Stallions are a huge responsibility

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Stallions are a huge responsibility

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  • Injury caused by large stallion to mare during mating
  • Huge stallion stud fucks young mare in first estrus

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    09-06-2013, 04:45 PM
Super Moderator
Stallions are a huge responsibility

A friend in the UK sent me a news item today that I found so disturbing that I felt I needed to share it by way of a warning to anyone who thinks they can contain a stud without adequate facilities
The majority of forum members always seem to agree that keeping a stud/stallion isn't something to be done lightly and the general call when someone says they've bought a stud is -
'Get it castrated unless its really worth keeping as a breeding horse and you have the experience and the right property to manage it.'
There will always be stories of the stallions that are always perfect but this terrible incident should make everyone be very cautious.
A lady who lives in the same area as my friend had to face a sight she never imagined she would have to deal with when she went to check on her 5 mares and 2 Shetlands that shared a field.
Unbeknown to her someone had put a stallion in the next field and the animal had gone wild in the night scenting the mares and broken through to get in with them. All of her horses were in a bad state from being run around all night and covered in cuts and bruises but her 14 year old mare was lying in a pool of blood from injuries caused by the stallion repeatedly trying to mate with her and had died of a heart attack brought on by the stress.
An 18 month old filly this lady owns is now in foal as a result - not something she wanted
The stallion is only an 8 month old colt that the owner claims had never shown an interest in mares before.
I am posting this a warning to anyone who thinks that owning and keeping a stallion - even one this young - is something they can do easily and without risks
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    09-06-2013, 05:38 PM
I would find the owner of the stallion and give him the vet bills of the dead mare and the other horses he injured, also not providing a secure place for his horse
And the other damages as well
Shame on them
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    09-06-2013, 05:42 PM
Stallions should be kept seperate from other horses especially mares
They should have secure fencing
    09-06-2013, 06:38 PM
I wish I had a nickle for everytime I've heard, "But he's never even LOOKED at a mare......". I'd build a new indoor arena with the proceeds. Heck, I'd be able to afford luxury stalls, power, lights, water and hot and cold running hired help.

I have 2 intact males on the property right now. One is my stallion and one is a boarder's colt who wasn't fully descended in time to geld before fly season. He'll be a "wuz been" right after the first freeze. They have their own pasture and share it with a 7 month old gelding. The mares are all in another pasture, separated by 4 fences and driveway that's about 30 feet wide. The stallion pasture is double fenced and so is the mare pasture. Outside of the fences is a fairly dense row of shrubs on each side of the driveway to add to the obstacles. Both sides have electric fencing too. Skippy is one of the laziest, most laid back stallions EVER and the little guy hasn't yet been anywhere near a mare in heat to figure things out. And I pray it's all good enough.

I would shoot that stallion myself if he ever got out and caused such awful injuries and death and trauma.

If I were the mare owner, I'd be having fond thoughts of shooting the owner of that colt.
    09-06-2013, 06:51 PM
The stallion is only an 8 month old colt that the owner claims had never shown an interest in mares before.
Ummm...this is either a totally bogus story, or there is a lot of exaggerating going on here. No 8 month old colt is going to cause the injuries stated in your post.

Please post the link to the story.
    09-06-2013, 07:35 PM
Super Moderator
This is the link to the local newspaper from the area the woman lives in
Bromsgrove woman warns stallion owners after her horse's death | Bromsgrove Standard
My friend lives near there and knows people who know the mare owner - not bogus.
There are more detailed accounts but not on sites that I can link too.
    09-06-2013, 07:52 PM
Originally Posted by FaydesMom    
Ummm...this is either a totally bogus story, or there is a lot of exaggerating going on here. No 8 month old colt is going to cause the injuries stated in your post.

Please post the link to the story.
Agreed. An 8 month old wont have the guts or power to do what was described, or cause those types of injuries. 8 year old, sure. Not a weanling.
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    09-06-2013, 08:10 PM
Green Broke
That sounds pretty awful.

However, at least where I'm from, many if not most do not consider 8 month olds to be stallions. Many horses are gelded around the yearling mark, with some older and some younger, but I wouldn't think that an ungelded foal is irresponsible horse ownership in itself.

I'm very surprised this happened, most mares would give the stallion a few good kicks and he'd back off - after all, horses naturally run with mares and stallions. Perhaps there was something particularly aggressive about this colt.

It's certainly important to ensure horses are properly enclosed, and putting a colt somewhere new (and was he alone?) should have warranted some extensive observation from the owner, and if she'd noticed he was distressed perhaps something could have been done? Here we have a strong electric fence around the stallion's paddock, and he keeps away from it.

Anyway, horrible thing to have happened.
    09-06-2013, 08:49 PM
I would question as to whether the age of the stallion was correct, it does seem beyond the pale for an 8 month old stud colt. That said a 8 month old could certainly get the job done as far as siring a foal. Its possible that this stud colt did not know the signs of a mare that's not interested in breeding and just kept pushing the issue. No matter what age that horse needs to be gelded at the least or euthanized. To kill a mare shows a extra level of aggression that should not be tolerated. If he is 8 months old and behaves like this around mares he is going to need a firm handler even as a gelding.
    09-06-2013, 09:09 PM
That horse would be a hole in the ground.

I do not tolerate studdy behavior.

I ride a stud at the barn I work at and he is the most gentle thing I've ever sat on. However, he once, ONCE showed studdy behavior to a mare tied up after she was ridden and I swear he thought he was on death row I got on him so hard for it. He has never been anything but a gentleman since.

I understand him getting studdy during breeding season. However, if they can't be managed and behave themselves I will snip 'em without any remorse.

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