that really just happened o.-

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that really just happened o.-

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        08-12-2012, 10:00 PM
    that really just happened o.-

    ”being homeschooled and having horses, that translates to me as, your family's rich as'f' ”

    Hardly know how to respond to that

    Why do they think people with horses are rich ?
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        08-12-2012, 10:02 PM
    Because most of us would be if we didn't have horses... =P
        08-12-2012, 10:03 PM
    I like to think I'd be "rich" if my family didn't have horses. But since we do have them, oh hail nah!
        08-12-2012, 10:05 PM
    That makes sense.
    Wed be doing good without them
    But instead we have them and eat canned vegetables or sandwiches for most of the month to keep them taken care of lol
        08-12-2012, 10:14 PM
    Horses are considered a luxury item. Therefore, people who own horses "must" be rich.

    It's like if you see someone driving a Lamborghini, you assume they're rich. Nevermind that maybe they live on ramen noodles in order to be able to afford said Lamborghini, we don't see that. We only see the car.
        08-12-2012, 10:39 PM
    I was homeschooled and I have horses,but believe you me,I certainly ain't rich!
        08-12-2012, 10:57 PM
    Super Moderator
    Just out of curiosity, what IS rich, in your book? How much money would a person, ok, let's say a family of four have to have annually to be considered rich?
        08-12-2012, 11:21 PM
    To a lot of people it does make us rich, as they don't have an extra $5k per year per horse (at least) to spend or spare.

    But as Tiny said, rich is different to different people. To answer your question, I personally would consider rich to be $500k per year or more. However some of Brad's extended family feel that anyone earning $25+ per hour is rich. (shrugs)
        08-13-2012, 04:36 AM
    Green Broke
    Yeah I think the different perceptions of rich are quite different.

    Growing up people thought that just because I had a horse my family must be rich and I must be spoiled. In fact, my mother was just a single parent and we didn't have much at all. Even now I have a horse and people are like "wow, you must be rich!" but that's really not the case. I get about $12,000 a year which is Australia is virtually nothing. Like all things, horses can be cheap or expensive. You can pay for full board somewhere and go to heaps of competitions, or you can just rent a paddock and do it yourself.

    My uncle thinks he is really poor. Constantly complaining they have no money, really stressed about being poor. His wife even goes to charity things to get free food. But they have two new cars (and not real cheap brands), the hugest television ever, new phones, game systems and his wife is a stay at home mother. I worked it out once and they get well over $80,000 a year. So I worked out that even after tax, he could support about six versions of me on his income. Sure, he has a family of four, but six times my rent would be $840 a week (his is about $350) I manage to support a car on my income (so theoretically he could afford 6) as well as a horse and all my food and costs. So after all that, especially considering that in comparison he pays less rent and only has two cars and no horses how can he consider himself poor? I don't call myself poor. Where does all his money goes so that he thinks he has none?

    So its all in the perspective I guess.

    Horses are a luxury and one that some people can't afford. But most people spend money on other "luxuries" that they don't consider luxurious, and that they don't realise not all people do. Like I know many people who spend more money on either cigarettes or alcohol per week than I do on my horse. Same goes for car loans, or just takeaway lunch everyday at work, or just new clothes.

    It's hard not to judge some people, but it happens. Don't worry about what other people say about you, either you'll be their friend and they'll learn the truth soon enough, or you won't be their friend and then it doesn't matter.

    I'd be curious to see what other people's ideas about what "rich" is though?
        08-13-2012, 05:47 AM
    I'd say that person you're talking to is very myopic.. being homeschooled doesn't mean you belong in a certain money bracket. And having horses doesn't mean you're rich. It's called budgeting. I bet they'd be able to afford a horse too if they were more conscious about their spending.

    Honestly.. can't go jumping to conclusions like that.

    If I kiss my friend on the cheek and wear rainbow socks does that make me gay? No.
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