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    04-07-2014, 02:46 AM

I love hearing all the stories out there... I am sure everyone has some horse related story it could be a success full adoption, training, funny horse moments, barn drama, embarrassing things, or anything else you can think of.
A funny time, when I was working with my trainer we had two horses in the arena, Dime is a VERY playful and goofy horse and Jesse is a very serious horse. My trainer and I went to get equipment that was a little down hill from the arena so all we could see was the top of the horses legs and up. (I should also mention we have some things in the arena that we use for either playing with or desensitizing) so me and my trainer look up to see Dime starring at the ground, we both new he was up to something so we kept starring at him and about 5 seconds later he stomps on the ground with his front hoof the big ball comes flying up and then he takes a step to the side and puts his nose down then brings his head up really fast and has a traffic cone in his mouth and goes running at Jesse it was so hilarious, he looked like a maniac with the traffic cone flying around in his mouth... Jesse was startled an took a few steps away from this maniac before she realized what was going on and then she just gave him the funniest stare like she was thinking what is this moron trying to do? that's the best story I have so far
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    04-07-2014, 03:24 AM
I have a newbie storie:

I'm kind of new to horses. I've been leasing about a year and a half now. I'm mostly self taught. My lease horse, Cisco, is stubborn but let me know I wasn't wrong for trusting his as a starter horse about 7 months ago. I was riding alone and on the home stretch from a long trail ride when all of a sudden he ran about 3 bounds then started bucking, shaking his head and bucking like crazy. I believe he was stung by a bee because there was a lot of bees around and he NEVER acts like this.

Anyway, needless to say, I fell off. As I'm flying though the air I realize that I somehow flung around the front of him and was now under his front feet. I landed on my rump with by hand and legs crossed in front of me in the fetal position. I was sure I would get stomped on. However, no sooner did I hit the ground then Cisco took off running about 15 feet away from me and resumed his bucking and carrying on over there.

Some time later he calmed down and stood still and waited for me to get out of the dirt and collect him. We were able to ride the rest of the way home without incident. I ended up with and pancake sized bruise on my rump but no real damage.

This event made me realize how lucky I was to have Cisco as I believe he intentionally moved away from me so as not to hurt me. I was also very happy that he did not simply run away without me. I know I'm a newbie and have a lot to learn but that day I learned the value of thoughtful older horse.

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