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    09-14-2010, 06:58 PM
Scam...Horse Rescue

So there is a "animal rescue" about 15 minutes away from where I live. I was going to adopt a horse from there and kept in contact with the owner and operator. So I was heading out to find a horse I could give a great home. But was very disappointed when I drove up to the run down "rescue" and saw way too many horses in one area that had boards and wires sticking out of the ground. The horses were standing in more than 5 feet of mud. There was one area at the place that just housed stallions in a big dry lot pasture. All had knots in the manes, tails and scars all over there bodies. Some other areas had ten horses in a area no bigger that a 25 foot area. There were horses that were so sick, had injuries or that were so old that the only escape would be death. But these horses were left to live in horrible conditions. It makes me sad to see someone treat animals like this and call it a shelter/rescue. He should know what is best for these horses but time and time again he gets turned in for starving, neglecting and breeding his half crippled horses to his stallions. He is'nt a rescue his a horder.. its sad. None of the horses on the property are sound, healthy or adoptable. If any of you have seen Dances with Wolves. The horse in the movie by the name of Blue MaGoo ended up in this shelter half starved and on deaths door step. Years later that is the same condition if not worse condition. He's been turned in soo many times. Sorry I just wanted to vent because nobody can do anything about it. I am not exagerrating it is bad...But yet again the owner and operator can get away with it.
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    09-14-2010, 07:03 PM
Wow....thats terrible
Have you thought about going to your local news desk? If the authorties will do nothing that would be my next bet.....
    09-14-2010, 07:42 PM
Green Broke
I hope I didn't put this rescue in the spotlight ad I do..... His website doesn't look THAT bad. I have seen worse "rescues".
Orphan Acres: Equine Rescue Rehabilitation Sanctuary Horses
    09-14-2010, 11:29 PM
Yah his website does'nt look bad but trust me there a whole hidden side to it...
    09-15-2010, 04:45 PM
That's to bad. There was a "rescue" locally here to which as it turned out, had a trailer make regular trips at night time to pick up the "rescues" from that place. The guy was taking in free horses, and sending them to slaughter during the night. After years of going through this, he ended up closing down. Some people are just sick.
    09-15-2010, 06:02 PM
Not saying that this guy isnt a scam but horse rescues cannot afford to have beautifully maintained property. Most are working on donations if not 100% out of pocket. I work for a local horse rescue and our barn isn't all that. Last year we had to turn away over 50 horses due to us being well over capacity. We have 7 stalls and a large run in. When we were turning horses away, we had 16 horses. It looks like this guy is over capacity...and I don't doubt that there is a hoarder there somewhere (as he doesn't list any horses available for adoption on his website) That in itself is dangerous.
    09-16-2010, 05:27 PM

Here is article after article about cases involving orhan acres
    09-16-2010, 05:35 PM
Again, not to be argumentative but that is actually one case where an admitted hoarder had to move her horses. They all had to be moved to one large rescue as she wouldnt let them be seperated. She said the conditions are bad and everyone on that forum said they have called the animal control. Obviously animal control doesnt think its a big enough problem or they would have been shut down. The only thing that concerns me is that they don't seem to have any horses listed for adoption...on their website or others like petfinder. A rescue that continues to take in and doesnt adopt any out will turn bad VERY quickly.

Again, I am not saying that this is a great place. I am saying that judging it against a normal stable isn't fair.
    09-16-2010, 07:46 PM
I know how frusrating it can be. I was involved with 3-strikes mustang rescue here in NE in the early stages. It turned out to be one of the worse abuse/neglect situations anybody has ever seen.
    09-16-2010, 08:34 PM
Sometimes, people have a good heart filled with great intentions, but lack the resources/ necessities in which to make their intents successful. It looks like that's the case with this guy. I wouldn't say it's horrible, but he's probably buying everyone he can with the donations and making the best of it, and he probably took in way more horses than he can handle.

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