Some one please tell me why I'm flaming crazy.

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Some one please tell me why I'm flaming crazy.

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        07-08-2014, 03:33 PM
    Some one please tell me why I'm flaming crazy.

    Err I think I am best off with a bullet in the brain and I am possibly too nice for my own good and a push over well hers way.

    There is a man that lives maybe 10 miles from me who is just getting back into ponies after being banned for 10 years (why anyone sold him a pony I do not know), anyway he was helping someone else I was helping just before he got his ponies so when he first got them I did the feet of one mare and a little bit of basic halter breaking/work with the pair of them and the other mare was too dangerous to go near, so we put her in my trailer and took her to my place for me to work with, it became quite clear that that poor mare has been abused at some point in the past and the person now owning her was not willing to do any follow up work so I did a bit more halter work and got her over her fear of trailers (she was scared of just about everything particularly trailers, people and gates) and sent her back she is a mare that needs a lot of one to one and a long while to build up trust with some one she was also 7 at the time and in foal so it would be a miracle for her to come right.

    After that I tried my best to have nothing to do with him as I feel he is going to end up where he was before because he keeps getting more ponies and isn't imo looking after them well enough and is putting them in foal when though most aren't even halter broken. Anyway today he messages me saying he has hurt his wrist and that the ponies desperately need their hooves doing (I doubt he has ever done them in the year he has had them), which because like I said I am too kind or a push over or both I agreed I'll do them and I'll arrange a day/time my mum can take me over as I haven't learned to drive (cars terrify me). I'm saying I'm doing it for the welfare for the ponies but I don't know if that is really a good enough reason for me to possibly get seriously hurt as like I thought he hasn't done anything with his ponies and they now have foals mix in the fact I have a lower bone density then most so my bones break easier then most people and that my wrists, elbows and back are screwed up and I sometimes struggle to do my well behaved ponies feet I really have decided I am mental for agree.
    So like I said some one please shoot me.
    I'm sorry for the nonsense rambling I really needed somewhere that is not facebook to vent.
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        07-08-2014, 05:54 PM
    Please be safe. Make your mom wait right there with you, and start with the easier ones first.
    Don't be afraid to walk away if the situation gets dangerous.
    Tell him you can't afford to get hurt, you have your own horses, and then leave, if you need to.
        07-08-2014, 06:08 PM
    I did that last time so one of the mare's hasn't had her feet done in over a year, I'm really mad at myself for not being able to say no as I really don't want much to do with this person mostly due to his infectious reputation but I can't leave them to suffer it's not their fault they had the bad luck to land with such a terrible owner, well this is what I keep telling my self which really didn't help plus I'm not brave enough to say no. Oh well lets home having a foal has settled her down enough to do her's and her sisters feet as they snap if you touch them, one filly should be okay we picked her up for him because some one let him down so she was left at the auction place by herself with no one looking after her, she was a really nice filly to work with and came from a nice breeder but he has had her since October so who knows and then the other 2 I haven't really met as they are not friendly, however ones a stallion running with his mare and foal but I'm hoping as he has similar blood lines to my stallion his temper will be similar and the mare has been shown in the past so hopefully she will be okay but then like I said 3 of the mares have foals, this might end up in a disaster but hopefully he will have actually listened and buys the sedative for the one mare.
        07-08-2014, 06:08 PM
    Super Moderator
    The man cannot hire a farrier? What's going to happen the NEXT time the hooves need doing, and he has some reason he cannot, and you know that will happen.
        07-08-2014, 06:20 PM
    Back up, turn around and RUN! You aren't helping anything by being his free labor. You will only prolong the inevitable. Who pays YOUR bills if you end up in the hospital?
        07-08-2014, 06:29 PM
    Super Moderator
    Given his past history of being banned from keeping horses I think you should contact the RSPCA or one of the other prominent horse rescue groups and tell them exactly what you've told us and let them deal with it - hopefully they'll remove the ponies before they get to become yet another abuse statistic
    Unfortunately as long as people like you help him nothing will get done to stop him owning them
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        07-08-2014, 06:29 PM
    Tinyliny there is no resident farrier and the faiprrier that comes up every 2 months charges between 60-80 a trim as we had a filly seen by him and I really wasn't happy with how he left her feet the second time. Most people do their own ponies feet up here, he says he apparently has hurt his wrist why he didn't do them before that point I don't know. He'll be stuck as of September as I'm going away to uni hopefully.
        07-08-2014, 06:40 PM
    Jaydee the sspca is all we have up here and with how the actually do their jobs up here their might as well beno one. Its most likely due to the politics of living on such a small close knit island, it took a made being left dead in the field and a neighbour reporting them everyday to the councils DEFRA people and the sspca before they did anything so for feet they'll do nothing as a lot of ponies have really back feet up here. So much so that when we first got the ponies some spiteful person kept reporting us even though our ponies were well cared gor the sspca told us to go to a neighbour for advice and what not a couple of months after that the neighbours mares escaped into the field next to pur boys and all their hooves were curled. I've also spent month reporting the person I used to help because she wouldn't feed her ponies or let me feed them so they were probably body score of 0 at best and yet the ASPCA did nothing she has lost something like 5 ponies this year but she is best friends with the lead investigator so when I reported her and the investigator their response was to get a vet and said investigator out but he told her they were coming a couple of days before they came out so she shifted her ponies around to hide the worst andout a little hay out for the few they saw for just that day so legally they couldn't do anything. Some times I really hate living in Shetland.
        07-09-2014, 08:44 AM
    I'd run. But if you are determined to go make him pay for your time.
        07-09-2014, 05:43 PM
    I would like to say no but I have already said I will do them now purely to stop the ponies suffering poor little guys wont have their feet done overwise, not that he would say that.

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