riding and pregnancy

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riding and pregnancy

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    05-07-2008, 10:44 PM
riding and pregnancy

Just wondering if anyone has ridden through out a pregnancy, and how they went and if they have any tips for riding while preg?
I have a extremley well behaved horse, and have just found out that I and pregnant, I would relly like to continue to ride him as we now mostly do quiet trails and I really feel this would be as safe as me trying to do any other type of excercise. I would just like to know if there are anyothers out there whom have done this and how they went....
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    05-07-2008, 11:18 PM
I personally, only rode 1 time while I was pregnant and it was early in the 1st trimester...about 8 wks or so. I personally wouldn't do it after 12wks. I feel it is just too risky. And by the time your belly is touching the saddle horn... You won't want to! In the end it is a decision you and your family and doctor should make. All it takes is 1 accident then you'd be filled with a lifetime of regret. I wouldn't climb a step ladder either tho. I just think this is a personal decision.
    05-07-2008, 11:40 PM
I did ride through my pregnancy, like Dumas said it is a personal decision.

I only rode Kita (My well broke mare) on trail rides. I did ride right up until I was 8 months pregnant. My doctor gave me the go ahead.

BTW Congrats on the pregnancy! I can't wait to see pictures of the litte bundle of joy in 9 months!
    05-08-2008, 01:02 AM
Well in the last 3 years i've been pregnant twice, both times abby got a brake!! The monemt I found out I stoped, what made me stop was a story my emt nephew told me of a woman who went out ridding at 6 months on a bomb proff horse and it through her against a tree , mother ended up miscarring it , talk to your doctor and see what he or she has to say about ridding,
another ing in your first tri is most likley when you can miscarry unless your deamed a high risk
    05-08-2008, 06:01 AM
Both my Doc and my hubby banned me from riding as soon as I had my first ob appoint, my husband wanted to wrap me up in cotton wool. I swear he thought I was sick, not pregnant.

However my best friend rode until she was physically unable to get on.

It can only be a personal choice, but it's a big choice.
    05-08-2008, 11:22 AM
My 4-H leader is pregnant and she will not ride. Just like Frog, her doctor and husband both refuse to allow it. Too much bounce and the fetus could separate.
    05-08-2008, 11:59 AM
I am the mother of two....six and two and I rode with both of them. (Until I needed help up) My Doc told me only to do it as much as you did before you were pregnant. As it is before pregnancy it is still great for fitness. I only rode a very relaible horse in places we had been 1000 times over or a lot in our arena. Both of my boys been in the saddle since they could sit up. It almost seems natural for them. . But as everyone esle has said it is a choice for you to make and you have to be comfortable with your choices. Just be careful.

Good Luck with the baby...they are a blessing!
    05-11-2008, 11:19 PM
I am currently pregnant and I rode my pony until about 16 weeks. It just got uncomfortable to keep riding and I was worried that something might happen cause my horse is pretty naughty at times. He is loving to have a rest at the moment, tried to get hubby to ride him but he bucked him off. So a few more months of rest for the little fella.

Good luck with the pregnancy!!!!
    05-12-2008, 06:48 AM
I just want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS
    05-13-2008, 05:31 PM
Congratulations on the baby!

From a paramedic point of view I wouldn't risk riding. It is only 9 months off. Use that time to treat yourself and be selfish for a while. Focus on you and the baby!

There are to many risks involved from placental detachment to Uterine rupture. There is always the risk of falling off even off a well broke horse. All it takes is a single trip :)

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