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Re-opening the Saddle Club..

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        06-09-2008, 12:19 AM
    OK... so we went to the meeting...well, it wasn't really a metting it was just a couple folks hanging out and letting their kids ride in an overgrown arena. I was disappointed when we drove up to see that they didn't even bother to mow down the thigh high grass. On the other hand they are planning on meeting there every other Friday nite to ride. I gave my 2 cents and told them that if they want folks in the area to take them seriously they will have to make a showing of at least wanting to have the place open. I said that they needed to mow and plow the arena at a minimum so that people that go out there will see that there is effort being made.

    I spoke to the "big daddy" lol that has the saddle club keys and has been paying the bills for the last 2 yrs and he really wants the place open and is willing to help support it if these new folks are serious. I'm just not sure how serious they really are. We will go back on the 20th of this month for the next "ride" although I don't believe I will be taking my horses. I was rather unimpressed with how these folks were letting their kids (5 or 6 of em) yank and pull on these poor horses mouths. Usually people let others ride their horses but now that I own my own I don't think I will allow anyone to have gotten really far with these guys and I don't want anyone messing them up. Maybe I am being jaded. I helped a young girl get the bridle off of her horse and get the halter back on....Her parents had dropped her off and were back picking her up and they didn't know what to do!!!!!!!!! I'm serious.. the dad was saying don't get that animal too close to me... I was like OMGOSH! C'mere honey let me help you with that...Her horse was completely wet...beyond wet was almost dripping and they just threw it in the trailer and took off! I know different people do things different ways...but geesh....And this was just one incident and I don't really like the know...I'm so ...I dunno...I get fed up with bs really fast...Judgemental I guess.

    Ok... My story has seriously strayed and I was ranting about that little girl.....sorry all......I'll bake a cake for this one!

    Saddle club is still up in the air... I'll see what's going on in 2 weeks. If they haven't bothered to mow... I think I'll be out untill more is done. I offered to help out and gave them my ph # and e-mail so I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
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        06-09-2008, 02:53 AM
    I'll have a yellow cake with chocolate icing on top, please.

    Well, least you put your 2cents in. That was good! ;) Ugh I know...I probably wouldn't bring my horse either- people are crazy, nobody but ME can really handle my horse. You're right! I can't believe they just put the horse in the trailer like that? Ughh. :roll:

    Well hopefully they'll spruce up the place...that'll be really cool if it happens!! :) LOL @ the dad! :P
        06-10-2008, 04:18 AM
    How suguesting a monthly club fee for ridding in the areana....i have a full under standing of what type of town you're vs amount of land and if your old school.....that can ruin a club really fast......i've been invited a few times to go ropping at a privet farm.....but it's like the damm mickey mouse club on a friday night when you want to ride in the town areana

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