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odd phenomenon

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        08-13-2012, 02:09 PM
    odd phenomenon

    I look at horses to buy on and off. I would like my mare to have company, and I would like to rope a family member into riding w me. It is a difficult process at best, for the myriad of reasons I am sure most of you all are aware.

    Anyway, here is the phenomenon: many (not all) sellers, regardless of price range, pressume prospective buyers (complete strangers they know nothing about) to have little knowledge of horses. This is just odd to me. I don't ever feel like "proving" otherwise...especially since I am specifically and only interested in the horse in front of me, not the human.

    It just makes the process all that much more unpleasant. Anyone else?
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        08-13-2012, 04:36 PM
    I personally appreciate that some sellers want to make sure their horses are going to a good, experienced home, rather than just selling them to the highest bidder.
        08-13-2012, 04:47 PM
    You may be the needle in the haystack that actually knows something about horses. If the sellers seem a little short or ask you pointed questions, you need to take into consideration that they've been inundated with clueless idiots ever since the ad went out. It tends to make people cranky.

    If I'm in the market and I find an animal in which I'm interested, I send an initial e-mail introducing myself, and ask for a phone number. That way, the seller knows I'm going to be calling them, and I'm not just some moronic tire kicker.
        08-13-2012, 05:12 PM
    I always approached a potential new horse by telling the seller, on initial contact, a brief description of my experience and what I was looking for, and asking a couple questions about the horse for sale - which hopefully indicates that I know a little more than the "what to ask" list you can find online

    For example: I saw the ad for your horse. I've been riding most of my life, but mostly only trail riding. I'm looking for a horse for trail riding, and also to take some Dressage lessons just to learn the basics. I see your horse has done trail riding in the past. Has he gone out both alone and in groups? How often does he usually get on the trails? How is he with the trailer?
    [Further info about contacting me and my availability to see him...]

    Or something similar.

    I've never had a seller treat me as if I didn't have any knowledge.
        08-13-2012, 07:46 PM
    It isn't a matter of my not giving them enough information. I suppose I could let them know what I believe my knowledge level to be...but that just goes against my grain, somehow. I ask very specific questions- especially if it is registered. I live to far out to have the luxury of "just" going to look when the notion strikes me.

    I find that a lot of first time horse owners are now selling horses b/c they can no longer afford them, many of whom presuppose others to be as clueless as they are/were when they acquired the horse they are now trying to sell. It is just annoying, it does not affect my decision on a given horse one bit. Usually it is the more knowledgable higher ended horse owners that do not make "assumptions"...and figure "it" out in conversation.

    I do not assume all horses w which I am unfamiliar w are well trained, can jump, or do a perfect roll-back. I can't tell what people know by looking at them, either. I think it is a mistake to think you can.

    Ironically, in my search, the one horse I "found" that I would dearly like to have but feel is way too big for me - is a horse I initially had no idea was for sale. People either like a given horse well enough to take it home, or they do not - there is nothing to be gained by "demonstrating" your knowledge. Although he is well worth the asking and they would like to work w me, it isn't a matter of price. So, my search has stopped dead in its tracks...I have looked for a long time, and "the one" is too big. Either I will succumb and buy him, or get over it and on w it.....and have potentially have to deal w this "phenomenon" some more....and probably complain about it some more.

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