scary and funny day

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scary and funny day

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        05-23-2008, 10:25 PM
    scary and funny day

    Well today was filled with laughs and fright.

    We had a huge group in the arena today....well not huge, but more than normal...we had three people in the group...two of the horses were always abnormally spooky or bratty (Sonny being spooky...and Heart being spooky and bratty hehe). Well the BO was doing work behind the arena and though we knew she was there...we have never had any problems at all. Well something was bothering Heart so I walked Sonny up to show Heart that it was okay...the minute we get probably 10-20 feet away from the door...Sonny turns quickly on his haunches and bolts! I am literally on the back of my saddle (one more inch back and I'd be on his back)...I struggled to stay on while keeping Sonny under control. I was in an English saddle so of course it was harder to try to stay on...but I did, thankfully. Then I turned Sonny in some circles to get him calmed down, and then walked him over again to that part so he'd get used to the noise or whatever was spooking him. I went up to the gate and I could literally feel his heartbeat through the saddle. He was soooo frightened...poor guy

    Then one of the girls set up a "fancy" was a simple low verticle but they put a small plastic garden fence (one of those wire fences) and then some flowers to the side of the jump...well Sonny kept side-stepping away from it, and when I finally got him to "go over it" he walked through it hehe. Kinda funny yet scary also.

    As for the funny part...once I was done riding I put Sonny in the second stall...about 10 minutes later a friend brought Annabell (Sonny's crush) and put him next to Sonny in the first stall. Well once Annie was all settled, we all went and grabbed a drink and all of a sudden we heard Annie screaming and when we turned around she had her ears back and was bucking in her stall. Evidently Sonny got her really upset (yet SOnny was at the other side eating hay haha). It was dangerous I know, but at the time it was really funny hehe

    How was everyone's elses day?

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