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Rant of a sort...punishing.

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        03-26-2010, 02:26 AM
    I agree with you. I don't want people whacking on my horse either. I board my horse also. There are horses at my barn that I don't think have the nicest personalities......will bite out at my horse when I'm near, or try and nip at me when I reach in to pet them or walk by, etc. I don't feel a need to go disciplining them. I simply leave them alone. I make sure me and my horse aren't close enough for any such behavior. At a boarding facility, you get to know other peoples horses, so it usually becomes common knowledge who's horses are warm and friendly and who's you should generally stay away from. If I catch anybody hitting my horse with anything, they better be prepared to fight. I don't discipline other peoples horses, and they better pay me the same respect. If someone doesn't like my horse, then stay away from him. It certainly doesn't sound like to me that the OP's horse is just randomly attacking people in a pasture, so I see no reason for others to have a need to discipline him. I especially feel this way if the horse is on cross ties or in his stall....I mean come on, those should be situations easy to avoid (the horse can't go anywhere). A lot of times in a boarding situation you have a lot of know it alls who discipline because they think they know best. I wouldn't tell them the 'proper' way to discipline your horse...that is just giving them permission to do it. I would tell them straight forwardly that you do not want anyone but yourself and your trainer disciplining your horse. That's not to much to ask.
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        03-26-2010, 06:34 AM
    Originally Posted by wild_spot    

    I would never just walk away from a horse that just tried to bite me. I don't care who's it is, it's going to get at least a growl and a wave of the arms, and if it was with malic, a whop.

    If I walk by a horse and it tries to bite me I am going to bite back (not literally) in some manner.

    It is not acceptable to expect people to have to deal with a rude horse and ignore it.

    The barn workers and such for sure have ever right to reprimand your precious Poopsie if he misbehaves while they are dealing with him.
        03-26-2010, 06:56 AM
    So it's ok for your horse to bite others, but not bite you? And you want to be the only person to enforce his manners? Im sorry but this does not work! If he is aloud to bite other people he will bite you. It is confusing for a horse if he only gets told off half the time. And it is unfair on the barn/agistment workers to be around a horse like that and get abuse from an owner for not being able to defend themselves from it.

    If your horse is to ever learn manners it must get told off from everyone, every time he steps out of line.

    Talk to these people, and show them how you would like them to tell him off (your way).

    I actually incouraged people to handle my boy and tell him off. He now has perfect manners no matter who is with him adults or small kids.
        03-26-2010, 12:13 PM
    As long as people know what they're doing, I don't see a problem with them reprimanding a horse that doesn't belong to them. When someone who's completely clueless tries to correct my horse, that's when my devil horns pop out.

    There's a certain little pony at my barn whom I frequently discipline. His owner won't do anything about his charging, kicking, or biting, and I'm tired of him trying to charge the gate at feeding time. He's quickly learning that it's not so fun to run Jessy over.
        03-26-2010, 12:55 PM
    Originally Posted by EquestrianHollywood    
    Alright. Well sorry for ruffling anybodys feathers. But I stated that this was a rant. Call me every over-protective horse owner name in the book, but I have my own views (obviously) and they aren't going to change. No matter your experience or your style of training. I have my life and so do you. So if your trying to change my views, plans or ideas, consider it a failed mission. Otherwise, some possibly friendly advice is welcome any day! Have a wonderful weekend :)
    Remember - when you post on an open forum, you are inviting any and all responses. If you only want to hear an echo of your own opinion, please e-mail or PM your friends.

    I certainly hope your mind is more open to new ideas than the above (failed mission) comment implies.
        03-26-2010, 08:03 PM
    If a horse tried to bite me, you'd better believe I'd bite back. That is unacceptable and dangerous behavior.

    But if my horse did anything that did not endanger you, and you smacked him or spat at him or whatever, you would be in massive trouble. Unless it's a dangerous thing my horse is doing, leave him alone.
        03-28-2010, 12:38 AM
    Why I'm very glad my horse is at home and I never have to board!

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