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Should I quit??

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        05-18-2013, 03:01 AM
    It happens, you burn out. Try something new for a while. You have a lot of life left ahead of you.
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        05-18-2013, 07:44 AM
    OP - I think more than losing the passion for horses, you are incredibly bored. I would be bored if I did the same thing day in, day out for 5 months. You are young, you can ride AND take part in other activities. It takes some juggling, but it is completely do able. You will not be the first teen to be shuttled from one type of "practice" to another several times a week.

    I understand the desire to have other people to socialize with. For the last few years I had my horse at small yards with nobody else to ride with, talk to, or relate to. It does get boring. I think we can all agree that riding is much more fun if we have other people around us to enjoy it with.

    If you feel the need to take time away from horses - I think you should. We are all different, it's nothing something I would have done at 13, but I'm not you. Best of luck with it :)
        05-18-2013, 08:33 AM
    Originally Posted by 6gun Kid    
    It happens, you burn out. Try something new for a while. You have a lot of life left ahead of you.
    That's what I was going to say. There is plenty of time to go back to horses if that is what you what after you venture out of the barn. Don't worry about "wasting"talent, look at it as branching out.

    Life is a banquet my young friend, and most people starve because they are too scared to walk up to the table and taste something new
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        05-18-2013, 08:57 AM
    Try vaulting if you get a chance. It's gymnastics, teamsport AND horses :)
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        05-18-2013, 09:37 AM
    Isn't it odd that we get offended when people tease us about the truth.

    Don't let the teasing bother you. Embrace it, laugh with them. You are special. You do something NONE of them can. You are unique.

    It is okay to take a break. Ride for fun for a while, if at all. Take a show season off. You will get that desire to go back eventually. Showing sucks though. It takes all the fun out of riding when it becomes the focus.

    You will figure it out.
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        05-18-2013, 08:58 PM
    It is very healthy to experiment with different things in your teen years. You have to explore the things that interest you. It's like trial and error, You need to explore your interests and eventually you'll find something that really sticks. I'm 17 years old, and I have experimented with lots of different hobbies and interests and have realized that they aren't a fit for me. Some stuck, but most of them never did. So just try everything out and see, because you'll never know until you just try! Horses found their way into my life and it has really stuck and made a big impact on me, and I hope they'll stay in my life forever because I've never found anything I've loved more than horses.

    As for the teasing...I feel your pain. I don't get teased a ton but it happens. And don't let it bother you like LadyDreamer said. I ignore it completely and even laugh at it. I walk down the hallways in my school and once every day someone yells YEEEEHAAAAW at me or talks in a hick accent to me. It's annoying, but I've learned to embrace it and almost take it as a compliment now. All they're doing is pointing out to me that I'm a individual and whats wrong with being an individual? Anyway, just ignore it.

    And don't just quit riding all together, just ride less often. I can see how riding everyday doing the same routine would get kinda boring. Like they say, everything is better in moderation. I do arena work everyday and rarely get to go out on any trails or anything. Arena work does get a little boring after a while, but I never hate it. Well, with the crazy horses I work with everyday is something different haha. You're pretty forunate with what you have, and you need to realize that. I would kill to have everything you have and do what you do.
        05-19-2013, 11:45 PM
    The most fun thing in the world is riding with other people and socialising with others around horses. Maybe you could try and share your horse world with some one else who loves horses, and than seeing them have so much fun will make you feel good.

    I would start a riding/horsey club so you can spend more time just having fun.

    Just have fun, I would not give up horses completely because than it may be hard to get back into it, with all the effort of finding a new horse or getting it fit enough to ride ect ect.

    Some things that are fun with ppl and horses:

    Camping trip with horses
    Trail rides
    Teaching horse tricks
    Playing with animals around at the barn
    Doing crazy things with horses like painting them and riding through fields
    Having fun with friends
        05-20-2013, 01:35 AM
    My suggestion is you need to find something different to do that is riding related.

    As a child I started out riding english over jumps. Then I got my own horse and couldn't afford lessons anymore. With my horse I rode on trail rides all over the surrounding 5-10 miles, I took up 4-H (was the only person without a trainer). I found I didn't like competing (most of the girls were snobs and took the fun out of it), so switched to drill team. I must admit I absolutely loved being in drill team! It was a blast having a wonderful group of people to ride with!

    I went to lots of fun shows, tried team penning, took the horses swimming, rode some gaited horses, did some cross country jumping. I also rode my friends Dressage Warmbloods and helped train them.

    If you are bored you need to find something else to do that isn't just jumping fences in an arena! It that was all I did, I would have quit riding years ago! Pony club might be fun, but there weren't any in my area.

    The problem with gymnastics is that you have probably already lost the flexibility you need to succeed. Those that do well in gymnastics start very very young. I did it for a while, but doing cartwheels on the balance beam scared the daylights out of me so I quit.
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