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One person horse?

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        02-16-2011, 03:27 PM
    My daughter has a horse like this ,he was a rescue ,we don't know very much about his history although the woman we brought him from is very cagey about it often has 40 to 50 horses of the same type for sale every couple of months ,it'll be fells ,then coloureds,then ponies under 14 hands ect
    When daughter first got him he came out of the horse box at a rate of knots ,cut his shoulder and dislocated my shoulder ,she grabbed the lead rein and I told everyone to stand back and he quietened ,he has been hers ever since ,he was stabled for 2 weeks she feed, watered and read to him sitting on the floor and on the wall of his stable,he was scared of doorways walking on concrete ,strangly he's good with children and people who are nervous ,but anyone who is confident he goes out of his way to ensure they don't get hold of him or shows them up ,he would sell his soul for her ,her boy freind has a thoughbred they are stabled next to each other and turned out together and although he can manage if she's at work , he will feed and bring in each it's uncomfortable ,
    The last livery he was at,the trainer and staff refused to handle him , yet my husband who is scared stiff of horses could feed ,lead , bring him in and groom him ,although the girls and I are horsey ,we never owned one untill we got him , my husband ended up handling him ,when he sees him now he still will be as good as gold with him ,her twin sister is hated by him,she is not a bad rider and handler and so am I ,he hates women more than men ,ones with brown short or tided up hair are really not liked ,he does behave if my daughter is there to control him as he listens to her ,it has been decided that if anything happens to her if my hubby doesn't think he can cope he will be put down ,i wouldn't own him if you paid me ,he's 4 now and she's starting to bring him on ,a freind who brought her horse from the same person has just about managed to stoke his neck had a couple of trainers over to see him ,he lead fine out of the horse box and thought thank goodness i've got the less mad one ,he hasn't let himself be caught since ,even in a stable his whole body used to shake and he would stand with his head in the corner bum facing her ,although now will follow her 4 paces back out in the yard and in the feild ,she's had him 2 years now ,but he will have a goat on his back and eatting between his legs, i'd love to know what happened to those 2 horses
    Tried the old owner on replies to texts ,and i'm sorry i've got to go to questions and phone put down ,they do love them luckily
    Yep wow long posts
    Advice would be greatfully recieved by the second one ,first is happy enough with how hers is going and excepts him as he is,although she excepts on rubbish out of him,
    I'm glad yours is improving
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        02-17-2011, 05:30 PM
    Moorland, he even rugs now! I'l find the pics, riley's (the 1st horse in moorland's post) is only even introduced to new people by me. We figured out that if we introduce them in the field with riley on one side of me and the person on the other. If I say its ok then he'll be fine with them, but riley and my twin can't get on at all. Riley's a one person horse by nature, he can by handled by my OH when he's ok but somedays he has to be handled by me for everyones own good. I can rug him, ride him, lead him anywhere 99%, but my other half can't.
    I think these kinds of horse need a good leader and that's what they look for, if a person is confident, right body lanuage etc they responed to it as most horses like this (in my opinion) are insercure and looking for a leader.
        02-17-2011, 06:11 PM
    I know of two horses that are one person horses. One more than the other. They're owned by a friend and coworker in the summer. She keeps them with the horses that belong to the summer camp we work at, but in a different pasture that doesn't have an enclosed corral.

    We've been short on horses the past summer, so the wranglers used hers a few times. I was supposed to ride one of the geldings, except he decided he didn't want to be ridden by me. I almost cornered him and got a leadrope around his neck, but as a fumbled with it, he took off.

    Me and a friend on foot and other friend on horse back managed to herd them into the arena a few yards away. He still wouldn't calm down and started throwing bucks. By that time, we'd been working on catching him for 20 minutes. We were on a tight schedule, so I just grabbed the other gelding and used him.

    The first one is just a jerk. He has no respect for anyone but his owner, who he will come to willingly and be just an angel.

    Her other gelding will come to be caught and leads fine, but while you're saddling him and try to push his butt, he'll push you against the fence and pin his ears. He's disrespectful and a jerk to ride. Less than the other one, but still. Annoying.
        02-17-2011, 08:30 PM
    Thanks Everyone!!!
    I Loved hearing everyone's stories and it is nice to know that I am not alone in this type of situation.

    I am just taking my time easing him into certain situations and with certain people because, though he was never abused he did go through quite a bit recently and I am striving to make him understand that he is safe as can be now.

    Sorry, I'm so silly I forgot to post pictures. I don't have alot on this computer so they aren't great and they both have ME in them :/

    Again, thanks you guys, sometimes it is so comforting to have people know where I am coming from. Hugs to all of you!

    The first pic is our very first ride together, excue MY conformation, after the horror stories I had heard about him I was entirely unsure of myself AND him. I know, I know.
    The second one my BF caught us in one of our serious discussions. See how he at least pretends to be listening? How could you NOT love him?
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        02-17-2011, 09:29 PM
    Green Broke
    Beautiful! I love the second photo, very candid and sweet!

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