be 'smarting' about it. He's obviously not impressed but have you noticed him biting anything else? Like his stable door or anything? It could be that he has a sore tooth or else it feels strange after getting them fixed. This may be irrating him and since he can't express it he takes it out with anger. If the horse is always pushy then yes, you need to handle him with more authority, you don't want him to be able to take control, specially when you're riding.
    06-20-2010, 12:30 AM
Green Broke
He may be expecting something is going to happen to him again and is being spooky.

Do you have a firm hand with him when he needs it?
    06-20-2010, 02:25 PM
Green Broke
Hey, thought I'd reply to this thread since I am here I agree with what has already been said, though. He was through a lot in that short time, then sort of had to bottle it up due to the stormy weather and flooding. Maybe the change of scenery will help him I think my guys tend to have a calming effect *l*
    06-20-2010, 06:06 PM
:) I can't wait to see how they do with your guys Indy :) I am really excited!

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